Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6 Review: The Wishes

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Now we know why so many wishes haven't come true over the years!

On Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6, the Merriwick cousins visited a wishing well and wound up influencing a whole bunch of people in one fell swoop.

It made for an enjoyable hour.

Get the Bucket - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

Martha's wishes were coming true like crazy, from a trip to Buenos Aires to a boatload of chocolate at her fingertips.

But sometimes, those childhood wishes can be rather pesky. For example, her dreams of an exotic vacation fell through the cracks when another wish came true -- a sprained ankle!

I'm glad that the reveals highlighted at least one unsavory wish. Kids often wish for bizarre things. A sprained ankle to get out of gym class is one of them.

I was thinking of the kids who wished harm to their enemies. Most wishes don't come true, but when a Merriwick is involved, they're granted like crazy. Can you imagine wishing tragedy on a schoolmate and learning years later the very scenario came true? Yikes!

Chocolate Bars - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

Thank goodness this is Good Witch and not a show that dips into the well of misery.

Although we don't know what Abigail and Cassie wished for at the well, with all of the thinking that Cassie has been doing of late about her mother and meeting her mother's childhood friend like she did, I wonder if her wish came true, too.

No matter the age you lose your parents, you always miss the comfort their words can bring to you. And meeting Ellen brought beautiful thoughts of her mother flooding back to Cassie.

It allowed her to feel close to her mom again, and Ellen even kept a letter that she received that was all about Cassie.

A Long Time Ago - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

It's the kind of connection that can last a lifetime, and now Cassie has Ellen in her life, too, and that relationship benefitted something that played out in another surprising way.

Of COURSE, Sam has a rockstar as a friend. What rockstar of a surgeon doesn't? Given the excitement of various Mann handlers, it's hard to believe he's never talked about it before.

Surely, a song would have been playing on the radio that would lead to his casual connection. But, no matter. It's always nice seeing a little bit about Sam's life before Middleton.

We've always known that Sam's a musical guy, and Good Witch often allows James Denton to share his talent with the world.

Swing Ax Sam - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

If Sam had any concerns over returning to surgery after his accident, grabbing the guitar and playing with Logan was a great way to show that he's back and ready for action.

During the benefit concert to raise money for the church, I looked at the crowd and wondered why they even bothered with Logan. It was pretty much all friends and family, so any money they had to give, they would have offered to the church anyway.

And, I wasn't far off the mark because they didn't raise enough capital to do everything they wanted. Moving the church was covered, but their plans were dead in the water without somewhere to move it to.

And that's where Ellen came in. With land to spare, she donated some for the church. So, we should soon be seeing more church scenes, and Ellen should be sticking around for the long haul.

Stephanie's Rose - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

Stephanie's wish came true, too. Her boyfriend from Camp Weehawken came to town. It was a surprise for sure, and since Stephanie was already feeling the pressure of Adam and Sean in close proximity, she was even more conflicted with a third man vying for her affections.

If all of that attention had her spinning out of control, it was Abigail who reminded Stephanie that her intent in breaking things off with Adam had been to pursue her dreams, and instead of doing that, she'd been focusing all of her time on men.

Abigail kicked Donovan into gear, too.

It's really concerning that Donovan wanted to pander to an elected official to win his endorsement. When he was competing with Abigail as dueling mayors, everything we saw of him suggested that he's a man of action.

Solid Doubles Partners - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

He takes a stand and knows where he wants to go with his ideas.

But even considering throwing a tennis game to make someone else look good was an odd choice. And Abigail was so right to push him not to do that.

It doesn't take Superman to see that if we lose, then we're just another couple in the crowd to them.


You don't earn someone's respect by not giving your all to everything you do. It would have been a terrible mistake to fall back and let Boyd and Gloria win the match.

Since they played to win, they did win, and now they have not only gotten Donovan an endorsement, but they've made friends and proven that Donovan has what it takes to lead.

Light on Your Feet - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

During Good Witch Season 6, George met Samantha at the hospital, but we've not seen much of them since.

Happily, he hasn't stopped pursuing her, and he's been having such a good time that George had decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Samantha: I gotta hand it to you, George. Tonight might be right up there with prom.
George: Prom might be the last time I asked anyone this question.
Samantha: What question is that?
George: Samantha Thurlow, will you go steady with me?

That would mean jumping into bed for kids today, but in Middleton and with the older crowd, that means something a little more stable. But I didn't expect Samantha to say no.

Samantha needs more time and to move at a slower pace than George. George is willing to wait, of course, but with so many people finding love all around him, you can't fault him for trying.

Just Do You Boo - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

Joy was all aflutter getting ready for her first date with Zoey. It was so cute seeing her so nervous, and being nervous is a good indication that Zoey means something to her.

They had one of the best dates we've ever seen on Good Witch. It was a traditional date that included dinner, a concert, and a late-night stroll with ice cream.

When they said they didn't want the date to end at the restaurant, they weren't kidding.

The timing of the date was interesting, too. They closed the restaurant, made it to a full concert, and still had time to find an ice cream vendor open late. I'll say that Middleton has a much livelier nightlife than Pittsburgh, where I can't even get a pizza delivered after 9 p.m.!!

Everything is Better with Sprinkles - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

Even though they have a natural chemistry that makes them very comfortable together, Joy and Zoey still wanted to impress each other. It was adorable.

And Joy's wish came true, too. But what does it mean?

The painting that inspired an entire episode during Good Witch Season 6 was hiding another secret, and I'm dying to know who the two women in the painting were and why there is a second amulet.

The second amulet will help the Merriwicks determine what darkness is threatening them, so we should get a history that will spell it out for us.

Joys Wish Came True - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6

Do you have any theories on the two women in the painting?

What did you think of Joey's date (that's their 'ship name!)?

Am I the only one who could spend a lifetime in Cassie's gorgeous sunroom?

Be sure to watch Good Witch online if you missed it, and drop below with any comments about the latest episode.

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Good Witch Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

I don't know which is more exciting, Buenos Aires or that you were cleaning!


Martha: It's like 1988 all over again! Break our your leg warmers, the shoulder pads, and Logan Mann!
Joy: You're a Mann handler?
Martha: Ever since Jumpstart My Heart went to number one with a bullet!