Family Guy: The Best Spooky Episodes for Your Halloween Binge

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Family Guy has had its fair share of spooky-themed episodes.

Sometimes, a bit of a laugh could make a Halloween binge even more enjoyable, and that's where shows like Bob's Burgers and Family Guy come in.

Family Guy's spooky episodes are the perfect comedic-horror combination to add to your Halloween binge!

Meg at Connie's Halloween Party - Family Guy

Honorable Mentions

Before we get into the actual spooky episodes, we need to include some honorable mentions.

These episodes are not directly scary, spooky, or Halloweeny, but this list would not be complete without them!

They range from genres to anthology episodes. Check them out!

Quagmire with Lady - Family Guy

Honorable Mention #3 "Quagmire's Quagmire" (Family Guy Season 12 Episode 3)

Quagmire's Quagmire acts only partially as a Halloween episode, which is why it's here in the Honorable Mentions.

Quagmire meets a woman whose sexual deviancy is as eclectic as his, but things don't turn out well for him.

The B story sets itself against the Griffins' preparation for Halloween. Lois finds an old teddy bear of Stewie's.

This one mentions Halloween, so we'd thought we'd include it, but it is not directly spooky or Halloween-themed.

Peter, Joe, and Cleveland Three Kings - Family Guy

Honorable Mention #2 "Three Kings" (Family Guy Season 7 Episode 15)

This one has three segments based on a different Stephen King story: Stand By Me, Misery, and The Shawshank Redemption.

These stories are inherently a little creepy because of the source material: The Horror Master Stephen King's works. The segments come across as super fun and light-hearted.

This half-hour is worth the watch even though it isn't super creepy, just because they are funny adaptations of popular stories.

Brian and Stewie Hosting the Viewer Mail #1 - Family Guy

Honorable Mention #1 "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1" (Family Guy Season 3 Episode 21)

This one is also a three-part episode, with each segment being a different genre.

Fantasy, Superhero, and Horror each take the foreground in each segment (respectively), and the parts are a lot of fun and create an exciting episode.

Peter wishes himself boneless from a genie, the Griffins gain superpowers, and young Peter and the gang take on a haunted house.

Now, let's get into the actual Spooky/Halloweeny episodes!

Quagmire Walking Brian - Family Guy

#5 "Must Love Dogs" (Family Guy Season 20 Episode 3)

This episode is last on the list due to it only being set at Halloween time. The first part contains some great laughs based on Halloween, but the rest of the plot follows Quagmire post-Halloween.

Quagmire falls for a woman that he met because she went trick-or-treating with her niece.

Much to his dismay, she rescues dogs and hates cats. Instead of telling the truth, Quagmire pretends to love dogs so he can be with her.

The episode often refers to Halloween night, and the different costumes worn at the beginning are fun to watch.

Poster for Peternormal Activity - Family Guy

#4 "Peternormal Activity" (Family Guy Season 14 Episode 4)

Peternormal Activity gets creepy while keeping to its ridiculous typical antics.

Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland head to abandoned asylum to work on a horror movie script together; things don't quite go as planned, and someone ends up dead.

The half-hour deals with a lot of seriousness (shrouded in the guise of Family-Guy antics), while the side-plot contains craziness.

This outing provides a solid Halloween experience while also keeping the light and funny aspect of the show.

Bruce Leading Seance - Family Guy Season 4 Episode 26

#3 "Petergeist" (Family Guy Season 4 Episode 26)

One of the actual scarier ones on this list, "Petergeist," follows the Griffins as they deal with a poltergeist caused by Peter.

Stewie gets sucked into a TV, there's an Indian Chief's skull, and the house becomes haunted by an unrelenting poltergeist.

This episode plays a beautiful homage to classic horror movies (Like Poltergeist itself) and provides some genuine scares while keeping light.

It was hard not to put this one on the list, but second place belongs to a classic Family Guy Halloween episode.

Pink Brian - Family Guy Season 9 Episode 4

#2 "Halloween On Spooner Street" (Family Guy Season 9 Episode 4)

"Halloween on Spooner Street" acts as the only official Halloween episode for Family Guy, and it does the job well!

This outing has all of the things you'd want from Halloween: pranks, scares, trick-or-treating, and a Halloween party.

From Brian getting painted pink to Stewie dressed in an adorable duck costume, this half-hour proves to be one of the best.

Not putting this one as #1 may seem a bit off, but the brilliance of the top episode on this list also serves as one of the best Family Guys ever.

Peter and Brian Fewer - Family Guy Season 9 Episode 1

#1 "And Then There Were Fewer" (Family Guy Season 9 Episode 1)

In this hour-long special, many recurring characters die.

The story follows Peter and the family getting an invite to a special dinner in Peter's honor, but the whole town got invited, much to their surprise.

Once the reveal that James Woods hosted the party, things start getting exciting, and someone dies.

A few more bodies later, along with many twists, the killer gets revealed, and the show's cast gets a bit thinner.

Peter and Joe Fewer - Family Guy Season 9 Episode 1

While these episodes are great, "And There Were Fewer" knocks it out of the park narratively and comedically.

Let us know if you watch (or plan on watching) any of these episodes!

Have a happy Halloween!

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