Claws Season 4 Episode 6 Review: Chapter Six: Greed

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Unfortunately, Desna has crossed over from accidental to intentional violence during her effort to become a drug kingpin.

The boss lady continued her descent into becoming a less likable character on Claws Season 4 Episode 6.

In the beginning, it appeared that Desna might be mellowing back to Momma Desna.

Securing Her Place -- Tall - Claws

She and Tony had a double date with Dean and Eve; the upshot was that both men discovered their roles were "boy toys."

New-agey Eve was kinder in explaining that fact, but Desna not so much. Still, that stance gave them a common bond.

Not Coping Well - Claws Season 4 Episode 6

Desperate to find a way to launder the income from Claws Up, Desna decided to set up a second Nail Artisans.

Desna chose Jenn as the new salon's manager despite their recent quarreling. Only, with all the chaos in her life, Jenn was less ready than ever to take on that role.

Jenn is adrift after the Family Court judge awarded Brianne and Baylor to E.J. While Jenn has been numbing herself with oxy, Bryce has been getting beaten up at Uncle Daddy's warehouse, and that separation has caused a rift between them.

Now Jenn and Tony were becoming buds. He's a good listener, and she loves to talk. But he's also sharp, picking up intel about Desna and those in her orbit. Might Tony be more than he seems?

Finding Roles - Claws Season 4 Episode 6

Now a lonely, stoned Jenn and a frustrated Tony are being thrown together. How long before that goes wrong?

Jenn's not thinking clearly already endangered Desna's new salon. After Desna chastised her to be more demanding, Jenn choked Mrs. Choi, the rival salon owner threatening Desna.

The result was Choi first threatening to take legal action against Jenn and the salon, which would torpedo Jenn's chances of getting back her girls. Desna would have had to have paid Choi $10,000 a month to avoid that.

Desna chose a different option, going gangsta and shooting Choi's nephew dead, propping up his body in a chair in Choi's salon.

Baron's Background - Claws Season 4 Episode 6

Choi folded, which opened up an opportunity for Desna, thanks to what Virginia had learned about Uncle Daddy's scheme to sell fentanyl patches to cruise ship passengers.

Alma, one of Choi's technicians, was the pregnant baby mama of Jimmy, in charge of granting access to the cruise ships coming to Palmetto.

Jimmy had already made an arrangement with Uncle Daddy, Quiet Ann, and Cherry, on which he hesitated to go back.

That was until Alma's water broke, and Desna knew precisely where to take her: to midwives Eve and Dean, who flawlessly delivered the infant.

Cruise Customers - Claws Season 4 Episode 6

That was what it took for Jimmy to change his mind, and now Desna could shuttle passengers to her salon where they could buy her Claws Up oxy.

It seemed like Desna had finally gotten the edge on Clay. But Uncle Daddy, with his animal cunning, is so unpredictable.

After initially sealing the deal with Jimmy, Clay had a heart attack caused by an embolism that resulted from his being shot in the ass on Claws Season 4 Episode 5.

You're wondering, like I am, how Uncle Daddy, with his hedonistic lifestyle, had lasted this long without having a heart attack. But the heart attack wasn't even the weird part. Instead, it was Clay's visions of his late wife, Juanda.

Courting Offspring - Claws Season 4 Episode 6

Juanda urged him to focus on his legacy. That's pretty good advice since it's a miracle that Uncle Daddy has lasted this long.

But rather than his nephews, the weak-willed Bryce, or the absent Roller, Clay chose to focus his efforts on Ann's unborn child as his heir.

Ann's life had been going too smoothly lately. Cherry's idea about the cruise ships could help Ann (and maybe Cherry) get out of Palmetto sooner. Her teen hacker had managed to clear her legal record.

Uncle Daddy showing up with a basket of healthy goodies should have set off alarm bells. But instead, Ann just looked confused.

Unexpected Support - Claws Season 4 Episode 6

After Jimmy's betrayal, Juanda pushed Clay to retaliate against Desna, and he did, injuring and scaring off her dealers. Now, what's Desna's next move?

Polly primarily has been doing her own thing as a "death doula." The baron even got her an R.V. that will be used to help the terminally ill cross over.

Axel may have begun as a mark for Polly, but he's become so much more. They drew closer after he explained that he had lost his twin at a young age, just like Polly did.

It was hilarious to watch the two of them take out the two R.V. jackers, then the baron proposed in the heat of the moment. Any guesses what Polly will do?

Death Doula - Claws Season 4 Episode 6

Dr. Ken's happiness with Selena was painfully short-lived.

He discovered that his dream girl was the grown daughter of a former colleague, making him much older than her, more than he realized.

Ken and Selena were OK with their weird past relationship. But as soon as they got that squared off, she announced that she was taking off on a months-long modeling gig overseas.

So now they're going to try a long-distance relationship. How long before Ken gets bored of the older man back in Palmetto?

Smart Suggestion - Claws Season 4 Episode 6

To follow Desna's latest scheme, watch Claws online.

How will Desna retaliate against Uncle Daddy?

How much trouble is coming for Jenn?

Will Polly accept the baron's proposal, for however long he has left?

Comment below.

Chapter Six: Greed Review

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Claws Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Now I have to keep it up with Des and you know how bad I am at lying. ... All right, I'm great at lying.

Polly [to Virginia]

Dean: Please be nice to my girlfriend. I really like her.
Desna: What makes you think I wouldn't be?
Dean: Years and years of experience.