Younger Season 7 Episode 11 Review: Make No Mustique

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Cue the wedding bells or whatever's the equivalent for a long-term relationship where you act and live like a married couple except without the marriage part.

Liza and Charles are officially back together as of Younger Season 7 Episode 11, and while we're glad they've reconciled, it took way too long. 

Their reunion could have happened in half the time, but since it's almost the end, we can overlook that.

Liza and Kelsey long - Younger Season 7 Episode 11

As I've pointed out many times, Liza and Charles's separation was drawn out for all that it was worth, with the writers trying to stretch the pointless plotline for all that it was worth.

Who knew it would be Pauline would be the catalyst that would put Liza and Charles on the path to getting back together?

Charles: I couldn’t get on that plane.
Liza: What? Why?
Charles: Because I was with the wrong person.
Liza: But you were going to ask her to marry you in Mustique. You have a ring.
Charles: What are you talking about? I’m not proposing to Quinn. I honestly don’t even think I like the woman. The only ring I ever had was the one I bought for you.
Liza: Charles.
Charles: Liza, I have been a fool, and I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that. Forget marriage. I just want to be with you any way that you want, any way, if you will still have me.

Had she not stolen Charles's passport, Liza wouldn't have taken it to the airport, and Charles may not have gotten off the plane.

It wasn't nearly as climatic as the Friends series finale when we all desperately wondered if Rachel had gotten off the plane, but it was touch and go for a few minutes, especially since there's still one episode left.

Liza iced out - Younger Season 7 Episode 11

We knew Liza and Charles would reunite; we just weren't sure when it would happen.

And honestly, it's a relief that it finally did, though that might have a little bit more to do with Charles also breaking up with Quinn than reconciling with Liza.

Quinn has got to be pissed after getting dumped by her boyfriend on their way to a romantic weekend getaway and will be looking to take her revenge out of everyone involved.

Fortunately, or rather, unfortunately, she has just the ammunition.

Charles dinner - Younger Season 7 Episode 9

Liza and Kelsey's pitch deck for Inkubator has been given to her on a silver platter, and while she would have restrained herself had she still been with Charles, all bets are off now that they broke up.

Quinn never misses an opportunity to even the score and get ahead, and this pitch deck is a double whammy.

Liza: Pauline, I’m on my way to the airport.
Pauline: Oh my god, that’s so romantic. A mad dash to the airport to keep him from leaving with the wrong woman. Gosh, I love it.
Liza: No, I am bringing him his passport so he can go.
Pauline: What? No, we were so close. You’re ruining the plan.

She can hurt Charles and Liza while making a sound business decision in one fell swoop.

It's a win-win for her but a true loss for Empirical.

Kelsey moves - Younger Season 7 Episode 11

Kelsey had some reservations about Rob sharing Inkubator's pitch deck with a venture capitalist friend of his, but she pushed those fears aside because she trusted him.

Rob probably never imagined Kelsey's ingenious idea would be so widely shared, but that doesn't mean he's any less to blame.

He's still the one responsible for undermining the future of Inkubator, and by tomorrow, there could a dozen or so similar prototypes.

What once could have made Inkubator innovative and cutting edge in the publishing world has become significantly less so with a single keystroke.

Kelsey and Rob - Younger Season 7 Episode 9

When Kelsey finds out what's happened, she'll be beyond angry.

Ever since returning to Empirical, she's struggled to recapture her passion about why she fell in love with publishing.

Charles: About last night, I am sorry if things got too familiar.
Liza: No, it’s all… we’re good.
Charles: I can’t stop thinking about Inkubator. You really have created something so special.
Liza: That’s just the terrestrial. We also have a podcast and an app.
Charles: I would love to see the full picture. Any chance you and Kelsey could put together a brief presentation for me?
Liza: Absolutely.

Inkubator was a way for her and Liza to find and nurture new voices, and with Charles on board, the sky seemed the limit.

However, now Rob has effectively crushed those plans, and a breakup is inevitable at this point.

Rob appears - Younger Season 7 Episode 8

Dating Rob was already a little dicey given that he's Clare's ex, but Kelsey liked Rob enough to push past that.

