Succession Season 3: New Trailer Offers First Look at Adrien Brody and Alexander Skarsgard in Character

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As HBO begins releasing more materials for Succession Season 3, our anticipation is growing.

The latest trailer also includes our first look at new guest stars and finally offers some of the signature comedy fans have come to love.

This is going to be good!

Tater Tots - Succession
Alexander Skarsgard on Succession

As the entire Roy dynasty begins to crumble (and Kendall (Jeremy Strong) is the top trending topic, even inching out tater tots, everything we love about this effed-up family is heightened.

This time around, the Roys are dragging some new people into their nightmare, played by Alexander Skarsgard, Adrien Brody, and Hope Davis.

We've got Brody's Josh Aronson as a billionaire activist who seems blown away by the Roy family antics. "I thought my family was fucked up. This is next level," Josh says incredulously.

Adrien Brody on Succession

He's going to need to be on his A-game, as the billionaire activist is a key player as the battle for ownership of Waystar intensifies.

Logan's (Brian Cox) death is on the table more than once, as Kendall says, "I can kill him," and Skarsgard's Lukas Matsson hypothetically discusses with Roman (Kieran Culkin) his father's death.

Davis will be playing Sandi Furness, the daughter of one of Logan's long-time rivals, Sandy Furness (Larry Pine).

Hope Davis on Succession

We see her with Kendall in the Waystar boardroom discussing the company's future, a conversation in which Logan is peering through the glass wall -- if looks could kill!

But it's those we love the most that are highlighted in all their glory.

Kendall is walking the red carpet, Roman is as deliciously Romanesque as ever, and Greg (Nicholas Braun) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) are exactly where we'd expect them to be, with Greg whining and Tom taking advantage of him.

Check out the latest trailer now.

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Succession Quotes

Tom: You told me. You told me you wanted an opening relationship on our fucking wedding night.
Shiv: This. Oh. So you've been stewing on that?
Tom: Why yes, I have been stewing on it. I'm not a hippy, Shiv. I don't want to stuff a dildo up my, I don't want to do threesomes!
Shiv: OK!
Tom: On our WEDDING NIGHT? Bang! Shanghaied into an open-borders free-fuck trade deal.
Shiv: It was just an idea.
Tom: Well, that's, that's a biggie just to throw in at the altar. You know? I do, I do, but I do maybe also demand to gobble the odd side dick.
Shiv: Gobble the odd side dick.
Tom: I don't think it was cool what you did. I just, you know, I think a lot of the time, if I think about it, I think a lot of the time, I'm really pretty unhappy.
Shiv: What are you saying?
Tom: I don't know. I love you, I do. I just, uh, I wonder if, I wonder if the sad I'd be without you would be less than the sad I get from being with you.

Logan: Karl's not happy with your level of input.
Shiv: Oh. OK. Well, fuck him, right?
Logan: I don't need another toothache.
Shiv: Well, you OKed me to go in there and kick some ass, and I barely...
Logan: I gave you a destination. I can't walk you there, OK?
Shiv: OK, but dad, if you give in to Karl, then everyone starts to carve me out. There's a line, dad.
Logan: Nothing is a line. Everything, everywhere is always moving. Forever. Get used to it.