The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8 Review: The Perfect Conditions for Disaster

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Even when a blizzard buried the town, the secrets came out in Greylock.

The good news was that nature largely took governing out of Sarah's hands during The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8.

That's what happened when the streets were so icy that the snowplows couldn't clear them.

The Snowstorm -- Tall - The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8

It's about time that the weather became a factor for a series set in New Hampshire.

And since The Republic of Sarah was filmed during winter in a rural Quebec town, it only makes sense for a snow event to become a character on at least one episode.

Uncomfortable Spot - The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8

Naturally, the power went out since someone was bound to hit an electrical pole in that storm.

Once Sarah streamed her citizens (with incredibly good Wi-FI) telling them to stay home and hunker down, she appeared all set for a cozy night at home with Weston.

Sarah was right to be surprised when Weston showed up a week early from his South Carolina assignment. After all, they get an occasional cell signal near Greylock; he could have called ahead.

It quickly was revealed that, against all odds, Sarah and Weston had become an exclusive couple that only wanted to sit in one bathtub. How cute!

Recapping Life - The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8

Their night went to Hell when Paul showed up after his car slid off the road. He said he went to Sarah's house because it was the only one he knew of in that area.

But Greylock's not that big a town. He was on foot anyway, so what was stopping him from walking to his residence at Ellen's house or Danny's motel? Likely, he was forcing more family time on Sarah.

The first thing he did was plant a seed of doubt in Sarah's head about Weston. That's not being helpful.

Paul correctly understood that it's not paranoia if someone is out to get you. Weston had been evasive with Sarah since his return.

Hosting Prom - The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8

Weston is a reporter and must have put together Paul's identity since he was part of a national scandal. Weston had burned Sarah once, although she did have advanced warning, so she can't totally commit to him, can she?

Also, as Sarah pointed, she has suffered through a history of men disappearing on her, so she would attack at the first sign of deceit.

Granted, Weston had a good reason for his deception. He was making that early grand gesture so common in relationships. And they worked things out in the end.

At least Sarah hammered out some ground rules with Paul. He couldn't leave Greylock, and she didn't want him in her face all the time, so they compromised.

Finally Going to Prom - The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8

Next, Danny and Corinne are going to have to compromise like adults, now that they've got the teen lust out of their systems with their snowed-in evening at Town Hall.

Danny explained to Corinne why he did what he did. Corinne let him know some of what she had suffered so that he could somewhat understand her anger toward him.

Both ended up doing what was right for them at the time. It also meant that the time for them to be a couple had passed.

The prom night that Danny cobbled together was both sweet and sad. It allowed them to be teens again for one night until reality slapped them in the face the next morning.

Hearing Bella's Story - The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8

The big question now is whether they'll continue with their adult lives or if some piece of them still thinks their former relationship can be salvaged. Each of them taking one of the skeleton lights suggests the latter.

Conveniently, the question of Josh's paternity never came up. It's not something either wants to tackle yet.

Not surprisingly, A.J.'s affair with Alexis came back to bite her in the butt. She discovered that fact when snowed-in with Bella, the main person hurt by the affair.

I have no sympathy for William, an alpha male who gave little thought to the women in his life. He's the one who shipped off Bella to boarding school to keep her away from her local friends, especially Tyler.

The Other Woman - The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8

So it's hard to blame Alexis for seeking affection where she can get it; in this case with A.J., and I'm also betting that A.J. wasn't finding many gay lovers in Greylock.

But an affair with a married woman was bound to get messy, especially when a precocious child was involved.

It got especially sad when Bella, who seemed like such a child of privilege, explained how her biological mother had abandoned her at a young age, with Alexis filling that emotional void -- until now.

I felt worst for Grover, who was stuck in the middle. First, he tried to console Bella, however badly. Then, he was A.J.'s confidant when she admitted to the affair.

Stuck in a Hard Place - The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8

As a man who has had only one love in his young life, Grover just didn't understand A.J. and Alexis's relationship.

Even after their affair ended, Alexis still protected A.J.'s identity.

So A.J. felt she had to defend Alexis to Bella, which only served to out her as Alexis's lover.

Now, the question is what fallout will land on A.J. since her secret is somewhat out.

To follow Sarah and Weston's relationship, watch The Republic of Sarah online.

Can Weston be trusted? How about Paul?

Can Danny and Corinne stay apart?

How happens next to A.J.?

Comment below.

The Perfect Conditions for Disaster Review

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The Republic of Sarah Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Grover: Is everything OK?
Bella: If you call my father and Alexis getting a divorce OK, then, yeah, everything's great.

Sarah: Hopefully, our plow teams will make some progress.
Weston: Sarah, the temperature's dropped about 10 degrees in the last hour. All that wet snow is freezing over. Main Street's like the world's most extreme luge track. You can't send plows out there.
Sarah: I already did.