Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Parting of Ways

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Can we get Sex Education Season 4 right now?

Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8 closed up many of the show's long-running storylines, but many exciting new stories are to be told.

We'll start with Maeve and Otis because they're the couple the show has been driving a wedge between since the beginning.

Making a Connection - Sex Education

Just when it seemed like they were in the best place, things changed, and Maeve is off to America. Aimee was right in her assessment that Maeve should not sacrifice her future for a boy.

There's been so much tension between Otis and Maeve, but now all of the cards are on the table, and they know they're in love.

With Maeve leaving town, there's no telling what this might mean for the relationship, but more than anything, it feels like they have paused things.

Paging Eric - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8

It was a mature direction because Maeve is too smart to be stifled by Moordale. She needs to go somewhere new, spread her wings without people knowing everything there is to know about her.

You could tell she was excited about a fresh start, but who would have guessed her mother would have been the one to give her the money?

Eric: Adam, I'm sorry.
Adam: Stop apologizing.
Eric: Can we walk home together?
Adam: Yeah.

Erin is slowly realizing the terrible decisions she's made and how they have shaped her daughter's life. Whether that will continue next season, I don't know, but progress is progress.

Maeve was in such a happy place throughout this season finale. It was nice to see that she recognized accepting help from people was not a sign of weakness.

Hospital for Jean - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8

She could have had a great life under Anna's roof, and she still can. There's no telling what will happen with the internship, and with Moordale High in a state of flux, she was best to get out while she still could.

The investors pulling out of the school and sealing its fate should not have been a surprise. All of the negative press has ruined the reputation as an educational establishment, and, well, it had to come to this.

Otis: So, this is goodbye.
Maeve: No. It's see you soon.

It leaves all of the students in limbo because how do we know there will be places for them in surrounding schools? This is an entire school shut down, and finding places for the other students will not be easy.

Will we be seeing a lot of home-schooled students on Sex Education Season 4?

Jackson and Cal - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8

Maybe it would be fun to see the characters split across different schools, possibly with Otis giving advice to a whole new array of students.

Otis finally admitting that he wanted to become a therapist was a long time coming. He's inherited the gift of giving people advice from his mother, and he's very good at it.

Hope is the last person anyone would want to give advice to, but he managed to be objective about her situation, verifying that he has what it takes to take this profession on in a more professional capacity.

Even Jean was ecstatic at hearing how well her son gives advice. He's spent so much time wanting to be well away from his mother's career that he never realized it was staring him in the face all along.

Atonement - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8

Jean surviving the surgery was not a surprise. She's such a big part of the show, serving as the glue that holds the premise together.

Losing her would be too big a bump for the show to bounce back from. The issue I have with her storyline is that we spent this entire season watching this blended family fight, makeup, and come out stronger on the other end, only for it to fall apart because of a paternity result.

Jean was so sure Jakob was the father, but her reaction to the results suggests there's something else going on.

Adam and Eric's breakup was predictable, but it was for the best. They're both in very different stages in life, with Adam taking a slower approach to come to terms with who he is and Eric wanting to be himself everywhere he goes.

Splitting Up - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8

The trip to Nigeria opened Eric's eyes to the world away from Moordale, and he doesn't want to be tied down with Adam if they are going to continue to hurt each other.

Could they return to each other in the future? Of course, but it all comes down to what they want in life.

Adam has finally found his calling, and it would have been far too easy to have him win the competition. He was good at his craft, but he still has a lot to learn.

The board giving him a special shoutout should have been good enough for him to continue practicing.

Adam still has issues with perfection stemming from his father. He didn't want his father to know about the competition unless he came in the first place, which was the food for thought Maureen needed to realize her relationship with Michael was over.

Farewell - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8

There have been hints of a reunion between Maureen and Michael, but that could come down to the growth for both Michael and Adam. They may be able to tolerate each other if they work on their communication.

Jackson and Cal are one of the best pairings on the show, even if they keep it strictly platonic.

Jackson was open to the idea of exploring his sexuality with Cal, but it's easy to understand why Cal didn't think it was a good idea. On the surface, Cal seems comfortable in their own skin, but they still have some work to do.

Cal didn't want to help Jackson find out who he is because they were too busy figuring themselves out. The beauty of Sex Education is that the characters are all figuring themselves out, even the adults.

Eric Returns - Sex Education Season 3 Episode 7

Growth is key in life. You want to reach goals and feel like your life is fulfilled, and this was the perfect conclusion to a near-perfect season.

What are your thoughts on all the drama?

Hit the comments.

Parting of Ways Review

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Sex Education Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Maeve: Okay, cool. Wish me luck.
Otis: Okay.

Otis: So, this is goodbye.
Maeve: No. It's see you soon.