Dynasty Season 5 Premiere Review: Did Fallon Survive?!

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We can always trust Dynasty to amp up the drama.

Dynasty Season 5 Episode 1 and Dynasty Season 5 Episode 2 were exciting installments that confirmed the fate of Fallon Carrington and set up the conflicts for the rest of Dynasty Season 5 in exemplary fashion.

Did anyone seriously think they would kill off their most popular character?

Blake and Cristal Interviewed - Dynasty

If you watch Dynasty online, you know the series has taken some big swings, but the fans would probably cut the show loose if Elizabeth Gilles departed.

There was so much drama between Fallon and Liam during the first half that it seemed their relationship was damaged beyond repair.

You would think that a near-death experience would have given them some much-needed perspective, but hey, at least Fallon's coma allowed them to put the past behind them finally.

Happiness for Liam - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 2

The desperate plan to allow Fallon to hear everything her nearest and dearest thought of her was a nice touch from Liam, but hopefully, this allowed them to put the past behind them truly.

Lying about Fallon's predicament will come back and haunt everyone before long because when your family is under a microscope, how can you truly go into hiding?

Like you said, orange is my color.


Eva leaking the story about Fallon and Colin was her way of sticking the middle finger up to Fallon, but at least it gave us a genuinely shocking development.

Eva is a special kind of crazy, possibly one of the craziest people in the series' history, but telling Fallon she was aiming for Liam left my jaw firmly on the floor.

Hanging Decorations - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 2

Eva is a formidable foe, and something tells me she will be on the loose before long. Carrington enemies have a knack for finding their way out of jail, and let's just say everyone should be afraid if Eva gets her way.

Fallon's dream in her coma about having two children could be a hint about her future with Liam, but it was difficult not to worry about what would happen when Fallon went into the light and returned to the land of the living.

The show has already utilized memory loss, and if Fallon said "Who are you?" to Liam, I would have probably let put the biggest sigh.

There was a lot of growth for Fallon and Liam throughout this two-hour holiday-themed extravaganza, so hopefully, their relationship will continue to move in the right direction.

A Sad Christmas? - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 2

They both learned a hard lesson about nurturing their relationship, and there's so much they've yet to conquer.

Speaking of crazy, what the hell is Beto up to? Dynasty loves to throw in soapy conventions to keep fans on their toes, but how can he possibly be shacking up with someone who looks like his sister's doppelganger?

Although the exit wound was clear, the bullet must have nicked her intestine, and caused an infection. She's fallen into a coma.


The possibilities with this storyline are endless, and if this new woman invades the Carrington manor and takes the company from under Cristal's nose, there will be hell to pay.

Blake, and the rest of the Carringtons, will be pushed to the limit as they try to spot the differences between the two women.

Severing Ties - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 2

In essence, we're getting an evil twin, and after the way Beto was iced out of the family, he wants some sweet revenge.

Poor Cristal. She's been through so much in such a short time, and now she's going to contend with someone stealing her identity.

Blake's campaign is not as exciting as the show wants us to believe, but if it expands the world in the end to give bigger storylines, maybe it will be worthwhile.

I'm always cautiously optimistic about new storylines on Dynasty because the series has a knack for burning through the plot at a breakneck pace.

Blake's Interview - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 2

Sometimes it's best to let them breathe to allow viewers to be shocked.

There was so much more the show could have done with Brady, but instead, he was written out super quickly.

Christmas is the one day of the year everyone is nice to me.


Maybe he could return down the line, but Dominique is headed in a new direction for now.

She gets a new storyline constantly, but the show needs to slow down and give her less frivolous material to work with.

Cristal's Answers - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 21

The same can be said for Jeff. It's one extreme to the next with him, and there's a lack of development as a result.

Amanda vs. Adam lacked the excitement I expected. The characters bounce off each other very well, but the cat and mouse game got old early into the first half of the Holiday special.

Yes, the one-liners were on point, but Adam's neverending ways of weaseling himself out of these situations is wearing thin.

Amanda being stalked by a drone was another wild moment, but it could tie into her mysterious arrival in Atlanta.

Amanda Hits Back - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18

She was vocal about the issues she faced in London, so we're likely getting some blowback for her.

Then again, what if the person controlling the drone is Steven?

Wait until you see the manor. Blake has outdone himself. I think I saw a snow machine pull up as I left.


We've been waiting for a triumphant return for eons, and bringing him back to take Adam down would make all of the erasure of his character worth it.

That's all I got, Dynasty Fanatics!

Vote Blake Carrington! - Dynasty Season 4 Episode 18

What did you think of Fallon's ordeal?

Do you think Beto having sex with someone who looks like a doppelganger for his sister is too much even for Dynasty?

You need to relax, or you're going to have a heart attack. You need to stay strong for both of you, okay?


What do you think will happen with Jeff and Dominique?

Hit the comments below.

Dynasty returns to The CW in March.

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Dynasty Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Although the exit wound was clear, the bullet must have nicked her intestine, and caused an infection. She's fallen into a coma.


Like you said, orange is my color.