Legacies Season 4 Episode 6 Review: You're A Long Way From Home

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Tribrid Hope is a lot of fun, but is anyone getting major Katherine Pierce vibes from her?

Legacies Season 4 Episode 6 sent Hope on a mission to learn more about Triad Industries, or whatever they call themselves these days.

Hope and Ryan have always had this tremendous dynamic on-screen, and it was considerably more intriguing with Hope as this all-powerful being who could ruin his life.

Who's Dead? - Legacies

Ryan shacking up with the first woman he found to live that human life was predictable, but you could tell he was out of his element.

All he wanted was a life that had some semblance of normal. He spent so much time working for his father, being a villain, and everything in-between.

Hopefully, he isn't dragged into another wicked plot, but his girlfriend's excitement about talking about vampires was somewhat concerning.

Josie is Upset - Legacies Season 4 Episode 6

Ryan was right that there is still some humanity inside of Hope because, let's face it, she's not as cunning as her ancestors, who left hundreds of bodies in their wake when on a rampage,

There may be different parameters with her being the Tribrid, or maybe, just maybe, there's more Hayley in her than Klaus.

Yes, Hope did some wicked things, but did she really kill anyone else aside from Alaric that didn't deserve it?

Maybe there's a part of her that is scared because of Triad's plight to kill her.

Ryan's Shock - Legacies Season 4 Episode 6

She's always been alone in this world, but maybe she would have allowed Ryan to embark on a reign of terror with her if he was interested.

I'm interested to see what brings Hope back to the Salvatore School, but she'll have a string of one-liners on hand to throw at her former friends.

Maybe there's a spell in the book Lizzie found or something. Everything is connected of late on Legacies, and I'm here for every single beat of this more cohesive show.

Cleo realizing the truth about the tree that could kill Hope was obviously a throwback to the predecessors, but doesn't it seem too easy to have this tree next to the school?

Contemplating - Legacies Season 4 Episode 6

The Tribrid has been painted as this powerful being that could unleash holy hell in the world, so it's disconcerting to imagine her being ousted and for there to be this big tree that could make endless weapons against her.

It's possible Hope gets wind of the tree and returns to destroy it, but nature created it as a means to prevent her reign of terror, so something else will pop up.

Cleo should have been more vocal to get her point across. There isn't a minute to waste because of this ever-changing world.

Kaleb coming to grips with not being the best person to lead the team was tough. If you watch Legacies online, you know Kaleb has regularly had some great plans to save everyone.

Giving Katherine Pierce Looks - Legacies Season 4 Episode 6

He deserves to be punished for his actions, but it would suck for him to be pushed into the darkness because nobody trusts him.

He's such a good character, but concealing the fact that there's a monster on the loose was a big swing.

Does this mean he's going after it alone? I don't know. He may realize they have a big enough monster in Hope.

Who knows.

Hope Smirks - Legacies Season 4 Episode 6

The Super Squad working together to find ways to combat Hope made for some fun moments, but they fail to understand that Hope will switch things up and could lay waste to them with the flick of a wrist.

This type of battle has about a million different variables, depending on who you ask. Maybe we'll get to see some of the scenarios playing out when the show returns in December.

Lizzie finding the spellbook and going rogue was hardly a surprise. Why would she not take a chance to save her father?

Ditching the plan showed a lot of humanity in Lizzie, but she's lucky her would-be sacrifice's child showed up in the nick of time. She would struggle to come to terms with her actions in the aftermath.

Saying Goodbye - Legacies Season 4 Episode 5

Alaric would not want to be revived in this manner.

Maybe Lizzie did mess with something with her spell because it seemed odd that Alaric popped up in the afterlife quite some time after Ted and Landon.

This universe brings characters back from the dead all the time, but Ted and Landon's storyline was surprisingly neat.

Ted is still working on himself, but something tells me he won't stick around for long to help Alaric.

He only had allegiance to Landon and Oscar, so what if someone new pops up every time they close to finding peace?

Alaric in Danger - Legacies Season 4 Episode 4

"You're A Long Way From Home" continued to employ a much darker tone, sending the narrative in a different direction.

Legacies Season 4 is shaping up to be the best season yet, and it's all thanks to the show taking risks it never did before.

What are your thoughts on Hope working with Ryan?

Do you think Kaleb is right to lead the team?

Lizzie's Pain - Legacies Season 4 Episode 4

What do you think Alaric's time in purgatory means?

Hit the comments below.

Legacies returns Thursday, December 2 at 9/8c.

You're A Long Way From Home Review

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