Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Are Sparks Flying Between Hayes and Megan?

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It was the last of Addison's stint on the series, for now, but Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4 gave us some touching scenes with her and Amelia.

We also saw the residents shine with their new learning methods.

Join Jasmin Pettie, Paul Dailly, Joshua Johnson, and Meaghan Frey as they discuss the hour.

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For now, it appears to be the last of Addison's guest stint on the show. What did you love most about her time there? Was there anything you wished they explored?

Jasmin: I'm sorry if this is the last we see of Addison for a while, as I enjoyed seeing her back and was looking forward to seeing her interactions with more characters.

I loved the conversations that she had with Amelia, but I wish they'd gone deeper. I wish that we learned more about how her step-daughter Angela is doing as her storyline was left in a weird place when Private Practice ended, and I'd love to have seen some follow-up there.

I would have also loved for her to have met Scout, Link, Leo, Teddy, and Owen. I was hoping Amelia would make her godmother to Scout the way Addison made her Godmother to Henry, and I'm sad that didn't happen.

Addison Leaves  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4

Paul: For a two-episode arc, they packed a lot in there. Addison is one of the best characters in the show's history, and I was just glad they didn't try to change her too much. I hope she comes back because I feel like there's a lot more for her to do.

Joshua: What I loved most about Addison's time at Grey Sloan was that, as Paul said, she was the Addison that we know and love. They didn't change her too much, and her presence in the hospital didn't disrupt anything.

While I enjoyed the elevator scene between Addison and Meredith last week, I truly loved seeing Amelia and Addison connect this week. I never watched Private Practice, but I know enough about the show to understand their relationship.

Seeing them share openly and honestly about the struggles they went through during the pandemic was refreshing (if not a little cathartic for my own pandemic experience). I think they truly explored just enough of Addison, and I look forward to her (hopefully) coming back later on in the season

Addison and Amelia - tall  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4

Meaghan: I didn't even realize this was her last episode! I thought we at least we're getting a couple of more. I loved every single thing about her return. I didn't think anything would top the beach guests last season, but Kate Walsh proved me wrong.

Addison took some time to grow on me as a character, but by the time she left Grey's, I loved her and followed her to Private Practice. Her scene with Meredith in the elevator was a huge highlight for me. However, nothing could top her and Amelia.

Their dynamic has always been great, and this was no exception. Addison was the exact person that Amelia needed to help put together her feelings on the Link situation.

What were your thoughts on Amelia and Addison's conversations about how dark things were for them during the pandemic? Now that Amelia explained things better, does the Amelink friction make more sense?

Jasmin: I liked their conversation, but I was a bit confused when Addison said she heard about Meredith being sick with COVID and had prayed for her. Does that imply that Addison heard from other people and that she and Amelia weren't talking during the pandemic? That doesn't make much sense to me.

I got what Amelia was saying about her and Link, but I'm confused as to why she still hasn't told Link that she doesn't want more kids, and she knows he does, which is why she doesn't want to get married? I'm still unclear on what Amelia's opposition to marriage is about at this point.

Paul: That was a touching conversation. Emotionally, they were both pushed to the limit and managed to come out the other end. Amelia not telling Link is still somewhat concerning. If she talked through it with him, I'm sure he would have taken a backseat. I get that the writers wanted this to be a dramatic storyline, but it doesn't make a lick of sense.

Amelia to the Rescue  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 9

Joshua: I feel like Amelia has told Link these things, that she doesn't want to get married, and she doesn't want more kids. I didn't do a Season 16 rewatch before this season started, but I remember Amelia talking about this with Link and how badly she wanted to use drugs during the pandemic.

That said, Amelia talking about why she didn't want to be with Link made their situation more understandable (clear writing and beautiful work by Caterina Scorsone, as usual).

To me, it's clear that Amelia doesn't want to get married because she did not like the sense of domesticity that she experienced with Link during the pandemic; that said, it's similar to Cristina Yang not wanting to have children.

Amelia just doesn't want to, and that's her choice. I think that Amelia needs to talk with Link and share with him what she said to Addison ("I hated the life that he loved" or something to that effect).

Still, I think there's a part of Amelia hoping that they continue to have a relationship without marriage.

Super Aunt and Uncle  - Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 10

Meaghan: Addison talking about being a bloated beet from all the wine she drank had me cackling! I would love to find out what the big fight over Game of Thrones was! I'd definitely watch a spin-off of Addison's COVID quarantine.

We, as the viewers, desperately needed to get that conversation with Amelia. It puts everything into perspective regarding Amelia's feelings on their relationship, and I understand why she broke up with him. She can't give him the life he wants, and she wants him to be happy. As others said, though, she needs to tell Link this.

Do you think Webber's new teaching method for the residents is a success?

Jasmin: I think it was overall. Levi shined, as did Dr. Khan. I'm glad that they are using Dr. Khan's experience to help the other residents. Something I didn't get when Koracick was in charge was why he assigned an experienced vascular surgeon who was retraining to scut work.

Launching a Program  - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4

I like that under Webber, the hospital uses the resources it has more effectively. I think it was good for the residents to get more OR time, but I'm a bit confused as to why Bailey was upset with Helm and called what she did a mistake afterward. I don't see what Helm could have done differently, given the circumstances.

