Chapelwaite Exclusive Sneak Peek: Preacher's Corners Has Madness in its Bones

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We've got an exclusive clip for you from Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 2.

It shows Rebecca's playful side as she escorts the Boone family to town for the Halloween celebration.

Rebecca is doing her best to integrate Charles and the kids into her world, but with her writer's urges, it seems like she may be taking more chances than necessary.

Teasing Charles Boone - Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 2

It was just on Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 1 that the Boone's arrived to a less-than-welcoming Preacher's Corners, so should they be pushing the envelope to fit in?

Rebecca's motives for joining the family aren't exactly clear.

It's pretty clear that she's either not familiar with children or has some sort of ulterior motive for being at Chapelwaite.

You do not tell ghost stories to three children who just lost their mother, moved to a foreign town, and live in a sprawling, creepy mansion.

A Rare Smile from Charles Boone - Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 2

Living in Preacher's Corners, Rebecca knows that the disdain for the Boones will never abate.

Yet here she is again, taking them to town for some merriment, damned the potential consequences.

True, the children have lived on the water and have never experienced the joy that can come from confronting ghouls and goblins for treats.

But since the Boones ARE the goblins, in this case, it seems less than wise.

Short Lived Merriment - Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 2

And if you think I'm being a tad dramatic, the clip finds Rebecca going the ghoulish route with Charles, even poking the hornets' nest by mentioning the rumored madness associated with Preacher's Corners.

Going a step further, she toys with him about the insanity of the entrepreneur, a type that tosses caution to the wind trying to create and motivate.

Charles has big plans for the town, which will become apparent in this episode. Unfortunately, her words seem foreboding as to how well they'll be received.

If one good thing comes out of the exchange, it's that Charles sees a different side of the townsfolk.

Does She Have Sinister Motives? - Chapelwaite Season 1 Episode 2

The normally dour bunch surprises him with their ability to have some fun, which he didn't expect.

Take a look at the clip now, and return here on Sunday for a full review of the new episode after it airs on Epix, beginning at 10/9c.

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