Lucifer: Netflix Drops Emotional Final Season Trailer

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The end is nigh for Lucifer, which has cheated death on countless occasions.

Netflix on Tuesday dropped the first official trailer for Lucifer Season Season 6, and it's good!

Here's the official logline from Netflix:

End of Days on Lucifer

This is it, the final season of Lucifer. For real this time. The devil himself has become God… almost.

Why is he hesitating?

And as the world starts to unravel without a God, what will he do in response?

Amenadiel's Home - Lucifer Season 5 Episode 5

Join us as we say a bittersweet goodbye to Lucifer, Chloe, Amenadiel, Maze, Linda, Ella and Dan. Bring tissues.

The trailer teases Lucifer and Chloe in a lot of trouble when they are witnesses to a murder.

Lucifer wants to become a God in the footage, which sets up the last hurrah very well.

How will his plan change things for everyone going forward?

Lucifer and Trixie Season 5 Episode 4

We also get to see the arrival of a frog, a rebellious angel, and so much more.

During the recent Comic-Con @ Home panel, series star Tom Ellis and executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich spoke about previous events, including the death of Dan, played by Kevin Alejandro.

“Kevin Alejandro actually pitched us him dying because he’s like, ‘It’s the last season, and everyone has grown to love this character."

We were in early goings-on and it sort of stuck with us as we went on. So it’s Kevin’s fault, really,” Henderson said.

Lucifer vs Maze  Season 5 Episode 8

Added Modrovich, “Yeah, he said he wants to go out in a fiery blaze of glory, so he did.”

They also said that Lucifer would be heavily involved with cases during the final season.

“Oh, I think it’s in his DNA now,” Ellis explained.

“There may be the odd thing to solve, but he’s got a lot of mysteries to solve, to be honest, in Season 6.”

Added moderator Luke Cook, “Lucifer had a lot of growing up to do before becoming God, and he was really wrestling with the pain in his life and the pain of other people’s lives watching Dan die. Is he going to continue this maturation, or is he going to be charming and immature?”

Check out the final season trailer below, and be sure to stream the last-ever episodes when they drop September 10.

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Lucifer Quotes

Cop: Are you trying to bribe me, sir?
Lucifer: Yes, of course.

Amenadiel: You are a mockery of everything divine.
Lucifer: Thank you. Thank you, but lately I've been thinking. Do you think I'm the Devil because I'm inherently evil, or just because dear ol' dad decided I was?