Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9 Review: Secret Santa Has A Gift For You

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Things are not looking good for Will.

Not only did he spend Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9 brooding over the unfairness of the world after Sharon and Peter vetoed going to the FBI, but when Sharon called them in anyway, Will got accused of being the rat.

Now Cooper's father-in-law and probably some other people are after Will, and he might end up in bigger trouble if they get their way. Merry freaking Christmas, huh?

Awaiting the Outcome / Tall - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9

I was with Will: the board's attitude was wrong and perpetuated injustice.

Scott: Lily's gonna need a liver transplant, but I think she's out of the woods. She responded well to dialysis and medication.
Will: At least that's something.
Scott: What's going on with you?
Will: An innocent little baby had to suffer while there are a bunch of crooks in this world who get away with everything.

This would have been an excellent time for Will to lean on his brother Jay. He could have let something slip about his workplace dilemma so that Jay could take it from there.

However, in some ways, Sharon calling the FBI herself was a better option. Theoretically, it should protect Will from the fallout from this mess.

Staff Christmas Party - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9

We all know it won't, though.  Jessa saw fit to accuse Will of ratting her out after her arrest, and Cooper's father-in-law made a beeline for him.

I wouldn't be surprised if the elder Cooper were dirty too. He's got a powerful position on the board and most likely blocked his son-in-law's facing any consequences other than a slap on the wrist.

He might have been in on the VAS-COM scheme from the beginning, and even if he wasn't, he surely was obstructing justice by covering up his son-in-law's misdeeds.

But will he ever face any consequences for his role in this?

Abrams' Two Cents - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9

It's not likely, not when he's got as much money and power as he does. It certainly seems like he's going to focus all his efforts on making Will's life miserable, too.

So far, Sharon is the only board member interested in protecting WIll instead of the bad guys, and that can't be good.

In retrospect, it couldn't have ended any other way no matter what Will did.

Sharon insisted he work undercover. That meant sooner or later, he would have to betray Cooper and deal with Cooper's father-in-law.

Marcel Assists Blake - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9

The FBI was sloppy about how they made the arrest, too. They did it at a party where Will was also present, hours after Jessa made Will the offer to participate in the kickback scheme.

It wasn't hard to figure out who had ratted Jessa and Cooper out, though Cooper was out of it enough to be shocked that it could be Will.

If Sharon wanted to keep Will out of it, she could have called Cooper and Jessa into her office and had them arrested there so that it seemed like she found out about the scheme some other way.

That wouldn't have been nearly as dramatic, though, and  Chicago Med needed some solid drama to keep people talking through winter hiatus.

Saving an Infant - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9

Will wasn't the only one with a secret, of course. It seemed almost everyone at Med had one.

The Archer/Charles story was the most powerful medical storyline, although Archer's reactions were predictable.

Charles: I understand how terrifying it must be.
Archer: What?
Charles: For a soldier to ask for help, for a soldier to be afraid they might be one of 'them', that they could fall apart at any second.
Archer: Hey, that isn't gonna happen.
Charles: I think of people like you and Ethan, people who served over there. You have so much courage, but when it comes to saving yourselves...
Archer: It's not so bad. It comes and goes.

Archer and Charles have been at odds since before Neal shot Choi. Archer generally has nothing but contempt for psychiatry and always wants to dismiss patients with mental illness so that he doesn't have to deal with them.

Stevie's Secret - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9

I was glad we finally got some resolution to that. Up until this point, Archer was an irritating ableist who just refused to acknowledge that mental illness is as serious as physical illness.

His conversation with Charles shed some light on why he has these narrow-minded attitudes. I still don't like him, but at least we made some progress here.

Charles' giving Archer the virtual reality simulation was a stroke of genius. It allowed Archer to experience what many psychiatric patients do and forced him to admit that the negative thoughts were overwhelming.

Archer's ridiculous comments about mentally ill patients scaring the rest of the patients in the ED were more about his own discomfort than any patient's. After all, Kyle wasn't acting out, screaming, or otherwise disturbing other patients, so how would anyone even know there was a patient with schizophrenia in the ED?

Struggling With Secrets - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9

Will the VR experience and the discussion with Charles change anything going forward? Who knows? But Archer calling Charles by his first name and admitting that he's sorry about the whole Neal incident was significant progress for him, so maybe.

Elsewhere, Stevie and Vanessa's case wasn't particularly interesting, although it might have sparked Stevie's compassion for people like her mother.

And it also got Vanessa to announce publically that she was glad Maggie was her bio mom, so that was something.

None of that was as compelling as Marcel and Blake's dilemma, though.

A Transplant Patient - Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9

The pair had to make a nearly impossible choice between doing a liver transplant now or letting Abrams do brain surgery first. I wish Chicago Med had devoted more time to this storyline rather than having the problem solved so quickly.

Abrams' fight with Marcel and Blake took up about two minutes of airtime, and then Reuben's surgery went off without a hitch.

It felt too easy, especially with fifteen minutes left in the hour when Marcel told the family that Reuben's surgery was successful.

Of course, if the writers had slowed down here, we wouldn't have had Marcel and Blake's kiss under the mistletoe, which supposedly doesn't mean anything.

On TV, kisses that were "just for fun" turn out to be a big deal, and this one is undoubtedly complicated by Avery's feelings for the man who just kissed her mother!

Blake isn't likable most of the time, and it's too soon for Marcel to jump into a relationship with anybody considering that Natalie left in disgrace shortly after getting him to open up for the first time in years.

But could we be headed for a mother/daughter fight over Marcel anyway?

Your turn, Chicago Med fans.

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Secret Santa Has A Gift For You Review

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Chicago Med Season 7 Episode 9 Quotes

Charles: So your patient isn't suicidal.
Archer: How do you figure that?
Charles: He wasn't aware he was walking into traffic.
Archer: The cars and buses didn't tip him off?
Charles: He has schizophrenia. He was suffering from an auditory hallucination that led him to believe he was on the campus where he teaches.
Archer: Ah, okay. Well, I've treated his physical injuries. Send him upstairs.
Charles: He seems like he's been responsible, taking his meds and all that. Something destabilized him and I want to keep him down here til I find out what.
Archer: Well, I'm sure you know best but the ED is an unfriendly place to begin with and when you add the mentally ill in, it just compounds people's fears.

Maggie: I feel like a lot of this is my fault. I caused you so much stress with the way I came into your life, wanting you here and never telling you the truth.
Vanessa: No, I understand why you did it. If I was in your shoes I would do the same thing. You wanted to meet your daughter.