Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2 Review: Requiem

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Secrets, secrets, and more secrets.

That was the main theme of Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2. We learned way more about Joe's family history, but the true secret was as I expected.

Cop Joe was also the father of Jenny's son, Lucas. Was anyone surprised?

Meeting His Son - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 1

As I suspected in my Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 1 review, Cop Joe unknowingly met his son, Lucas.

He had no idea he existed. He asked Jenny for some help digging up some information on a client, and Jenny's husband became worried about her working with Joe.

Jenny: We're old buddies.
Jenny's husband: He's not just some old buddy. He's the father of your son.

No Good Deed - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2

Jenny has a habit of keeping her son's paternity from Joe in every timeline except the one when they are married.

This could blow up in her face if anyone finds out. Her husband is the only father Lucas knows. If Joe entered the picture at this stage, it would ruin their family.

At the same time, I sympathize with Jenny. She wanted to tell Joe the truth because he may carry the neuromuscular gene, and his future kids could be affected.

That made me wonder if that gene was causing problems with Rockstar Joe's and Amy's pregnancy woes and if they had known about the gene, would things have gone smoother? It's hard to know with crossing timelines.

Joe Needs Help - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2

Rockstar Joe was determined to find his new son, no matter the consequences.

I could tell that while Uncle Frank wanted to help, he thought they should slow down. Uncle Frank wanted to make sure Jenny as the birth mom and Amy as the wife were first on board with this plan.

It’s your marriage.

Uncle Frank

Originally, I was on Joe's side on this.

Being adopted, I hated being kept from information about my birth parents. However, after hearing Jenny's side of things, I felt more understanding towards her.

Picnic Time - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2

She has a new life, and her husband and new kids don't know anything about the child she gave away.

That would open up old wounds, and Joe kept poking at them.

Joe: That’s my son, our son.
Jenny: Those are my daughters and my husband. My family doesn’t need me re-opening the biggest wound of my entire life.

I also understood his point. He wanted to experience fatherhood so badly, and now his chance is dangling right in front of him.

However, he's going to disrupt a well-adjusted child's life just because he wants to be a dad. Currently, there is no good solution.

Detective Joe - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2

All three of the Joes, but mainly Cop Joe and Nurse Joe, dealt with their dad's death and the 20th anniversary of September 11th.

Through some flashbacks of fifth-grade Joe, we learned why family honor was important to him and why he blamed himself for his dad's death.

It's now apparent Cop Joe felt he had some big shoes to fill, but he wanted to be the hero his dad was.

Uncle Frank: It’s not a press conference.
Joe’s boss: It’s a promotion, Detective Kimbreau. I wanted it to happen this week because it’s a big one for our department and for you. This way, you can wear a detective badge to the 911 commemoration.

Cop Joe was the only one not paired up romantically currently. He was scared to put someone through what his mom went through -- losing a spouse and raising a child on their own.

Remembering Christopher Kimbreau

His dad's death had a huge effect on him, so he wanted to devote his life to helping others as his dad did.

He questioned his family if having a wife, and a family was the only true measurement of happiness since his entire family teased him about not getting any younger and contacting Amy from the reunion.

Come on Joe. The one that got away actually comes back. Most people don’t get that chance.


Nurse Joe had a hard time admitting he didn't want to go to the September 11th commemoration ceremony and why.

He hated letting down his son, but he was still filled with so much guilt. He thought he was responsible for his dad being at work and dying that day.

Eric and Mallory - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2

In general, September 11th is a hard topic to discuss. We want to honor the heroes and their families.

When it's your family, it becomes even harder, especially when it affects an 11-year-old boy. It was his first real decision, which he's regretted for 20 years.

That's a long time to live with guilt, especially for a tragedy that is not his fault. Joe's mom and Jenny looked so proud when Joe arrived at the ceremony and read off the names of the victims with Chris.

Father & Son at the Memorial - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2

It was a moment that father and son will remember forever.

It symbolized the importance of why Chris was named after his grandfather and how everything came full circle.

In many ways, I think Joe and Amy are the rooting couple, and Jenny and Bobby Diaz are the interlopers in the various timelines.

I never realized how important Bobby Diaz was until tonight's cliffhanger.

Celebrating Cop Joe - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2

Apparently, he and Amy are dating in one timeline. I wonder if they will hook up in the Rockstar Joe timeline, especially now that she's running for office in his place. Her goals match Bobby's more than Joe's.

I adore Amy and Joe, but I'm getting worried about their future. Can they survive without a baby? Will Amy be just as career-oriented in the other timeline?

What do you think, TV Fanatics? How will all these secrets alter the three timelines? Which Joe is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments.

Remember, you can watch Ordinary Joe online right here via TV Fanatic.

Requiem Review

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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Joe: Can you find a missing person for me?
Uncle Frank: Sure, I used to do it all the time when I was on the force. Who is it?
Joe: My son.

Uncle Frank: It’s not a press conference.
Joe’s boss: It’s a promotion, Detective Kimbreau. I wanted it to happen this week because it’s a big one for our department and for you. This way, you can wear a detective badge to the 911 commemoration.