Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Review: Mass In Time Of War

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The sky is falling, and on Succession Season 3 Episode 2, everyone is jockeying for pole position as to where they'll land when the dust settles.

Logan realizes how much he needs his family if he's going to have a chance to look sympathetic in the public eye, but Kendall is doing what he can to lure those closest to his dad to his vision of the future.

Father and son have similar weapons in their arsenal, and it all begins with words.

Roman Enters the Picture - Succession Season 3 Episode 2

Logan isn't afraid to take the sky-is-falling approach. He's telling anyone who will listen that they need to strategize, and strategies start with appearance.

Logan: Have you spoken to Marcia? Has someone connected?
Hugo: She's available, we hear. You want to reach out?
Logan: Yes, I want to fuckin' reach out, Hugo! I'm stuck in quicksand. My family disappeared. The world is wobbling here. DOES NO ONE UNDERSTAND WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING? I'm losing juice! I can't find the right fucking lawyer! The sky is falling in, so when I say something, it fucking happens! We have to ACT on the world, the fucking world. We have to act!

Logan needs his family by his side. But when he needs them the most, they're testing the waters to see what Kendall might have to offer.

Shiv Gets an Earful - Succession Season 3 Episode 2

Doing it all under the guise of feeling out Kendall, Shiv, Roman, and Connor are all willing participants in hearing what Ken has to say. And honestly, Kendall has some good theories about where the company should go.

But while he's more forward-thinking than his father and his ideas make sense, he doesn't have specifics. Kendall has lofty goals but no real path to attain them.

Kendall: It's our time.
Roman: Oh, you mean us? This multi fuckin' ethnic transgender alliance of twenty-something dreamers we got right here?

Shiv is the sibling most likely to jump Logan's ship and partner with Logan, but Kendall can't quite seal the deal.

Connor: You know, Pop's looking for you two.
Shiv: Yeah, we're here on his behalf.
Connor: Oh, sure thing, honey. Me too. All about dad. That's why we're all here.

Kendall had everyone's ear until he said he'd take the leadership position. From a logistical standpoint, it makes sense. He's the only one who has a working knowledge of Waystar/Royco.

Listening to Kendall - Succession Season 3 Episode 2

But Gerri was spot on in her assessment that they're all burned if they topple Logan, and nobody thinks that if they create a bond, that they could possibly fail.

But they've all been chomping at the power-bit so long that they cannot see past Kendall leading the charge. Although they did nothing to get them into the position necessary to topple the king, they all want to slip into a role they didn't earn.

Kendall has been through hell with Logan. As the sacrificial lamb, he refused to be led to the slaughter, and against the advice of counsel, he flew under the radar to conduct an all-out assault.

If nothing else, he gets points for that. That was some brazen shit he did there, and Kendall was right when he said that Shiv wishes she'd had the guts to do it herself.

Shiv Weighs Her Options - Succession Season 3 Episode 2

Arguing over who knew what when got them nowhere. Shiv claimed she knew nothing, and Roman figured if not Logan, someone else would have done the same thing, taking the riches with them.

Power and money are all that feed this brood, so it's hard not to pat Kendall on the back with his attempts to get them on board, using his utopian vision of Waystar/Royco's future.

But damn, did it get ugly quick. They know what buttons to push to hurt each other the most. Shiv attacked Roman's issues with sex, and Kendall threw Connor under the bus by saying he's not important anyway.

Everyone abandoned Kendall in the end, but at some point, it seems likely that Logan's empty promises will get the better of him. Nobody is clinging to him out of love or loyalty, no matter how they spin it.

Kendall's Culture Check - Succession Season 3 Episode 2

They're standing by his side because they think they have the most to gain by tending to dear old dad. He's so abusive, though, and if Kendall comes even close to succeeding, it might be enough for at least one of them to try their stab at backing a different horse.

Don't threaten me, Gerri; I don't have time to jerk off.


Logan wants Roman to stay close to Gerri. Gerri wants Roman to stand by her side because they have a good thing going. Shiv just wants recognition. She and Tom are testing their marriage with the same purpose as they're testing Logan. Are they loyal or a threat to one another?

Marcia's willing to eat her public humiliation as long as she and her family are financially set. Logan wouldn't even say he was sorry under the guise that he cannot and will not eat shit.

In return, Marcia reminded Logan that he has what it takes to nip Kendall in the bud.

Logan: I think I need to get back to the city. People need to see a little family unity.
Marcia: Of course. And you do have things you could say, no, to stop him.
Logan: You drop some bombs, you get burned too, you know?

Lisa Hard at Work - Succession Season 3 Episode 2

Not only would there be blowback on Logan, but I think part of Logan likes what he sees in Kendall. As much as he requires everyone who loves him to eat shit, he respects Ken for standing up and taking him on.

It wouldn't be at all surprising if this intense battle finds Logan and Kendall dropping their weapons and coming to an understanding that nobody else will understand. An unexpected outcome like that would be the most fun to watch.

Of course, there are others at play, as well. Tom is torn in his loyalty. But all of the false lovey-dovey stuff didn't make Shiv and Tom look solid. They just looked more pathetic.

It's good to know we don't have an unbalanced love portfolio.


Greg, confused as he is, is thinking clearly. Nobody is protecting his interests, and his inability to have a thought and stick with it is going to leave him open for exsanguination. 

Kendall: What's up?
Greg: Yeah. I don't know.
Kendall: Talk to me.
Greg: I don't know. I am uh, just a bit scared, like, I don't. You know, I don't really want to go to congress again. I-I-I'm kind of too young to be in congress so much, you know?

Asking for Help - Succession Season 3 Episode 2

Kendall said he'd get an attorney for Greg, but his failure to act left Greg open for Gerri to introduce a Waystar lawyer.

Thankfully, Greg knew enough to consider that maybe outside counsel would be better, but asking his very inside grandfather led to another disastrous result.

Nobody is thinking of Greg, so he's going to have to grow a pair and think for himself.

It's still just days after the coup, and the FBI hasn't even gotten involved yet. Logan still doesn't have an attorney. Kendall hasn't given Lisa the time she needs to prep for the impending invasion.

Ewan's Ulterior Motives - Succession Season 3 Episode 2

It's a family drama unfolding on the world's stage, and sacrifices will be made.

Will anyone in the family be left standing when it's all over? It's definitely a possibility that they can all come out losers.

As usual, I caught some great Succession quotes. And if you want to share what you thought of the episode, I'd love to hear from you.

Mass In Time Of War Review

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Succession Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Don't threaten me, Gerri; I don't have time to jerk off.


Kendall: What's up?
Greg: Yeah. I don't know.
Kendall: Talk to me.
Greg: I don't know. I am uh, just a bit scared, like, I don't. You know, I don't really want to go to congress again. I-I-I'm kind of too young to be in congress so much, you know?