Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4 Review: Shooting Star

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Talk about a portrait of a marriage.

Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4 provided us an in-depth look into Joe and Jenny's relationship in multiple timelines. While it covered other storyline arcs, it was definitely Joe- and Jenny-centric.

Nurse Joe and Jenny's decision to attend marriage counseling was a good start, but it seemed neither knew what to expect.

Couples Counseling - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4

While marriage counseling is serious, Joe and Jenny's reaction and the play-by-play reactions were hilarious.

Joe thought the session went fine, while Amy thought it went awful, as their friends offered marital advice. We've never seen Jenny really confide in girlfriends, and in the other timelines, she and Amy were just casual acquaintances.

Amy and Jenny - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4

The parallel scenes between Jenny and Amy and Joe and Eric really worked. It's different seeing Eric and Amy married, but they both really care about Jenny and Joe.

Eric: Marriage takes work, my friend.
Joe: Thanks doc. Our therapist wants us to dig deep and figure out what we really want and what we really need.

Eric even revealed that he and Amy have gone to therapy too and stressed the importance of communication.

The gardener and the flower analogy was so cute, and it was even cuter that both Amy and Eric used it in their advice talks. Joe tends to need more nurturing and attention, but he thought he was the gardener.

That’s what communicating with your partner is all about- give and take, you have to open up.


They definitely do not communicate well because Eric was the first person who told Joe about Jenny's job offer in Atlanta.

Eric's advice - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4

Jenny and Joe had avoided discussing their hopes and dreams for so long that now things got messy. Jenny had wanted to be a lawyer since she was a little girl, but not at the expense of hurting Joe or deserting her family.

Joe was afraid Jenny never told him about the offer because he pitied her since he gave up his music career. He didn't want her to resent them.

What neither of them realized was kids have big ears. Chris figured out that Joe must have stopped singing because he was born.

Chris: Dad, did I ruin your life?
Joe: Bud, you are my life.

It looks like this family has a real chance finally. It seemed Joe was too closed off and then Jenny was too afraid to try for a while. It looks they're finally on the same page, and some got their wish on a falling star.

Orion Night - Ordinary Joe

Rockstar Joe finally connected with Jenny, and we saw a spark that was still there. When Uncle Frank came through with a yearbook with their son's photo in it, he rushed over to Jenny's office.

If I found him, would you want to know?


While Joe apologized, he tried to get Jenny to understand how important it was to see their son. At first, she kicked him out. Then she broke down in front of her dad.

It was the first time we've seen a softer side of Dr. Banks. Maybe he's just protective of Jenny since he thought Joe hurt her. They discussed the pros and cons of opening up Pandora's box, were very supportive, and offered hope.

It was both fun and awkward watching Joe and Jenny on their road trip. It's always embarrassing going to an old hangout and trying to explain to the owner that you're just old friends now.

The Yearbook - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4

Jenny and Joe looked so emotional seeing their, played yet again by John Gluck. This experience will bond them even closer.

How will this affect each other marriages? Eric already suspects something is amiss and said that Joe and Jenny can't ever just be friends.

Jenny was also risking her marriage to help Cop Joe since she believed she had intel that connected Wayne Coleman to Bobby Diaz.

She backed off when she saw how much the case was stressing Joe out, offering only her support instead.

If you ever need an old friend to talk to, I’m here.


Old Friends - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4

Is Bobby Diaz a dirty politician? That's what everyone wants to know. Cop Joe kept having memories of the shooting, but it's nothing definitive yet. Jenny found out that Wayne Coleman had a sister that died suspiciously.

Bobby has been dating Amy on the side even though he's married. She's gotten more and more impatient as she's been forced to watch happy family PR photos. When she asked for her key back, Bobby got upset, saying he'd get a divorce.

I don’t like who I am when I’m you. This whole thing, you and me, I’m becoming someone I don’t want to be.


Does Bobby Diaz make a habit of sleeping with his help? Perhaps. He's enough of a snake where he wants to continue sleeping with Amy, and he didn't care if Joe knew.

He even hired Joe to be his security detail so he could continue his affair.

Bobby Diaz - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4

Maybe Joe can use his new security detail job to his advantage.

Jenny suspected that Bobby had an affair with another intern, Wayne Coleman's sister, and maybe involved with her death. This way, he can make sure nothing bad happens to Amy.

Hopefully, he can also find some old files to dig through so he and Jenny can learn the truth quickly.

Curiously is Bobby Diaz dangerous in all the timelines. Should Amy be worried while he is wooing her in Washington DC?

Cop Joe in Therapy - Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4

Over to you, TV Fanatics.

Do you think Joe and Jenny are endgame in all the timelines?

Is Congressman Diaz dirty, and did Wayne Coleman have a reason to hate him?

Chime in below in the comments.

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Shooting Star Review

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Ordinary Joe Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Eric: Marriage takes work, my friend.
Joe: Thanks doc. Our therapist wants us to dig deep and figure out what we really want and what we really need.

It’s not a punishment, kid. This stuff stays with you the rest of your life.

Uncle Frank