Leverage: Redemption Stars Preview IMDb TV Reboot

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Leverage may not look the same, but the team is most definitely back!

IMDb TV picked up a reboot of the show, and the first eight episodes premiere Friday, July 9th!

WIth some old faces returning (notably, some not), we have the scoop on everything you need to know before the premiere!

The returning team features most of the prominent gang but lacks their leader Nate (Timothy Hutton).

Luckily, Leverage: Redemption provides fans with why Nate doesn't join them quite early in the season.

Another slight change, while still appearing in the show, is the limited appearances of Aldis Hodge's Hardison.

Hardison will still be making appearances, but because Aldis Hodge's work schedule has been crazy lately (and rightfully so, he's a brilliant actor), he will no be in every episode.

While we will miss seeing Hardison each airing, we are glad that he could be in the show at all.

Sophie Leverage: Redemption

Joining the team are two newcomers: Hardison's foster sister Brianna (Aleyse Shannon) and Harry (Noah Wyle).

All of the original actors for Hardison (Aldis Hodge), Sophie (Gina Bellman), Parker (Beth Riesgraf), and Eliot (Christian Kane) are returning.

Stepping into the role of leader is Sophie, and it's exciting to see the new directions her character takes.

Noah Wyle's character is a corporate lawyer who is seeking redemption when he comes to terms with being on the wrong side of many things.

Harry Leverage Redemption

Wyle and Shannon fit right in with the gang, and they add a significant bit of magic to the reboot (Wyle has worked with Kane before, and their chemistry is terrific).

The original producers are back, and a sense of familiarity is present throughout the season, and it is a very welcoming feeling.

When sitting down with stars Gina Bellman and Noah Wyle, TV Fanatic learned that the show had had a solid fan base since the original ending.

The demand for a reboot was there. The cast (along with members of the original crew, like writer Chris Downey and Director/Producer Dean Devlin) could not be more excited to continue these characters.

TV Fanatic also got to sit down with Beth Riesgraf, Christian Kane, and Aleyse Shannon.

Riesgraf and Kane expressed their love for their characters and their excitement around returning, while Shannon discussed joining the Leverage family anew.

Personally, I have had an alert set entitled "Leverage Returning" ever since the show's end in 2012.

All of the actors expressed their love for the fans and the overwhelming support they've received with the reboot, and we could not be more excited.

One thing all fans can agree on: we are excited to see Sophie, Parker, Eliot, and Hardison back on our screens.

While the show may look different, the feel is the same, and the goal is the same.

Hopefully, you TV Fanatics out there are as excited as we are after these interviews and will check out Leverage: Redemption when it premieres July 9th on IMDb TV!

Michael Stack is a former writer for TV Fanatic..

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