However, this isn't something she can overlook, and it's game over for the couple.

With Kelsey a free agent, where does that leave her, though?

A Kelsey-centric spinoff seems less likely given that Hilary Duff's starring in Hulu's How I Met Your Mother "spinoff," but the writers may not have known that when they penned the series finale.

Better Together - Younger Season 6 Episode 6

So, she may end up single, which wouldn't be a bad thing, but it's just as likely that she reconciles with Zane.

It wouldn't be the craziest thing for the former lovers to get back together, but it would probably feel rushed and thrown together to appease the fans.

Josh: You broke up with Clare pretty easily. Are you planning on being a little more careful with Kels, yeah?
Rob: That’s not really a question.
Josh: It’s not really.
Rob: I’m pretty sure Kelsey can handle herself.
Josh: Yeah, I just hope you’re planning on being a little more careful.

The last possibility, which may or may not be a long shot, is having Kelsey end up with Josh.

It sounds crazy, but upon rewatching the episode for the second time, I was struck by Josh's protectiveness of Kelsey.

Josh talks - Younger Season 7 Episode 11

He gave Rob a warning about treating Kelsey with more care than Clare, and it could be that Josh's being a good friend, but it's also possible that there's more to it.

After Kelsey found out the truth about Liza, she moved in with Josh, and they shared a brief but passionate kiss on Younger Season 4 Episode 7.

A romantic relationship between the two never went any farther than that, but there's a chance -- no matter how small -- that they could start something in the series finale.

Would it be out of the blue? Yes. Would we be OK with it? Not sure, but I'm probably reading way too much into this or not. Only time will tell.

Lauren party - Younger Season 7 Episode 11

And speaking of last-minute, crazy romantic reunions, the series is positioning Lauren to reconnect with her ex Max.

After that steamy sex dream where they banged all over the apartment, Lauren seems more open to taking her parents' advice and "catching up" with Max.

Denise: Your poor father. He’s never going to get to be a grandpa or walk you down the aisle.
Lauren: Mom, everything can’t turn into a conversation about me being unmarried.
Denise: I know. I just want you to have someone by your side through life like I had with your father. I mean at your age it’s musical chairs.
Lauren: I’m only 30.
Denise: But when the music stops, I want you to have somewhere to put your butt.
Lauren: Oh my god.

He's a Jewish doctor who saved her father's life. She could do a lot worse.

Lastly, let's circle back to Pauline for a second.

Liza and Charles outside - Younger Season 7 Episode 10

As much as a pain as she was for Liza and Charles before, I lowkey loved her return.

She was essentially a crazed fangirl intent on seeing Liza and Charles ride off happily into the sunset.

Pauline may have gone to extremes to try to get the former lovers back together, but it was such fun to watch.

Who would have thought that she was not the most bothersome of Charles's exes? That spot has been reserved for Quinn. 

Maggie crosses - Younger Season 7 Episode 11

Some stray thoughts:

  • Denise was a spot-on stereotypical Jewish mother, and I loved it. Except for the part where she's too overly involved in Lauren's sex life, it was a pretty accurate representation. Lauren does need to set boundaries with her parents, though.

  • Are we ever going to see Diana again? She's been there from the beginning, and it wouldn't be right if she didn't make an appearance in real life for the series finale. Surely, she and Enzo can come back from their extended honeymoon by now, right?

So what did you think, Younger Fanatics?

What are your feelings on Liza and Charles getting back together?

Are you sensing any sparks between Kelsey and Josh?

How far will Quinn go?

Hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts.

Make No Mustique Review

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Younger Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Josh: You broke up with Clare pretty easily. Are you planning on being a little more careful with Kels, yeah?
Rob: That’s not really a question.
Josh: It’s not really.
Rob: I’m pretty sure Kelsey can handle herself.
Josh: Yeah, I just hope you’re planning on being a little more careful.

Maggie: I’m giving Kelsey some of my old pots and pans for her new place.
Liza: Kelsey doesn’t cook.
Maggie: Well, she does smoke weed, so anything can happen.