Sex Education Season 3 Episode 3 Review: Double Date

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Is it just me, or is Sex Education killing it this season?

Sex Education Season 3 Episode 3 continued to explore Ruby and Otis, Eric and Adam, and more of the show's dynamic pairings, and the writers are throwing it out of the park.

There had to be more to Ruby, and we finally got the deep-dive I've wanted since they got together.

Double Date - Sex Education

Ruby is desperate to keep up this ruse that she's this rich girl from an affluent family, but deep down, her family is going through what other families go through daily.

There was an element of mystery when Otis was allowed to go to her house. Still, Ruby understood that the relationship would be held back by her inability to be open and honest with her boyfriend.

Learning that Ruby has constantly been talking about Otis to her parents highlights that she's more invested in this relationship than anyone anticipated.

Otis Stares Back - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

They truly are opposites, and I suspect Otis will struggle with this perception of Ruby's perfect life being blown to smithereens.

Navigating this relationship has been complicated, to say the least. Otis thought Ruby only wanted him for casual sex, but she's now saying she loves him.

Otis definitely likes Ruby, but love is a strong word, and him not reciprocating those feelings could result in this relationship is over.

As a bump in the road for Maeve and Otis, this is has been a surprisingly well-layered relationship that has allowed Ruby to be developed in a way that didn't feel possible.

Changes at Moordale - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

It's nice that she's not a new character and has actually been on the series since the beginning. Had the show led with Otis dating a new girl at school, it wouldn't have landed as well as this.

Ruby will probably go on the defensive now that Otis did not say he loved her back. It seems Otis is the only person she truly opened up to, and she's put a lot of stock into the relationship.

The relationship seemed to be about casual sex initially, and it's turning into something else, and it will all come down to whether Otis can make peace with the direction of it.

Otis giving Jeffrey advice was comical. The visual of Cynthia and Jeffrey having sex so hard that a caravan crushed their kitten was something I won't forget any time soon.

Bad Isaac - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

It's genius that the show can still find ways to allow Otis to give new advice, and in this instance, Jeffrey had to help Cynthia work through their grief. Maybe then they'll be able to work on their relationship.

Much like Ruby, Cynthia and Jeffrey have been on the show's periphery from the beginning, so allowing them a storyline that nestled well with some of the others made for good TV.

The double date was complicated, but at least Adam finally understands how to communicate with his boyfriend. They've had their missteps throughout Sex Education Season 3, but for the most part, they are starting to function better as a couple, thanks to the communication.

I figured Eric would be annoyed by Adam saying he isn't ready to be a couple in public, but Eric is starting to understand that Adam has been making many strides. You can't rush someone feeling comfortable with themselves, but hopefully, they will navigate this together.

Maeve Stares - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 2

Rahim asking for his poems back came out of nowhere, and quite frankly, I forgot Eric and Rahim were even a couple. The chemistry between Eric and Adam overshadows the other couples on the show, but the drama surrounding the poems had better not give them needless drama.

Maeve forgiving Isaac so soon is probably one of the biggest eye-roll moments of the entire series. I can't shake the feeling that Isaac knew he would get back in Maeve's good books if he got her mother to stick around, so it feels like yet another manipulation from him.

Isaac may be sorry, but he still has a lot of explaining to do, and I wish Maeve would realize that he can't be trusted. Unfortunately, Maeve wanted a better relationship with her mother, and Isaac was instrumental in making it happen.

Erin's frustration with her daughter has been horrifying to watch because, when you think about it, Maeve wouldn't have called the police if she didn't think her sister was truly in danger.

Witnessing the Kiss - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 1

There's a lot we don't know about this mother-daughter relationship. Maeve will recall her upbringing and how her mother was never there for her, and she doesn't want her sister to go through something similar.

Hope saying the internship would be funded seemed more like a way to get the Maeve in line. Hope wants the school to leave the "Sex School" characterization behind, but she's going too far in her attempts to stop the students from expressing themselves.

The only good thing about this storyline is that it's allowing the show to address topics that many other shows would not. There will be a rebellion in the school before long, and Hope will only have herself to blame.

As for the blended family arc, it continues to be a delight. All of their lives have been upended by this pregnancy, and Ola's reservations about believing the new living situation will last make sense.

Adam in Bed - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 1

Ola has witnessed her family being torn apart, and she doesn't want her father to be hurt again. Ola's issue is that the relationship could implode, and she and her father would have nowhere to live.

A relationship has to be built on solid foundations, and Jean and Jakob struggle to agree on the simplest of things.

That's all I got, Sex Education Fanatics!

What did you think of Otis and Ruby getting closer?

Seeing Hope - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 1

Are you surprised Ruby said she loves Otis?

What are your thoughts on Hope's reign of terror?

Hit the comments.

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Double Date Review

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Sex Education Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Girl #1: What's Adam Groff doing back here?
Girl #2: I heard his mom bribed the school to let him back in.
Girl #3: And he's gay now, right?

Otis: Why aren't we friends anymore?
Maeve: Nice beard.
Otis: What does that mean?
Maeve: Nothing. We're just in very different places.
Otis: If that's what you want to call it.
Maeve: Yeah. Bye Otis.
Otis: Maeve?
Maeve: Yeah.
Otis: It's called a mustache.
Maeve: Yeah, not shit.