Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Devil on the Doorstep

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New and continuing storylines flourished as new faces landed on Oahu.

Only Magnum got anything resembling a self-contained storyline on Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6.

Higgins was forced to abandon her partner as crown and country recalled her in the form of handler Eve, who came out of the shadows to meet with Juliet. 

An Anonymous Source -- Tall - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

After spending much of this season on the sidelines, Rick had a happy reunion which took an unexpected turn.

T.C. took a step toward forming his type of family, although his attempt to do so quietly went by the boards.

Solo Acts - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

Magnum had to work solo again after Higgins got a call from her "immigration lawyer" (wink, wink!) then dropped off the grid.

Thomas had already expressed some doubts about whatever Juliet was secretly up to, and her turning off the location finder on her phone wasn't going to quiet his suspicions.

But he couldn't dwell on what she was doing since he had his hands full with the mystery of the disappearing source.

Watching Thomas getting shaken down for minimal information from the salon owner was a hoot. He finally hit on a solution, buying a gift card rather than those compounding treatments he didn't need.

Tracking Source - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

He then turned around and employed that gift card to bribe Shammy to provide his aerial reconnaissance. That's more than the big-hearted T.C. ever received.

In much shorter order than he should have, Magnum located the source, a flight attendant, who supplied him with a wealth of intel on Nathan Stallard, who kept bringing women from poor backgrounds to Hawaii.

Those women in baggy clothes weren't playing the alleged role (drug mules) but instead were pregnant and were promised top-notch prenatal care by Stallard, who conspired with medical personnel to steal their babies for an illegal adoption ring.

Once Thomas and Oscar recruited Katsumoto, they made short work of tracking Stallard, finding first his home, then the clinic that he used in his scam.

Chasing Target - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

And wasn't it enjoyable to watch Magnum put a beatdown on the scoundrel for what he had secretly put those poor women through?

Higgins got a better idea into what Mi-6 had dropped her. Eve giving up her anonymity to meet face to face with Juliet was the first clue that something big was going down in Hawaii.

That being said, Higgins still had to operate relatively blind, pretending to be the buyer to recover a flash drive full of vital intel (it's never vacation photos, is it?).

Once her masquerade was revealed, Juliet gained the upper hand when Barlowe attempted to escape, running right into the proverbial truck.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

I don't know why Juliet didn't strip the flash drive off his body. Probably because it was much more dramatic for her to almost get caught in the morgue.

And why no Noelani, I ask? Where else can the Hawaii Five-0 supporting characters now pop up since they don't live in the NCIS universe?

Indeed, there must be a way to write Jerry into an episode, isn't there, with some conspiracy or folk legend. Sure, it's stunt casting, but can't you see the faces Higgins would make?

But Higgins gained essential knowledge by examing first Barlowe's body, then the contents of the flash drive, which you would have thought would be password-protected.

Just when Juliet thought she was out, she got pulled back in. The classified intel being sold by these renegade Mi-6 agents threaten Higgins and other agents, past and present, and there's no she could walk away from that, especially since she has a home-field advantage.

Back on Assignment - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

Now how long before Thomas figures out what's going on with Juliet and demands to get involved? Sure, he was military intelligence, but this is a whole other level. Seriously, he would be out of his league.

That doesn't mean he couldn't be of help to Higgins. But he would have to follow orders, which has never been his strong suit.

Besides, Magnum has to help Rick out of the mess in which he has stepped.

It was apparent to everyone but Rick that Robbie was going to be trouble. He was running from something, and it wasn't just his damaged reputation as an ex-con.

La Mariana Visitor - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

But Rick has a blind spot when it comes to Robbie, who was there for Rick multiple times during their misspent youth in Chicago. He can't see that Robbie is escaping to Hawaii.

T.C. was speaking the truth that Rick needed to hear. That's why they kept getting into it when it came to discussing Robbie and his motivations.

That's why it was so out of character for T.C. to fall for Robbie's pitch at the airfield. He should have continued to trust his gut.

You knew something was up with Yancey Arias, playing his second FBI agent this month (CSI: Vegas), showing up at La Mariana. Now he's leaning on Rick to help him trap Robbie.

Rick's Friend - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

T.C. has got his own secret. He's forming an instant family with Cade.

T.C. deserves better than he's gotten. It's a shock that no woman has picked him off yet.

So if he feels parental enough about taking care of Cade to seek a place for the two of them, why not?

Let's hope heartbreak isn't on the horizon for T.C.

Answering the Call - Magnum P.I. Season 4 Episode 6

To revisit Higgins' evolution, watch Magnum P.I. online.

What does Magnum suspect Juliet is up to?

Will Rick be forced to betray Robbie?

How possible is it that the FBI agent is lying?

Comment below.

Devil on the Doorstep Review

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