Paul: It was different and offered a fresh perspective on it, so I'm all for it.

Joshua: Yes, I really loved this and appreciated that a) we got to see Schmidt shine, and b) we got to see Helm do anything.

Meaghan: I think it was great! I'm the type that learns by doing, so I can see why the residents would thrive with that teaching style. I just wish that Helm could have not almost killed a patient the first time she gets a storyline outside of obsessing over Mer.

Levi Steps Up - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4

Will Owen be able to get through to and help Noah and the others after Roy's death?

Jasmin: I hope so. You can see how much helping veterans who have been sickened by their exposure to burn pits while serving means to him, and it's an important cause to advocate for with his study.

While I've never been an Owen Hunt fan, this is an important story, and I'm happy to see Owen having a storyline outside of his messy love life.

I think he will reach Noah and the others after Roy's death, but I think it will take some time. I liked seeing Owen and Winston interact more in this episode.

Solo Residents - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4

Paul: This storyline is one of the better so far this season, and I hope there's a way for Owen to help. I understand where Noah is coming from, but it will all come down to how Owen navigates his next move.

Joshua: I know I said that I appreciated that Owen is getting a storyline that doesn't revolve around wanting a baby, wanting to get married, wanting a family, etc., but I'm having a hard time caring about this storyline, particularly when Noah keeps running away from it.

Meaghan: I like the storyline in theory, but I wish they hadn't killed Roy off. He was far more compelling than Noah.

Should Carina stick around more to mentor Jo?

Jasmin: I'd like to see it! They've spent a lot of time talking about Jo switching to OBGYN but not a lot of time actually showing her switching. I think Carina could be a great mentor to Jo, and I miss the mentorship relationships on the show, so I would like to see it.

Carina reevaluate - Station 19 Season 4 Episode 14

Paul: I agree with Jasmin. It helps that Carina and Jo are comical. They clearly have a lot of fun working on their scenes.

Joshua: Absolutely. Stefania Spampinato is an excellent actress, and she brings levity to Grey's that is needed.

Meaghan: I adore Stefania, so I'm all for her spending as much time on Grey's as possible. I hate that they keep taking perfectly interesting characters from Grey's and moving them to Station 19.

Don't get me wrong, I love Station 19 and Carina and Maya, but I would prefer Carina spend more time on Grey's.

Carina and Jo have great chemistry, so I'd be down to see more of this duo. Also, Jo desperately needs a teacher because, without one, it feels like they are just acting like she is way further along in her OB career than she really is.

Strawberry Mishap - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 2

What's your reaction to Farouk needing surgery? Are you officially feeling the sparks between Hayes and Megan?

Jasmin: I feel bad for Megan and Farouk as they've both been through so much and deserve happiness. There was some great acting in the scene where Hayes told Megan that Farouk would need surgery, but I was so distracted by the thought that they might be trying to pair those two up that I couldn't really focus on the scene.

I do not feel the sparks, and the idea of the two of them together is nauseating.

Same with Hayes and Jo. I'll never like it. I'll always hate it. And if the show actually winds up going that route, I'll never forgive them.

Megan Returns - Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 20

Paul: That was a shock, but it seems like a plot device to bring Hayes and Megan closer together. I do not see the connection so far.

Joshua: I don't feel the sparks, but I do see the pairing coming. I also see it as a reason for Megan to stick around and have Abigail Spencer on the show more often.

Meaghan: I knew they needed something to bring them together, so I wasn't too surprised that they used Farouk to get there. I don't necessarily see the romantic sparks between them yet, but I think the actors have great chemistry, so it will probably get there.

Coffee with Cormac - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 3

What was your favorite part of the hour? Is there anything else you'd like to address?

Jasmin: I didn't really have a favorite part. This season has been so lackluster for me. If I had to pick, I'd say the scenes between Addison and Amelia.

As a runner-up, the scenes in the OR with Levi and Khan. The pacing for me still feels off, and the music choices have been bizarre this season. It's like the music doesn't match the moment. The music is upbeat, but the scene is sad or emotional.

Towards the end of the episode, it was hard to hear what Addison and Amelia were saying at the elevator because the music overpowered the dialogue. The pacing, editing, and music choices really need an overhaul.

Paul: Amelia and Addison's chat. I am enjoying this season so far, but I think it could do better to bring the show's glory days back.

Joshua: All of Addison and Amelia's scenes. Also, I appreciated that not every cast member was in the show. The cast is bloated now, so stories get stretched thin whenever every character is featured.

Teddy, Link, and Maggie not being in the episode let the other stories breathe a little bit more. If this isn't the last season and there are more to come, the show needs to find a way to cut back on some cast members so that the story-telling becomes the heart of the show again.

Meaghan: The Amelia and Addison scenes for sure, but the one where they discussed their quarantine woes was the highlight for me. It was a great mix of levity and weighty emotional content. I'm going to miss Kate!

A New Program - tall - Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 4

Over to you, Grey's Fanatics.

Do you agree with our round table? Do you disagree? Sound off below.

Grey's Anatomy returns November 11 on ABC.

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