Days of Our Lives Round Table: How Much Do You Hate Justin & Bonnie Being Engaged?

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Ciara was determined to marry Theo, Allie chose Tripp (we think), Sami and Nicole's marriages were about to blow up, and Justin and Bonnie (much to our horror) got engaged!

Our TV Fanatics Jack and Christine are joined by Trey from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Brady's interference, Ciara's attitude, Sami and Nicole's mutual destruction, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Brady keeps inserting himself into Philip and Chloe's relationship. Do Philip and Chloe stand a chance?

Trey: I hope so! Brady is coming off of a very dysfunctional relationship with Kristen, who tried to kill Chloe when he was devoted to her. I don't believe he loves Chloe as much as he doesn't want to be alone.

Philip has always loved Chloe from afar. I hope they get a real chance. But, sadly, I don't think they will because Brady always gets the gal.

Jack: At this point, I'm not sure I want them to stay together. Philip and Brady are both so obnoxious when it comes to Chloe! Brady is a bit worse, but if I were Chloe, I would tell them both where they can put their attitude and go be by myself!

If Philip can ever have time with Chloe that doesn't involve Brady, maybe they still have a chance, though.

Christine: What's sad is that we never see Chloe and Philip having a romantic moment alone. I want to see Chloe and Philip together, but right now, the show only seems to be paying lip service to their relationship.

Brady's problem is that if he's no madly in love with someone, he has no idea what to do with himself. I'd love to see him deal with that and stop chasing Chloe all over Salem.

A Last-Minute Party - Days of Our Lives

Are you rooting for Nicole and Eric to stay together, or do you want to see Sami blow up their marriage?

Trey: I don't think they are meant to last. But I also don't want to see Sami the destroyer, either. I'd rather have Nicole come clean to Eric (for once) without being backed into a corner just to show a little character growth.

Jack: I'm not happy with Sami at all, and I'm not even a Nicole/Eric fan! I've had issues with this couple for a long time, and I don't like that Eric's disappearing for nearly a year is being swept under the rug, and he's being talked about like he's a saint.

However, I don't like Sami's interference, and there was no need for her to call Nicole a slut or other derogatory terms. Those words are thrown around too casually on DAYS as it is, and I couldn't stand hearing them come out of Sami's mouth.

Plus, she's a HUGE hypocrite. She and Nicole are basically living parallel lives. Both of them turned to someone else because their husband was physically and emotionally unavailable for months on end. Both of them are now dealing with that husband returning and pledging to never abandon them again.

A Joyous Reunion / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Plus, Nicole knows how abusive EJ can be, and she and Lucas have maintained a friendship despite their own failed marriage. So she and Sami had every reason to support each other through all this instead of trying to blackmail each other over something they BOTH did.

Christine: So much of this storyline annoys me. First, I thought Nicole and Sami had called a truce before Sami left Salem. I hate that they've erased all of that for this lame plot.

And don't get me started on Saint Freakin' Eric. I don't care about the reason; he left his new wife and step-daughter for almost a year and extended the trip without ever discussing it with Nicole. And now Nicole is being painted as the bad guy in this.

There was a time when I rooted for Eric and Nicole, but now I think Nicole can do better. I just wish she had been strong enough to confront Eric and confess what she'd done. Cheating isn't right, but he played a role in this and should be held accountable too.

Sami In Trouble / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Are you rooting for EJ and Sami to stay together, or do you hope Lucas blows up their marriage?

Trey: I don't like how afraid Sami is of EJ. That's not love. I'd like to see Lucas and Sami have a real chance together. I'm mixed on if it should be by Lucas, though it'd be nice to see him stand up for what he wants.

Jack: Sami needs to have a moment of awareness like Brady did about Kristen. EJ is never going to be the changed man she periodically thinks he is. She needs to move on -- preferably with Lucas.

If Lucas blows up EJ and Sami's marriage, at least he will be getting the woman he loves away from an abusive, controlling jerk. Sami had no reason to do what she did to Nicole and was only thinking of herself.

Sami Panics / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I don't interpret Sami's fear as being for her physical safety as much as she knows it will likely be the end of her marriage, and EJ would possibly plan some sort of revenge, much like Sami herself would.

I just don't feel any chemistry between Sami and the new EJ, so I find it difficult to root for them.

But I wish the truth would come out without Lucas' help. At some point, Sami will find out he had a hand in it, and that won't bode well for their future either.

Bonnie Talks to Justin - Days of Our Lives

What are your thoughts on Bonnie and Justin getting married?

Trey: Hate it! Ugh, there's so much wrong with this pairing. Bonnie tormented Adrienne and her family for years. I have always loved Justin (and Justin/Adrienne), but I hate this storyline so much.

I cringe whenever they're on the screen, especially whenever they flaunt their lust in front of poor Steve (who is still grieving his sister!)

Jack: I try not to think about this at all. This storyline is ridiculous, and I don't like the idea of Justin being "in love" with a woman who looks just like his dead wife.

And it's also way too fast. They've been on what, one date? Maybe two? It wasn't that long ago that Justin was engaged to Kayla, either. They need to pump the brakes some on this.

Christine: Ugh. I understand that they want to keep Judi Evans on the show, but why can't they magically bring back Adrienne? This is Salem, for goodness sake, coming back from the dead is not unheard of.

