Manifest Confirms Another Huge Return for Season 4!

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Manifest fans can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Matt Long will be a part of the fourth -- and final -- season of the hit sci-drama.

Deadline reported the actor's return, revealing that he shed light on it behind the scenes at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Sunday.

A New Home Life - Manifest

“I will be back for some of it, we’re just trying to find out the maximum I can do,” he shared.

“I love the character in the show so much, but as you know, when the show was canceled I booked another show. It was a pilot. We don’t know what’s happening with it yet. It’s also a really awesome project."

"So we’re just trying to work out schedules. Everybody wants the best thing for everyone so fingers crossed it all works out for the best.”

Feelings and Things - Manifest Season 3 Episode 10

The highly anticipated fourth season was made possible aft NBC canceled the series, but fans went above and beyond to get the show back on the air.

As a result, it regularly topped the Nielsen streaming chart on Netflix, allowing the series to get a lot of traction and for Netflix to re-enter negotiations about picking it up.

“It’s so surreal, it just doesn’t happen, right?” Long said of the support.

“It’s just been the most incredible experience. I joined the show episode 12 in the first season, and from the very beginning, it’s just been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. I love my character so much.”

I've Got These Feelings  - Manifest Season 3 Episode 3

“After it was canceled, it was heartbreaking. But then we got picked up by Netflix, it’s so much more than we ever could’ve dreamed of. I can’t wait to get back to it and see everybody and be part of the story again.”

When Netflix picked up the show, only three stars were locked in:

- Josh Dallas, J.R. Ramirez, and Melissa Roxburgh

In the days that followed, Deadline broke the news that Athena Karkanis and Jack Messina would not be back as Grace and Kal Stone, respectively.

Mere Mortal - Manifest Season 3 Episode 2

Ty Doran was promoted to series regular for the final episodes as the aged-up Cal.

Parveen Kaur, Luna Blaise, and Holly Taylor were all confirmed to be back as regulars.

An exciting announcement broke late last week that Daryl Edwards had been upped to series regular.

Vance had been a fan-favorite since the beginning, so this was a nice turn of events.

Eureka's in Trouble - Manifest Season 3 Episode 11

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Michaela: I am still the same screw-up you said goodbye to in Jamaica.
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