The Flash Season 7 Report Card: Biggest Letdown, Best Force, and More!

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On a season where the writers had to wrap up the previous season's storyline, condense their plans into eighteen episodes instead of the regular twenty-two, and write out two original cast members, what could go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot.

The Flash Season 7 had a promising start as it wrapped up the Mirrorverse plot, but the show failed to produce enthralling villains and a seamless transition between all of the Graphic Novels.

What resulted was a jumbled mess that had us scratching our heads. Thankfully, not all of it was bad, and some aspects of the season convinced us to stick with the show.

Barry Allen - The Flash Season 7 Episode 1

Best Episode

Surprisingly, there were a few episodes that were in the running for this award. But, ultimately, we had to give it to The Flash Season 7 Episode 1.

The first three episodes of the season were highly enjoyable, but nothing will ever beat Grant Gustin portraying multiple versions of Harrison Wells.

We always knew that Gustin was fantastic at playing the heartstricken Barry, but "All's Wells That Ends Wells" allowed him to show off his comedic chops as well.

That scene, coupled with Nash's goodbye, will stick with us for a long time. This episode perfectly balanced the lighthearted side of The Flash and the serious and dramatic side.

Stand Down - The Flash Season 7 Episode 14

Worst Episode

As was the case with the previous award, there were multiple episodes we considered for this one. The Flash Season 7 Episode 14 was the one that came out on top, though. Or, should we say, came out on the bottom.

We love Allegra not only as a full-fledged member of Team Flash but also as an individual character. That is why "Rayo de Luz" was so disappointing.

Allegra is worthy of rich storylines and episodes dedicated to her character, but this one failed to grab our attention.

It was a filler episode on a season that didn't have a lot of room for fluff. And Allegra and Ultraviolet's relationship never had much depth to it, which is why we didn't feel much when Allegra was so desperately trying to save her cousin.

Killer Frost - The Flash Season 7 Episode 7

Most Unrewarded Storyline

One minute, Frost goes to prison and sacrifices herself to save other metahumans, and the next, she's free, and her struggle is forgotten.

What was the point of Frost falling on her sword if she was just going to be let out on good behavior a few episodes later?

Of course, we did not want Frost to remain in prison for the rest of the series. But her rushed freedom completely negated The Flash Season 7 Episode 8, and we were left confused about yet another story development.

Speedsters Assemble - The Flash Season 7 Episode 18

Biggest Letdown

While the premise of the Forces was quite intriguing and ended up being disappointing, we'll never forgive The Flash writers for the Godspeed Civil War.

Godspeed had been teased on the show for so long that the anticipation for seeing him as a real Big Bad was through the roof. And then we found out there would be a civil war between Godspeed and his clones, so you can imagine how excited we were.

Unfortunately, the Godspeed storyline was super rushed, and it didn't hold much weight in terms of stakes for these characters.

Perhaps if they stretched the story out over the span of more episodes, it would have been more satisfying. But, instead, Godspeed was a poorly developed villain when he could have been used as a season-long antagonist.

Psych - The Flash Season 7 Episode 5

Best Force

It's easy to forget, but the Forces played a huge role this season. And the four of them could not be more different.

They all had their own unique abilities, but the coolest one, and the one that was best explored, was the Sage Force. Or, Bashir Malik, or Psych.

It's a shame that the Force plotline wrapped so quickly because it had the potential to be a season-long story. We could have learned even more about Bashir and the rest of the Forces. But there's still the possibility for them to return in the future.

Kristen Kramer - The Flash Season 7 Episode 7

Most Pointless Storyline

If anyone can tell me the point of Kristen Kramer's character and her side storyline with Joe, that would be great because none of it made any sense.

Kristen first came on the show to be a direct antagonist to Frost, but once Frost was sent to prison, Kristen stuck around for some reason.

Perhaps the show wanted to redeem her character, but there was no need to because we never got emotionally connected to her. And now she's a Metahuman? I'm sorry, but none of us really cared about this new development.

