I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7 Review: If Only Dogs Could Talk

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Allison should watch her back around Margot and Dylan. Her two BFFs looked mighty suspicious on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7.

Wai Huna is ready to move on after the recent chaos, but there's still a little matter of a killer in their midst. Could they have been wrong about Clara all this time?

"If Only Dogs Could Talk" teased the end of the mystery. However, the looming questions and recent attacks kept us on our toes for what the real answers could be.

Hook-up Buddies - Tall - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

Wai Huna descending into a furious mob was right up their ally. Look at how quickly they turned against Kelly on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 3! Yet, there she is, accepted among them after the truth set her free.

Surprisingly, it was Courtney's murder that banded them together.

The spooky little town loves to change its mind about people once they're dead. This happened with Johnny and Eric's murders on I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 2, and a small treatment with Dale's demise.

No one should get on their bad side, especially Lyla's mom.

She's become one of the funniest comic reliefs on the show; she's always around with a one-liner or visual gag. Lyla turning and calling out her mother, who had a loaded shotgun in her hand, was a priceless moment.

Lyla's Mom - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

The police discovering the honey cave brought up so many questions about the murders and Clara.

Why did she place Riley's dead body in the pose? What is the purpose of the cult ritual? Did she kill Riley with the machete?

And most importantly, did she suffocate herself, or did Dylan kill her?

Allison: I need you to help find Dylan.
Bruce: Dylan? Lyla has got everyone searching for Riley.
Allison: It’s too late for Riley.

"If Only Dogs Could Talk" teased that Clara was involved in the murders (well, the town believes so). Her washing the blood off the murder weapon made it clear that she had access to it, whether she found it on the ground or took it back after dropping it. And she had to have known to find Riley's dead body near her house.

Dylan's alibi throws a wrench in the Clara theory. He either did escape through the lava tunnel, or he's the reason she's dead. Clara was alive for hours after bumping into Dylan, so things aren't adding up.

Riley's Dead Body - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

Time jumps are a tricky thing on TV shows. If they're not handled correctly, any momentum and plots built before that can suffer.

Desperate Housewives Season 5 did a great job. Riverdale Season 5 had its ups and downs. Once Upon A Time Season 7 didn't hit the mark.

In this case, a three-week fast-forward provided some good pacing.

Three weeks isn't long enough for people to forget about the murders, but it's enough time for their guards to come down and believe the killings stopped. Plus, the OG crew were still deep in their drama and on edge after losing Riley and Johnny.

Police Investigation - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

Bruce and Lyla's relationship was a pleasant surprise after the three-week time jump.

Their kinky sex life hasn't changed one bit, which is shocking since she's the chief of police and hooking up at a public event is a big no-no. Did anyone actually suspect they would tone down their naughty exploits?

Still, it warmed my heart that they talked about marriage and taking their relationship to the next level.

Call me a hopeless romantic. There's something sweet about them recognizing their hook-up years together and wanting to make it work. Hopefully, they survive, and she gets her big JLO-sized rock.

The love triangle, on the other hand, seemed so messy. It's a recipe for disaster!

Did anyone want her to get together with Dylan? Or were you hoping she would start something with Margot?

I Know What You Did Last Summer's Madison Iseman played mysterious when I asked her a similar question, but "If Only Dogs Could Talk" showed that both choices aren't so simple. Margot's and Dylan's secrets might be what tears apart any relationship prospect.

Lyla: Now you’re really freaking me out.
Bruce: Come on, after the summer we’ve had. You don’t want to do something a little romantic?
Lyla: You want to know what I want? A big ass rock! Like JLO’s. What was that? Ten carats or 15?

In the three weeks, Allison's chemistry with Dylan heated up, so it's not surprising they hooked up. However, she's still enjoying her flirtation with Margot too. You can't help but feel sad whenever Margot looks longingly at "Lennon."

If Margot and Dylan aren't the killers, Allison needs to make a choice. She can't keep toying with Margot and messing with those emotions.

Benefit of the Doubt - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

Allison's most shocking moments were when she came clean to both Bruce and Dylan. Telling the truth was always the smarter option, but she would've taken both secrets to the grave, especially after sticking with the lie for so long.

