Dexter: Showtime President Reveals Revival Is “A Proper Finale For A Brilliant Series”

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Dexter's revival season might be a one-season deal.

The beloved series is set to return later this year with Dexter: New Blood, which picks up 10 years after the controversial finale.

Gary Levine, the network's president of entertainment has teased that the revival will bring the franchise to a close.

Dexter Looks Shifty

“Dexter is a jewel in the crown of Showtime and we didn’t do it justice in the end. That has always been a burr under my saddle,” Levine said during the network’s TCA panel, according to Deadline.

“We’ve always wanted to see if there was a way to do it right and it took a long time to figure out what that was. It took a long time for Michael [C. Hall] to be willing to revisit the role. We’re thrilled to get [Clive] Phillips back. We finally got to a place that I just can’t wait to show the world.”

He added, “We call it a limited series but the rules say it can’t be a limited series if it’s coming from something that was on the air for a long time. So we call it a special event here. For me, it’s a revisiting of Dexter and a proper finale for a brilliant season.”

Dexter is Refreshed

Indeed, the final season did end with a whimper, but could this new season spin off into something else?

“You’re way ahead of me,” he said when Deadline questioned about continuing the franchise.

“I’m trying to finish producing the special event series and the expectations are so high for it. The series is so special to our network and that’s my focus right now. Let’s make it great and the future will take care of itself.”

It was also revealed during the TCA panel that Jennifer Carpenter would be back in the series regular role of Deborah Morgan, but she would be her brother's Dark Passenger during this iteration.

“I love the concept of the Dark Passenger and being invited into Dexter’s psyche,” Carpenter explained at TCA. 

Back to Basics - Dexter

“I feel like sometimes the Dark Passenger and the passenger is almost directly behind the wheel, and it was an opportunity not to be an angel or devil on his shoulder, but to jerk the wheel left or right against his will," the returning star continued.

"And when to manipulate him, to navigate him, to abuse him, to save him. I felt like it was something entirely different than some sort of ghost entity.”

What are your thoughts on the show likely coming to a close for good this time?

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