But having Justin marry his wife's doppelganger, who tormented her for years, is kind of sick. Is there any way to make this stop?

Fighting Over Justin / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Ciara suggested to Theo that they get married on her and Ben's anniversary. React!

Trey: She's horrible. If she really loved Theo, she wouldn't try to rush things or put him in the middle of her tirade against Ben.

I'm not a Ben/Ciara fan, but mostly I'm not a Ciara fan. She's so mean to everyone and so reactionary. I liked her better when she was a teen causing trouble.

Jack: Yuck. It disturbs me how many fans seem to hate Theo for interfering with Ciara and Ben because it's clear to me that Ciara is the problematic one here. She doesn't love Theo. She's using him to hurt Ben, and she's going to end up hurting him too.

Ciara's the one insisting on getting married right this second and insisting on doing it on the anniversary of her wedding to Ben. She doesn't even want to wait for the divorce.

Theo's Surprising News / Tall - Days of Our Lives

This Ciara is not the spitfire she was as a child. She's just hateful, and she deserves to have everything fall apart and for neither Theo nor Ben to ever want to speak to her again.

But instead, I'm sure she will remember her marriage to Ben while at the altar and say I Don't to Theo, and viewers will be expected to cheer for her reunion with Ben even though she just broke her best friend's heart for no reason.

Christine: Does anyone like Ciara, and if so, why? She's hateful. She does nothing but shriek and get angry at anyone who dares disagree with her.

There's no reason for her to rush into marriage with Theo other than she wants to stick it to Ben. Honestly, there's no one in this storyline I like, and I'd be happier if they all left Salem.

Allie and Tripp Share a Moment / Tall - Days of Our Lives

After Allie and Chanel kissed again, Allie consummated her relationship with Tripp. Why do you think she chose Tripp?

Trey: I think Allie has feelings for Tripp and Chanel. I think she's always been interested in him and needed to work out what happened to her with Charlie first.

he and Tripp had a rocky start. She and Chanel had a past. I just hope that she figures out what she wants before she truly breaks Tripp's heart.

Jack: I'm worried that Allie may be trying to convince herself she's not attracted to women, or at least not attracted to Chanel, by jumping into bed with Tripp. I hope I'm wrong about that because that's just going to end up hurting Tripp.

Allie Comforts Chanel / Tall - Days of Our Lives

He was willing to give Allie time and space to figure things out, but if she backtracks after making a commitment to him, that's not going to be easy to forgive.

Christine: I think Allie has feelings for both of them. Allie is probably a bit taken aback by her feelings for Chanel since, to our knowledge, she's never been attracted to a woman before.

But I really like Allie and Trip together as a couple, so I hope this doesn't turn into a full-blown triangle.

And I'm still hoping that Chanel and Claire cross paths again because I think that's a pairing with some potential.

Gabi's Devious Plot - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Trey: I'm disappointed that Gabi will try to use Philip to take over the Kiraikis family business against the DiMeras. I was hoping for a friendship between the two. I

know Gabi's desperate, but she's not stupid. She should work with Philip to take EJ/Chad down together. I'm also really disappointed in Justin and Bonnie's engagement. Again, Ugh!

Jack: As I mentioned above, I hated the way Sami talked about Nicole to Xander. It was nasty and hypocritical and just entirely unnecessary and cringeworthy.

A close second was Sami and EJ having sex. Thank God most of it was off-screen, as I usually watch DAYS right after lunch!

Brady Kisses Chloe / Tall - Days of Our Lives

I'm also disappointed at the way Eric is portrayed as a saint when he is anything but. And who comes to the US from Africa for only one day? I think Nicole should have made plans to go to Africa with him to wrap things up to make sure three weeks didn't turn into three years!

Finally, all the Philip/Brady one-upmanship is utterly obnoxious. Belle was right: this isn't a high school reunion, and more than that, Philip and Brady are both acting like they are 14 when they are supposed to be in their late 30s or early 40s!

Christine: All of the above! But Brady was so obnoxious at the party. When Brady said he was okay with Chloe spending time with Nicole, it really bugged me. Why should it matter that Brady is okay with anything?

And I had also hoped that Gabi would team up with Philip to take down Dimera. I enjoyed their friendship, and I'm disappointed that she's willing to use it to help Jake.

Lucas and Philip vs Ejami - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Trey: I really liked some of the subtle friendships on Days. I know with Covid, actors were grouped together for safety reasons. But, it's nice to see Justin telling Ben/Ciara no, Chad and Theo bond, Philip and Lucas be friendly, etc.

And, I'm really enjoying the running gag about Julie's obsession with the couch.

Jack: I cheered when Lani stood up to Paulina. She's always caved before (remember how hard it was for her to tell Paulina she wasn't going to be the godmother?), and I didn't think she had it in her, but she came through. Good for her!

I also liked Abe telling Paulina that the only way to redemption was to stop the demolition of the Square, and I enjoyed his scenes with John and Marlena.

Christine: I loved Philip trying to help Lucas win Sami. I might not appreciate their methods, but it was great to see these two working on something together like the brothers they are.

Lani Cuts Paulina Out / Tall - Days of Our Lives

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