Revealing the killer texts needed to happen eventually.

The OG crew were the only people who knew about the texts, and their lives were in danger too often. Let's face it: the threat from the killer outweighed them keeping the secret.

Allison needed to tell someone. Thankfully, Bruce could connect some dots and still keep her second secret hidden.

The Lennon Lie - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

Telling Dylan was a bad call. Blame it on Allison's lingering feelings on Dylan or their post-sex bliss, but they did not have a strong foundation for that type of news.

Did she forget how terrible he took the car accident and post-reunion murders?

Dylan is not one to handle shocking news. And it didn't help that the person he thought he betrayed/killed turned out to be alive and lying to him all this time. His general shock and reaction felt real.

Their pairing, while strong in chemistry, is a tad toxic. Allison and Dylan would need a lot of time to talk this out to make things work.

Margot Murder Board - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

Though, I'm also in the camp that Dylan is hiding secrets.

He probably killed Clara. Like, he came back to smother her thinking he did it to protect "Lennon," right?

Dylan's words to Allison made it seem like he did something for her, that he instantly regretted the part he played. It might've been about the car accident, but the shock on his face had more underneath it. He did something recently that he's kept a secret.

Allison: It’s me, Dylan. It’s me. Allison.
Dylan: That’s not funny.
Allison: It’s true, I swear.

And his sketchy alibi for why he left/how he got away didn't help. He's most likely a red-herring since Margot is so dead-set he can't be trusted, but there's more to the story.

His going to the police could be him confessing about killing Clara, or it could be him confessing about the car accident. Whatever he says next will change everything for the OG crew.

Survivor - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

Margot isn't completely innocent from killer theories either. Her final lines on "If Only Dogs Could Talk" confirmed that she knows something involving Allison and Lennon is going on.

Imagine if she knew all this time that Allison was alive, like right from the car crash!

We've chatted before about how surprising it was none of Lennon's friends knew the difference between her and her sister. Especially since they all grew up together, they would know some subtle signs to tell the sisters apart. They went with the jacket without a second thought.

You have them too.


But, if Margot knew all this time, it puts into question everything about her since the beginning. Her flirting, fear of the killer, and how she approached "Lennon" would've all been calculated to get the romance she wanted.

My theory about her being the killer isn't looking too out there now. Or, the killers being Kyle and Kelly trying to "clean up" Margot's mess.

Johnny Memorial - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

The one thing going against this theory was Margot's recent attack. Pushing her through the glass door could've killed her had the glass gone in a specific way.

Luckily, she only had a few flesh wounds to treat. And she looked genuinely scared seeing someone behind her.

The odds of her being the killer and also a victim doesn't work out in my favor.

"If Only Dogs Could Talk" has the honor of getting the biggest horror movie reaction out of me. I fully expected the killer to be behind Margot in the reflection and attack; I prepared myself for this twist. But yet, I jumped the second she got pushed through the glass.

Kudos! The killer delivered on making me jump.

Mommie Dearest - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7

Last Thoughts From The Caves:

  • Allison's mother deserves no credit for returning to Wai Huna. She abandoned her kids and cut them out of her life. She's lucky she got a text message at all.
  • Protect Cheeto at all costs!
  • Lennon's flashbacks made me wonder more about the car accident that night. She ran directly into the car in the middle of the street. Why didn't she stand at the side of the road to wave them down?
  • Margot's copy of Lennon's sex tape with Dylan made her more suspicious. She shouldn't have a copy of that tape, especially since Lennon's OnlyFans page was shut down.
Wanted Woman - I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 6

Now, over to you, IKWYDLS fans!

What did you think of "If Only Dogs Could Talk"?

Does Margot know the truth about Allison? What is Dylan planning to tell Lyla? How will Allison react with her mother back in town?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If Only Dogs Could Talk Review

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I Know What You Did Last Summer Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

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Allison: It’s me, Dylan. It’s me. Allison.
Dylan: That’s not funny.
Allison: It’s true, I swear.