Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 11-29-21: The Devil Goes Down to... Somewhere

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Now that half of Salem knows that the Devil has possessed Marlena, you'd think this storyline is almost over.

But it's not to be. Not yet.

Spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-29-21 suggest the Devil has yet another trick up its sleeve. What is it going to do now?

Spoilers for the Week of 11-29-21 - Days of Our Lives

If there's one person the Devil is scared of, it's Julie Williams. She managed to banish it from her house with only minimal damage on Thanksgiving Day!

But according to the spoiler video, the Devil's Plan B involves Ben and Ciara. "Marlena" has already shown up on their doorstep, and she's going to have a wild tale to tell!

Spoilers suggest that Marlena will claim that John is abusing her and that she needs her favorite patient to help hide her.

Ben SHOULD realize how weird and unhealthy this is, but he likely won't.

Since Ben implicitly trusts Marlena and grew up in an abusive household, the Devil is likely pushing the right buttons here.

Ben may believe MarDevil's story without question, but what will Ciara do?

She tends to follow Ben wherever he goes, even at the expense of her better judgment. But will she allow MarDevil to isolate her during her pregnancy?

Meanwhile, there's plenty of other misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and high drama on Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-29-21. Please scroll down to check out our photo gallery.

Caught In a Web of Lies - Days of Our Lives

Marlena draws Ben and Ciara into her web of lies.

As mentioned above, MarDevil will tell Ben and Ciara that she needs them to help her get out of town because she's afraid of John.

This isn't a total lie since John banished the Devil once before and can probably do it again.

But will the Devil's plan work, or will the young couple wake up to how strange this is before it's too late?

Desperate to Find Marlena - Days of Our Lives

John is desperate to find Marlena.

Hopefully, this time John will have backup.

He spent nearly a month tied up in the Dimera crypt after confronting MarDevil by himself, but will he have learned his lesson?

Instead of running after her, he needs to get some spiritual warriors in place so that they can banish the demon from Marlena's soul once and for all.

Maggie Helps Brady Out - Days of Our Lives

Maggie comes to Brady's aid.

What is this about?

Is Brady tempted to give Kristen another chance? Or is he having a hard time explaining to their young daughter why Mommy is never coming back?

Either way, Brady/Maggie scenes are always great. Brady uses his brain when he's around Maggie, so she's sure to be able to help him get some insight again.

Philip Confronts Chloe About Brady - Days of Our Lives

Philip tries to get Chloe to confess her "affair" with Brady.

Ugh. Enough of Philip's paranoia already.

He constantly thinks Chloe is having an affair with Brady, only to find out she's not.

Could he get a clue already? And stop this cycle of violence while he's at it?

Sami Tries to Escape - Days of Our Lives

Sami tries to escape.

The weirdest thing about this story is that Sami has no idea who's kidnapped her.

Her escape attempt probably won't help that situation. She's going to attack a low-level goon.

And she's likely not going to get away with it, either, since spoilers say that Lucas will go looking for her later on.

Abe and Lani Have a Heart-to-Heart - Days of Our Lives

Abe and Lani have a heart-to-heart.

Lani is not willing to forgive Paulina yet. Will she be discouraging Abe from doing so?

Either way, I'm glad these two are talking. Lani and Abe both think their relationship is over because Abe is not Lani's biological father, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Lani and Abe can continue to be close, and he can treat her as his surrogate daughter. Nothing much needs to change for that to happen.

Kristen Recruits Surprising Allies - Days of Our Lives

Kristen recruits two surprising allies to help her break out of prison.

According to spoilers, Gwen and Ava will work together to help get Kristen out of jail.

Unfortunately, Gwen is again giving in to blackmail, but what reason does Ava have? Sure, she and Kristen are friends from way back, but Ava is supposedly reformed now.

And with the number of times Kristen has escaped from custody, you'd think the Salem PD would take pains to make sure it doesn't happen again! Sheesh.

Xander Gets Stunning News - Days of Our Lives

Xander gets stunning news about Sarah.

Xander will finally learn that Sarah never dumped him and has been stuck on an island since shortly before their aborted wedding.

He'll probably also learn that Gwen knew and chose to break Kristen out of jail rather than risk Xander finding out the truth.

That should be the end of Xander and Gwen. It's also a repeat of Jennifer/Eric/Nicole with different characters. Yawn.

Your turn, Days of Our Lives fanatics.

What are you looking forward to on Days of Our Lives during the week of 11-29-21? What are you dreading? What are your theories about what's going to happen?

Hit the big, blue SHOW COMMENTS button and let us know.

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