Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14 Review: But I Don't Need Therapy

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Poor Kirby.

While Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14 skipped two weeks from the events of Dynasty Season 4 Episode 13, the person we needed to spend time with the most got her time to shine.

From a creative standpoint, it was weird to omit the scene of Fallon and Sam telling Kirby what happened to her father.

Dominique Has Plans - Dynasty

I don't quite understand the thought process behind that, but at least we did get to see that Kirby was putting on a front and was definitely not in a good place.

She was faking it for much of "But I Don't Need Therapy," and who can blame her? She didn't get to see her father in the lead-up to his death, and the guilt was slowly eating away at her.

Admitting she had a problem was the only way she could proceed with her life and get the help she needed.

Meeting an apparition of her father at his grave was an effective way of conveying Kirby's thought process, but something tells me she's not out of the woods yet.

Fallon Grins - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14

This is going to be a long road to recovery, and while rehab will help ease her reliance on drugs and alcohol, she's going to need the support of those around her in the aftermath.

The reveal that Fallon had been putting on a front took me by surprise. If you watch Dynasty online, you know Fallon has an ice-cold exterior and is one of the hardest people to read.

The moment Sam pointed out that she was struggling, all the signs became clear. She was too busy looking after Kirby and trying to better understand that she needed to take care of herself.

The note from Anders was another highlight. It was the first moment that Fallon let her guard down.

Shocked Sam - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14

Like Kirby, Fallon overcame guilt because she couldn't help but wonder whether Anders would be alive if he didn't save her and Liam that fateful day.

The only good thing to come from the death of Anders is that Fallon and Kirby bonded in the aftermath. It's hard to believe these two are getting on so well, and I hope the imminent arrival of Alexis and Blake's other child doesn't derail that.

Speaking of this other sibling, hopefully, she brings the drama the show has been lacking. Alexis has gone soft and isn't getting much to work with these days.

One thing that did shock me was that Alexis wasn't around to help Kirby. There was a look of guilt on the villain's face when she realized she played a part in Kirby missing out in the final days with her father.

Disaster at a Fashion Show - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14

The death of Anders definitely loomed on this installment. Blake made a truly terrible business decision in his quest to go legit.

A scene with an apparition of Anders telling Blake how much he messed up would have been a comical way to help Blake get over it, but this setback is only going to send Blake back to his old ways.

There truly is no progression with a character like Blake. He's all about that power and finding new ways to outmaneuver people.

Offering Adam to join him in his quest for world domination was something. It showed that Blake was finally open to the idea of letting Adam into his life. All it took was brain surgery on Blake's ailing wife.

Helping Kirby - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14

Adam remains a weak link on the show because, much like his father, he is not adapting. Maybe this should give us some hints about where both of them will end up in the end.

Adam is simply unlikeable, and stealing a colleague's work and giving the whole "the hospital owns it" schtick made me want to gag.

Adam in any position of power is laughable. His default setting is to throw people who oppose him into fires. Maybe he should join Kirby in rehab.

Dominique taking matters into her own hands to get some results was typical Dominque. Her brand was failing, so she had to make a decision.

Fallon in Pain - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14

Her comment to Jeff about unscripted TV made me laugh out. I'm totally using it the next time someone drags me for watching reality TV.

It helps rest my overworked brain. Don't judge.


Dominique needed a win after so many hurdles, but would it hurt the writers to give her something more serious to work with?

Her plots are forgettable because it seems like the writers only care about giving her witty one-liners to mask the fact they're not developing her character.

Jeff's plan to go to space has really come out of the left field, and this being Dynasty, I expect some major drama on the back of it.

Blake Schemes - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14

Let's hope the show manages to snag an increase in the budget if we're going to space because my eyes are still sore from the terrible effects of the laptop exploding on Dynasty Season 4 Episode 13!

"But I Don't Need Therapy" developed only two characters and handed the rest some filler material.

I know Dynasty is supposed to be outrageous, but what was outrageous about this installment?

Fallon and Kirby helping each other was probably the highlight of the season.

Adam's Decision - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14

What did you think of Kirby's downfall?

Do you feel like many of the characters are not moving forward?

Hit the comments below.

Catch a new episode of Dynasty on August 20 on The CW.

But I Don't Need Therapy Review

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Dynasty Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

It helps rest my overworked brain. Don't judge.


Kirby: Get that thought out of your head. He loved you, and he would save you again, no matter the outcome.
Fallon: Thank you. Now get dressed, we have to go somewhere.