The Resident Round Table: Conrad's New Gig, Billie's Promotion, & Kitbell Rises!

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Now that we have our first installment after the time jump under our belts with The Resident Season 5 Episode 6, how are we feeling?

We caught up with our The Resident Round Table: Carissa Pavlica, Laura Nowak, Meaghan Frey, and Leora W. to discuss Conrad and Gigi, Leela's sister, Billie's promotion, and more.

Check out what we had to say and chime in below.

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There's been a lot of confusion about the time jump. Did you have any issues following along? What's your initial impression of The Resident post time jump?

Carissa: Really? I have only seen comments from delighted viewers pleased with how it worked. It's worked out brilliantly. With the shortened season last year and Emily's departure this season, it would be difficult to move forward. But this isn't painful at all, and I'm excited about what's to come.

Laura: It didn't confuse me at all. I actually liked the time jump more than I thought.

Meaghan: I thought it was extremely easy to follow, and I really am enjoying it. The show recognized that it was time for a mini reboot, and this was the perfect way to breathe some new life into it.

Leora: I wasn't confused. The episode did a good job of catching us up. I'm still not sold on the idea, but that's a separate issue.

How long do you think it'll take before Conrad returns to Chastain?

Carissa: Probably not long enough for me. Moving outside of the hospital keeps things fresh, and if that means our beloved resident is outside of Chastain's doors, then I'm all for it. I'll say four episodes.

Laura: I hope only 3-4 episodes. Seeing Conrad and Devon work together just reminded me how great they work together.

Meaghan: I agree with Carissa and Laura -- about four. I think him doing concierge medicine is a great new storyline. Many people have the common misconception that concierge medicine is only for the wealthy, but it has moved in more direction like Conrad is doing.

My only concern is how they will tie him in with the rest of the cast moving forward until he comes back to Chastain. They mentioned when he showed up that it had been a month since they saw him there, so it's not like he is at Chastain all the time.

New Gig - tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Leora: It's complicated because realistically, he left for a reason, but he's the lead, and there's only so long they can come up with convoluted reasons for him to be on the premises without actually working there. I can't guess when or how; I just know they will bring him back because they have to.

Which case did you find the most interesting: Conrad's patient who learned he had TB, not cancer, or Bell, AJ, and Billie's MMA fighter?

Carissa: MMA fighter all the way. It's more medically interesting than a guy who gets misdiagnosed and turns to crime. That happens too often, and it's so ridiculously unrealistic to me. Seeing Bell, AJ, and Billie work together was worth the effort with the MMA gal.

Laura: Conrad's patient. I so missed the dynamic Duo of Conrad and Devon, and they work as equals and partners now, almost solving cases. I loved that!

Drug Raid -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Meaghan: Conrad's patient. Bell and AJ's case could have been more interesting if it didn't just end up feeling like a pissing match. I love any time Conrad and Devon come together on a case, so I was fully invested in theirs.

Leora: Conrad's patient. I could care less about sports, and seeing AJ and Bell have a pissing contest made me lose a little bit of respect for these grown men acting like children, especially considering how far Bell has come over the years.

Kit and Bell are possibly living together. How do we feel about the progression of their relationship, Kitbell fans?

Carissa: More than lip service, please. Let's see their home, their intermingled families. Did we ever find out what happened to Kit's son-in-law? What about Bell's not-son and their quest to adopt? Me no likey when stories get dropped.

Diagnosticians - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Laura: Kitbell was adorable, but I agree with Carissa. I want to see them at home and hear updates on their families. I'll be furious if we never see Jake or Sammie again. Kit helped with that reconciliation.

Meaghan: Yep, I agree we need more. We've waited so long to see these two come together, and I don't want anything to be glossed over.

Leora: Seconded, or thirded, what Carissa said. I hate when stories get dropped, and while they are adorable, I hate that we missed so much. I, too, want to see Jake and Sammie again.

Did the opener with Padma and AJ fool you? Did Padma have a point about Leela finding more work/life balance, and would you like to see her stick around?

Carissa: I was momentarily confused, 

Sister, Sister  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Padma was a little rough. Her introduction made Leela look a lot less cute than she had been during Season 3, so I'm not sure why that was an essential route to take. So, no. I don't want her to stick around, making Leela look dumpy. It didn't work for me.

Laura: I was confused for a minute, but praying that was Padma. I like her. She's outspoken but correct that Leela needs more of a balance.

Meaghan: I'll admit it; they definitely got me with that one. When Padma walked into the apartment and greeted Devon, I was screaming at my television for them making Leela cheat on him.

I agree with Carissa that I'm not feeling the idea of making Leela look bad. Devon describing the vast differences between Padma and Leela made it feel like he was putting Leela down, and it was so cringeworthy.

Overworked Devon -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Leora: Oh, I was terrified. I totally thought she was Leela.

As for the work/life thing, I guess this is redundant to say about a time jump, but it felt like it came out of nowhere.

I'd have liked more time to see their relationship and Leela being overworked and not making her relationships with Devon and Padma a priority in her life.

When Padma called her out on something we hadn't actually seen her do, it just felt like she was being judgmental of the person whose couch she had been crashing on for free for a month.

Did Kit make the right call choosing Billie as Chief of Surgery over AJ or Bell?

Carissa: I guess we'll find out. It was funny watching AJ and Bell sell themselves only to have the door closed on them. That was probably my favorite part. As for Billie, it seems like we're supposed to just buy into her without getting to know her fully, and that's tough.

Laura: I'm not crazy about how much Billie is getting thrown at us, but Bell or AJ didn't really want it. They wanted to compete.

Meaghan: Can the writers just stop trying to make Billie happen? All I can say is thank god they nixed the AJ and Billie potential love story in the time jump.

Treating Jackson -tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Leora: I've always liked Billie, but I'm very aware that most fans don't, and I get it. Billie getting the job was predictable, but I agree that it didn't make much sense. Maybe it'll give them better material for her character. I hope so.

What was your favorite part of the episode? Is there anything else you'd like to address?

Carissa: Conrad and Gigi doing father-daughter things. Sitting at her little table and enjoying each other's company was so sweet. But I didn't like it when he talked to Gigi about Chastain and Nic as exposition for the audience. That made me cringe.

Laura: I adored the daughter/daughter moments. I also loved the bromance moments between Conrad and Devon.

Errant Professor  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 6

Meaghan: Conrad and Gigi's date night might have been the sweetest father-daughter moment I've ever seen on television. Daddy Conrad is such a good look for him.

Leora: I liked Devon and Leela in the shower and the Kitbell moments. I think the show isn't as good as it used to be, with the time jump and losing a lot of the cast, but time will tell.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics! Do you agree with us? Do you disagree? Hit the comments.

The Resident airs Tuesdays on FOX.

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The Resident Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Kit: Dr. Sutton.
Billie: How many times do I have to call you because these ICU doctors won't give my patients enough pain meds? Look, I know it's not your fault, Kit, but it's your hospital, and if my patients can't get relief...
Kit: It complicates their recovery.
Billie: How do you expect me to do my job when not everybody is doing theirs?

Gigi: Are you going to the hospital where mommy used to work?
Conrad: You remember, sweetie, I don't work at the hospital anymore. I have a private practice now because I want to spend more time with you and Mr. Giraffe.