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Did Archie manage to round up the crooks?

On Riverdale Season 5 Episode 11, Archie and the gang tried to find out more about who escaped Hiram's prison.

Jughead's Burger - Riverdale Season 5 Episode 10

Meanwhile, Tabitha reached out for Betty's help when she realized Jughead was missing.

Elsewhere, Penelope tried to get closer to her daughter again, leading to a tense argument about what she wanted.

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Riverdale Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

Jessica: And maybe don’t leave people alone when they’re tripping on maple mushrooms?
Tabitha: I assumed he’d be safe in the handcuffs!
Betty: Well, another lesson: maybe don’t give psychedelic shrooms in a delicate state?
Jessica: Yeah? How about don’t betray your boyfriend the way you did?! Getting with his best friend, that’s some Shakespearean-level treachery.
Betty: Okay, yeah, clearly in the stories Jughead has been telling, he’s been cast as the blameless victim here. But, Jughead is not so innocent.

Veronica: So, we’re still feeling good about our decision? To hold off until my divorce is final.
Archie: Yeah, but I am torn.
Veronica: Well then, I better work on making this divorce happen as fast as humanely possible.