Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6 Exclusive: Abigail Plays to Win!

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Despite the many times that Abigail's impressions of life have steered them straight, Donovan still fails to see the light.

We have an exclusive clip of Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6 that proves he's still in the dark.

They went through so much during Good Witch Season 7, most of which suggested that the Merriwick family has a little something special around the edges.

Glory Days Tall - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

Abigail is an excellent judge of people and character, so it's surprising that Donovan still takes so long to embrace what his fiance is all about.

In the clip, they're practicing for a game they hope to score with some who could help Donovan's bid for governor.

Now, of course, he wants to make a good impression.

But what kind of future governor would consider throwing a game to win someone's support?

Unimpressed - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

What would that say about his effectiveness as a leader?

If Donovan can't see that as problematic, then maybe a shot at the top spot in state government isn't for him.

Then again, he has Abigail by his side, and as she says, she plays to win.

If he allows himself to be guided by the woman who loves him, he just might have a shot at the governor's mansion.

Elsewhere on "The Wishes," Cassie, Abigail, and Joy set off a curious stream of events when they visit the local wishing well.

That was one of the best parts of the Good Witch Season 7 trailer, so it's going to be fun to see what it means.

Sam's still rehabilitating his shoulder, so he's got a lot of time on his hands.

It's a perfect time for a visit from an old friend, Logan Mann. This old friend happens to be a successful recording artist that has Martha swooning.

A Game - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

Let's call kismet when we see it. Adam and George leap at the opportunity to showcase Logan for a benefit to save the church.

Cassie brings an old CB radio to life, and she makes a surprising connection.

And in the love department, Joy and Zoey go on their first date, and you will not want to miss it.

At the same time, Stephanie is juggling not two flames, but three when an unexpected old friend pays her a visit.

Tone It Down - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

There's a lot to look forward to on this one, so be sure to drop by after it airs for a full review.

And don't forget that you can watch Good Witch online to catch up if you've missed anything!

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Good Witch Quotes

Sam: So, when's the big day gonna be?
Cassie: Halloween.

Emma: I was really hoping that we could get here at the same time, but, well, you'd have to talk to our commanding officers about lining up our schedules.
Stephanie: I don't think I'm powerful enough to be listened to by the united states marines.
Emma: Yeah. I wish I knew someone who was.