2021 Cancellations: These Shows Deserved Better

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We lost a lot of good shows this year.

We also lost a lot of shows that were starting to become must-see TV.

Now, we're left with only the cliffhangers and the wasted potential.

Cancellations We Can't Get Over of 2021 - Good Girls

Scroll down to find out our picks for the TV cancellations we can't get over. 

Good Girls

Chatting Over Wine - Good Girls Season 4 Episode 15

Good Girls deserved to ride off into the sunset, telling its completed story.

After a fantastic first season, Good Girls struggled over the following seasons, primarily due to repetitive storylines and somewhat stagnant character growth. But Good Girls Season 4 was a lot of fun.

We finally got an expanded look into primary antagonist Rio's personal life, and the ladies were at their very best, giving us a lot of solid episodes over their longest season.

There were more stories to tell, and it truly sucks we're cheated out of more time with Beth, Ruby, Stan, Rio, and even Dean. But we'll always have Good Girls Season 1 to watch forever and ever. 

Prodigal Son

Malcolm at the Storage Facility - tall  - Prodigal Son Season 2 Episode 12

We were so devastated by this cancellation; we wrote a love letter about it to describe our feelings. Prodigal Son deserved more seasons. It was one of the most unique series we've seen on network TV in years.

Sadly, no one knew what to do with a show you couldn't typecast in any way. It was funny, thrilling, emotional, a bit spooky, and more. It had one of the best casts on TV.

Tom Payne poured his all into the role of Malcolm Bright, and he didn't disappoint as one of the best characters ever. Michael Sheen Sheen is a gem who delivered an iconic performance as cuddly but terrifying, serial killing dad, Martin Whitly.

It had one of the most fascinating but realistic depictions of complex PTSD on TV, and the show gave you some of everything: romance, drama, a procedural meets family dramedy with a darkly humorous spin. You'll never find another series like it! 

It's the most upsetting cancellation in years, and fans are still fighting for closure. Don't touch us; we're still not over this one.


Fixing the Blade - MacGyver Season 1 Episode 13

Fans are still reeling from the cancellation of one of the few reboots that were a success.

MacGyver had so many more stories to tell.

They had only just begun to explore its dynamic characters.

Sadly, it seemed as though the behind-the-scenes controversies and issues impacted the nature of the series moving forward, and there was no quick fix that could have this show seeing the light of day again. 

Y: The Last Man

Ready To Escape - Y: The Last Man Season 1 Episode 10

It was clear how much love and talent went into adapting Y: The Last Man for the small screen.

The cancellation announcement was made before the entire season even aired, which some felt was an unfair move by the network, as many fans had been waiting for the release of all ten episodes in order to binge.

It was a meticulously crafted, thoroughly planned, and brilliantly acted show, but the high concept and depressing subject matter may have kept viewers from tuning in.

For something helmed mainly by a female production/creative team and cast, this cancellation really hurt. 

Jupiter's Legacy

The Utopian

Jupiter's Legacy was snuffed out before it even had time to begin.

The series was poised to be the next, big, gritty superhero tale, almost in the style of The Boys. But it ended abruptly on several huge cliffhangers.

The first season spent so much time building the world and legacy of the superheroes for all of it to amount to nothing. Worse yet, the creators are shifting focus to the villains in a spinoff series.

What was the point of setting up an arc if there was no payoff? Jupiter's Legacy needed an ending, even if it's a short one.


Heather Panics

Panic Season 1's story seemed like a one-and-done limited series based on its plot.

After a winner was named from the game, there wasn't much room for the characters to grow since that summer's Panic ended.

However, the series finished on a cliffhanger, teasing more chaos and trouble coming to the town.

It got us excited to see hoe Heather and her friends would deal with the strange corruption in Carp, Texas. Instead, we're left with a cliffhanger that will never be answered.


BFFS Bonding For Life

Not many knew about Bonding's audience, but it's an unusual gem in Netflix's roster.

It's a funny and witty take on BDSM culture and two very unlikely dominatrix-in-training best friends. The second season grew on its storyline and developed Tiff and Pete into well-defined characters with their own aspirations.

Bonding Season 2 gave us much more than sex jokes, so it was sad when the series was canceled.

And, it ended on a note where their friendship seemed over and uncertain if they'd reunite. It hurts that the main highlight of Bonding (i.e., their friendship) didn't survive its cancellation.  


She's a Rebel

Inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich, Rebel's met its potential during the middle of the season, and Sagal impressed.

ABC didn't give the show enough to grow. Its ratings weren't even as bad as some other shows this year.

The cancellation angered fans and non-fans alike!

Yes, it was another law drama, but the brilliant performances made it quality TV. 

Good Witch

The Glance - Good Witch Season 7 Episode 10

We never saw this coming.

Cassie Nightengale was essential to the Hallmark Channel we know and love.

Saying goodbye to the entire franchise was hard.

Saying goodbye without fanfare was too painful to bear. 

American Gods

Shadow Arrives - American Gods Season 3 Episode 10

Creatively, American Gods Season 3 was beautifully done. 

However, there was so much damage done after its announcement because of the character and story focus.

It was killed before it finished.

Shadow Moon didn't deserve that ending.

For Life

Waiting Game - For Life Season 2 Episode 10

For Life was one of the best legal dramas not enough people watched.

Its powerful storytelling about a man wrongfully incarcerated for over a decade, earning his law degree, fighting his way out of prison, and representing others had emotional, provocative storytelling that moved you with each installment.

Nicholas Pinnock shined in this series, along with Joy Bryant, Dorian Missick, and Indira Varma.

We barely scratched the surface of Aaron's journey as a free man and lawyer for the people fighting for justice while balancing his family life as he got reacquainted with his wife, teen daughter, and grandchild.  

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Max hears - Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Season 2 Episode 13

Is it just us, or does it seem like networks are allergic to joy? After two seasons, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist was one of the most devastating cancellations in years.

Fans made sure to raise a stink about it too.

Fortunately, Roku picked up the series for a Christmas movie, and it feels like we can get another movie or two out of them in the future if we keep our fingers crossed.

But it's not the same as the series carrying on as it deserved on network TV for all to enjoy. There isn't anything else like it currently on the air.


Is this The Trickster?

Sometimes we can't have nice things.

The CW renewed Trickster after an incredible first season and then said "Psyche!" because of the bad press and drama behind the scenes. 

The supernatural, coming of age show was one of a kind -- featuring artful and authentic Indigenous representation.

It was brimming with potential, intrigue, and was a perfect fit for The CW. It's frustrating as hell the stories can't continue.

Over to you, TV Fanatics!

What shows do you think should have received another season?

Hit the comments below.

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