Dynasty: Do We Really Need Another Carrington Sibling?

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Amanda Carrington is ready to stir the pot on The CW's Dynasty, but do we really need another Carrington sibling?

If you watch Dynasty online, you know the series has had many people with the Carrington surname, but do we need another?

Adam is probably the worst Carrington. It's easy to say that because the character is a wicked sociopath who gets off on making other people squirm.

Fallon and Adam - Dynasty

Then again, Sam Underwood is electric in the role, turning in a multifaceted performance every single week.

Instead of adding another person to lay claim to the Carrington fortune, the series should work on what it has.

Adam could be a great character if some care was used when constructing his storylines. He has a darkness that will never go away, and Dynasty Season 4 Episode 15 showed his murderous ways could be used to benefit some of the other characters.

Adam's Decision - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14

Adam has been known to flip the script when we least expect it, so he may be holding Leo somewhere as a means to manipulate Culhane and Sam down the line.

Either that or he will try to pin the murder on them should someone come after him. It wasn't that long ago he was told he was keeping his job at the hospital by the skin of his teeth.

There's also the irreparable relationship between Adam and his sister that has never fully been explored, thanks to Adam's wicked ways.

There's no way Fallon would ever trust him after what he did to Liam, and when you add in the fact that he threw their mother into a fire because he was upset, it speaks for itself.

Adam Talks to Blake - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 9

On top of that, Adam also locked his half-brother Steven up in a psychiatric facility after making it look like he would commit suicide.

There's no redemption for a character like that, and this being Dynasty, there's a good chance Amanda will be added as a mixture of Fallon and Adam.

There's no way she would be more wicked than Adam. That's simply not possible, so the only way forward is to include her with some of the traits of both of her siblings.

We know she's a lawyer, which could prove beneficial when considering the number of legal issues the family faces on an episodic basis.

Happier Times - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 7

Amanda was a big part of the original Dynasty, so there will undoubtedly be much excitement about what her arrival will bring to the series, and unless she raises the stakes, there's no need to bring her into the mix.

Alexis has been a terrible mother, but maybe she'll look at this as an opportunity to go about it the right way, assuming Amanda doesn't want to get some revenge about the past.

Dynasty tends to get rid of some of its best characters too soon. Celia and Steven spring to mind here. There was so much potential with those characters, and it was all squandered due to the creative decisions.

The good news is that Eliza Bennett is set to appear in the final episodes of Dynasty Season 4 and on a more permanent basis on Dynasty Season 5.

Fallon at Home - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 7

The series needs to nail the execution of this arrival, and if the character is wicked, it needs to not soften her up. Alexis arrived as a huge villain but has mostly become one of the worst characters in recent episodes.

Amanda could be what we need to shake up the show's dynamic, and if she arrives with intel about Steven, it could cause a big shift.

Adam has only just started getting close to his father, and if he feels like he's going to have a new sibling to fight for attention, there's no telling what he will do.

It would work very well for Amanda to be in the know and threaten her brother with this knowledge.

Another Shot of Dominique - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 5

Fallon will struggle to accept the new sibling after Adam's heinous stunts over the years, but we could be surprised.

Unless Amanda is going to bring a lot of drama and raise the stakes, she shouldn't be a part of the show.

There are so many existing characters that are languishing with terrible plots. Dominique, for example, doesn't get enough screentime, and Jeff is given the most frivolous material of all.

Now that Dynasty has been renewed for a fifth season, my hope is that the series scales back the episode order to tighten the storytelling.

Amanda could be a good addition, but if it ruins the momentum for some of the other characters, it won't be a worthwhile addition.

Alexis in Silver - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 2

Alas, time will tell.

What are your thoughts on the big arrival, Dynasty Fanatics?

Do you believe we need another sibling, or do you think the show should fix the storylines already in play?

Hit the comments below.

Catch a new episode of Dynasty Friday at 9/8c on The CW. We're approaching the home stretch of the season, and we'll be running down all the events every week.

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