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January 24 can't come soon enough for fans of Snowpiercer, TNT's juggernaut post-apocalyptic survival tale on rails. It seems like an ice age since the curtain went down on Snowpiercer Season 2 Episode 10.

Today's Season 3 trailer answers several questions the finale left behind, but now, even more are burning a hole in our brains.

#SpoilerWarning if you haven't finished watching Snowpiercer Season 2 yet. But seriously, you've had NINE COVID MONTHS. What are you waiting for?

Snowpiercer Season 3 Key Art

We left the scene last with a train (literally) divided, a(nother) rebellion in the offing, and a glimmer of hope for the future of humanity. What does the trailer add to what we know?

Off the top, based on the Season 3 key art released with the trailer, Jennifer Connelly's Melanie Cavill is alive, putting to rest the "Is she/Isn't she?" debate that has raged since the Season 2 finale implied she chose to walk into the white to die so that the power left could be used to keep the climate data safe.

And while we're bringing people back from the brink -- a WIlford trademark move, by the way -- it is wonderful to see Roberto Urbina's Javi back after Wilford's dog savaged him.

As was the case with Josie and Kevin, this show's key cast members have a remarkable record for surviving terrible experiences.

One face we do not see in the trailer is Roche. Mike O'Malley's good-hearted brakeman was last seen being Drawered with his wife and daughter.

Javi is Alive - Snowpiercer

A highly-anticipated addition to the cast is Archie Panjabi as Asha, the "Last Survivor," a representative of the mysterious "New Eden" Andre mentions.

Best known for playing Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife, Panjabi has proven herself an actor of talent, depth, and range over her career in film and television.

Adding anyone new to a show that launched on the premise that everyone who survived The Freeze boarded Snowpiercer is exciting, but to have Panjabi repping New Eden, presumably a land-based colony of survivors, is downright thrilling.

Who else might we find at New Eden? And is it foreshadowing that Asha is being billed as the LAST Survivor?

First Look at Asha - Snowpiercer

The visual impact of Snowpiercer has been a key factor in its success since the beginning.

The trailer reveals that Wilford's regime takes on some frightening familiarity with its red-bannered decor.

And if that's not worrisome enough, did you catch the happy couple dancing away amongst the Wilford drapes?

Looks like LJ and Oz tie the knot, train-style, living in luxury while dissidents are paying for their resistance with arms and being covered in feces.

A Snowpiercer Wedding

With so many tantalizing reveals, what else will Season 3 hold in store for us?

What do you hope to see? Where do you want them to take this trip?

Where has Mel been? What about Zarah and Andre's baby? Does Miss Audrey finally find redemption?

All aboard Snowpiercer Season 3! Get your ticket punched for January 24 on TNT!

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