Unless she will be returning for The Flash Season 8 -- and we hope she doesn't -- there was no need to take Joe away from his family just to further Kristen's character.

Allegra and Chester - The Flash Season 7 Episode 18

Cutest Flirts

Who else can't wait for Chester awkwardly to ask Allegra out on a date?

These two have blossomed a friendship over the course of the season that has, on occasion, hinted towards a romance. If that ever happens, we are all for it.

Chester and Allegra are the two newest members of Team Flash, so they both have something to prove, which can be pretty stressful at times. And they have already shown that they can confide in one another and help each other out.

It just makes sense that they officially become a couple.

Character Who Deserves Better

As mentioned above, Allegra deserves a better story than the one she was given this season.

We had pretty much forgotten about her cousin when suddenly she came back, and Allegra was determined to make amends with her. But reconciliation was never reached because Esperanza died before they could come to an understanding.

So, that plotline was pointless. If anything, it might have made Allegra and Chester closer, but it did nothing to strengthen Allegra's character. Hopefully, the writers handle her better on The Flash Season 8.

Iris - The Flash Season 7 Episode 4

Missed Opportunity

Let's be honest. Iris has always been an underutilized character on The Flash. But there was promise on The Flash Season 7 Episode 4 when Iris showed signs of experiencing PTSD after her time in the Mirrorverse.

However, the exploration of this serious disease ceased, and Iris was left in the dust for the rest of the season.

It was disappointing, to say the least. Iris has been a main character since The Flash Season 1, and it's about time that the show focuses on a story for her outside of her relationship with Barry or her career as a journalist.

That could have come with Iris dealing with the after-effects of being in a different realm for an extended period of time while her clone took over her life. Instead, her PTSD was forgotten, and The Flash missed a huge opportunity.

Cisco - The Flash Season 7 Episode 12

Character We Will Miss the Most

Was there ever a doubt about who this award would go to?

Cisco Ramon was one of the original members of Team Flash, and he was always one of our favorites. Cisco's presence will be missed, from his epic one-liners to his unyielding friendship with Barry and Caitlin.

His final episode -- The Flash Season 7 Episode 12 -- was one of this season's best, and it was a true dedication to Cisco. It perfectly balanced humor and sentimentality, something Cisco is known for.

XS - The Flash Season 7 Episode 18

Favorite Sibling Duo

Nora and Bart's introduction could not have come at a better time, and The Flash benefited from their presence.

From the minute they entered S.T.A.R. Labs, it was obvious that they were siblings. Jessica Parker Kennedy and Jordan Fisher expertly played their respective characters, and it was a joy to watch them interact.

If we had only one wish for the next season, it would be to see Nora and Bart again. They were just too good together to waste on only two episodes.

Seal the Deal - The Flash Season 7 Episode 18

Saving Grace

As mentioned in the review of The Flash Season 7 Episode 18, the one thing that probably saved this season was WestAllen renewing their vows.

It was a beautiful scene long overdue after Oliver and Felicity sort of hijacked their first wedding.

Barry and Iris are the heart of this show, and they deserved a scene where they could properly express their love to one another.

Along with Bart's singing and Cisco as the officiant, their vows were the recipe for the perfect scene, and we are forever grateful for it.

Paragon of Love - The Flash Season 7 Episode 4

Overall Grade: C-

Overall, The Flash Season 7 was a disappointment.

It had the potential to be great after the first couple of episodes, but many of us quickly realized that the pandemic negatively impacted the series.

It felt rushed and unfinished, and storylines that could have been epic fell flat. We can now leave this season in the past and look forward to what will hopefully be a brighter future for The Flash.

Jam-Packed - The Flash Season 7 Episode 18

What did you think, The Flash Fanatics?

Were you disappointed by this season? Who was your favorite Force? Do you want Chester and Allegra to become a couple? And what grade would you give Season 7?

Let me know in the comments, and do not forget that you can watch The Flash online right here via TV Fanatic!

The Flash returns on November 16th at 8/7c on The CW.

Sarah Little was a staff writer for TV Fanatic.She retired in September 2021.

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