Days of Our Lives Spoilers Week of 8-30-21: Road Trips, Fun... and Heartbreak

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Summer means road trips... or at least it used to.

In real life, people may still not be able to travel because of COVID-19 concerns,  but viewers can at least escape into some travel stories!

Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-30-21 features several such trips... including one that may be heartbreaking for Philip.

Spoilers for the Week of 8-30-21 - Days of Our Lives

According to the spoiler video, Paulina, Lani, and Eli are going to Miami, Ben and Ciara are going on a camping honeymoon... and Brady and Chloe will share a motel room in New York.

Philip is already insecure about his relationship with Chloe, so this isn't going to be welcome news for him.

And according to other spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-30-21, he's going to go on a trip of his own... and find his girlfriend in bed with his rival!

This isn't the only problematic trip, as Ciara and Ben appear to be spending their honeymoon camping, and Ciara has forgotten her birth control pills.

Kudos to Days of Our Lives for acknowledging that in the 21st century, birth control is a thing, but sheesh.

Not only should Ciara be more responsible, but if Ben and Ciara end up having a baby, how is the story going to proceed when Victoria Konefal is only with Days of Our Lives part-time? Will Ciara have her (hypothetical at this point) baby off-screen to accommodate the actress' schedule?

Far more interesting is the Price/Grant family's trip to Miami.

This ties into the Beyond Salem web series, which is supposed to feature a major storyline for these characters, but why are they jetting off? Lani and Paulina are going to Miami -- could they be trying to settle the issue of Lani's parentage for once and for all?

There's a ton else going on in Salem during the week of 8-30-21, too. Scroll down for the full list of spoilers.

Calista Threatens Bonnie - Days of Our Lives

Calista threatens to expose Bonnie.

Note to whoever thought this was a great story: it isn't, and it's already eaten up too much airtime.

Calista is so goofy and Bonnie-like that I'm surprised Judi Evans isn't playing both roles.

She's also boring. I'd much rather have a story about Bonnie turning out to be an alive Adrienne. That would at least make sense.

Chad Confides in Jack - Days of Our Lives

Chad confides in Jack his fears that his marriage to Abigail is over.

This can only mean one thing: Abigail is soon on her way back to Salem.

With EJ and Sami on the outs, will EJ make another play for Abby when she returns? That would get under Sami's and Chad's skins, which would be a double win for EJ.

Anyway, Jack is always at his best when giving advice, though I miss JJ every time he does it. There should be some strong scenes.

Allie Loses Her Cool - Days of Our Lives

Allie loses her cool over Johnny and Chanel's relationship.

Clearly, Allie is jealous and likely has more feelings for Chanel than she lets on.

The question is, though, why she's so against this pairing. Is it just that she wants Chanel for herself, or does she fear Johnny could hurt her friend?

Johnny gives off player vibes sometimes, like when he flirted with Anna to get her to invest in his movie. Could that be part of why Allie wants him to keep his distance from Chanel?

Planning a Honeymoon - Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara inform Shawn of their honeymoon plans.

These two have been in bed for a week already.

They hardly need a honeymoon, and if they want to go on one, they really don't need Shawn's approval or permission.

I guess we'll have to suffer through them telling Shawn how in love they are and Shawn giving them his blessing. Yawn.

Caught In Bed - Days of Our Lives

Philip finds Chloe and Brady in bed together!

This is likely going to be a huge misunderstanding.

On soaps, people never demand another hotel room if there is only one bed in the hotel or go elsewhere if they can't find proper accommodations.

Brady will be happy to share a bed with Chloe just to get under Philip's skin. God forbid he sleep in a chair like all the other men who are not involved with a woman in a one-bed situation.

Ava's Surprise Announcement / Tall - Days of Our LIves

Ava's announcement takes Rafe by surprise.

Another misunderstanding is in the works here. Ava saw Rafe hugging Nicole goodbye, and likely thinks he's having an affair.

According to spoilers, she's going to move out. So Nicole ended their friendship for Ava's sake, and Ava is going to leave Rafe.

Maybe all three of these people should keep to themselves until they can act like adults.

Paulina Offers Advice - Days of Our Lives

Paulina offers Chanel romantic advice.

I wouldn't listen to Paulina about this. Her track record in the romance department isn't exactly good.

However, mother/daughter scenes between Chanel and Paulina are always strong.

I wonder if Paulina will realize she talks to Chanel the way Olivia talks to her. That would add another layer to an already compelling drama!

John Gets Recruited - Days of Our Lives

John gets recruited for a top-secret mission.

Here we go! This leads directly into Beyond Salem.

And Shane is going to visit John to kick things off! I was hoping he'd make a cameo appearance since Beyond Salem is an ISA-centric story, but my hopes were dashed when I read that Charles Shaughnessy was joining General Hospital.

I'm SO glad Shane is stopping by anyway. And I'm curious how Marlena will react since she usually strongly discourages John from working with the ISA.

Anna's Bad News - Days of Our Lives

Anna informs Roman that Carrie's marriage is in trouble!

If this spoiler seems random, it's because its purpose is to lead into Beyond Salem.

Anna hasn't talked to Roman in months, and Carrie hasn't been on Days of Our Lives since the last time she slept with Rafe. But Roman will get an earful about his daughter's marriage now.

While she's at it, I hope she encourages Roman to stop being so hard on Nicole. After all, neither Anna nor Kate is a goody-two-shoes either, and Roman has been involved with both of them.

Gwen Comes Clean - Days of Our Lives

Gwen comes clean with Jack.

It appears Gwen and Jack are sitting on the same couch where JJ came clean with Jennifer about his involvement with Theresa's overdose.

Will these scenes be as strong? Who knows, but either way, I'm glad Gwen FINALLY found the courage, to tell the truth.

This will likely get Xander out of trouble, but will Jack forgive Gwen this latest trespass?

Calista Pressures Bonnie - Days of Our Lives

Calista pressures Bonnie to commit a crime.

Great. We're both beginning and ending the week with Calista nonsense.

These two need to deal with this nonsense off-screen to make room for more compelling stories.

Seriously, does ANYONE care about this goofy Bonnie storyline? I certainly don't!

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics! What are you looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 8-30-21? Who else is excited about the lead-up to Beyond Salem? And what spoiler most makes you want to hit the fast forward button?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know!

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