Days of Our Lives Round Table: Johnny Breaks Chanel's Heart

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The Devil made Johnny do it, but Chanel doesn't know that! Plus, Abigail and Xander teamed to find Sarah, while Jack and Jennifer left town this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Silvananoir1 and Doolfan4life from My Hourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the Devil's latest twist, who Sami will end up with in the end, Ava's revenge, if Sarah should return and much more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Johnny broke up with Chanel at their wedding reception. React!

Silvananoir1: The stupidest thing I have ever seen. Shocking, yes, but can we put an end to this nonsense storyline. The devil thing should have wrapped up at Halloween because it is torture.

On the other hand, it made me feel bad for Chanel and want better for her. Also, Johnny's red suit made me roll my eyes.

Christine: I wasn't expecting that and I kind of loved it. I was expecting them to drag out Johnny fighting the Devil inside and doing strange things, but instead, they just had him jump into the deep end and blow up his new marriage in front of everyone.

Don't get me wrong, I'm rooting for Johnny and Chanel as a couple, but I think the unpredictability of the possession storyline is great fun, and now I'm curious to see where they plan to take this.

Johnny Makes a Stunning Announcement / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Doolfan4life: It's mean, yes, and I sorta feel bad for Chanel. I find them to be an odd couple, though, and I'm uninterested in more devil garbage. The only bonus is that it's not Marlena.

Chanel seems too mature for Johnny. He's very childish, so it's hard to take them seriously.

I don't really see the chemistry with Allie either and found it annoying how other characters keep talking about it. They're business partners and should stay that way.

Jack: Ugh. There was more than enough natural drama at the party, with EJ distrusting Chanel and putting down Paulina and Anna's insistence that Chanel and Allie were a perfect couple.

We could have had a reasonable story for Johnny and Chanel instead of this Devil nonsense. Plus, this is predictable. Chanel will probably end up kissing Allie, which will eventually be the end of Allie/Tripp. Blah.

Once Sami learns that Lucas kidnapped her and held her hostage, will she go back to EJ? Will EJ take her back?

Silvananoir1: Yes and yes. The writers just aren't invested in them as a couple, and even though my teenage Lumi heart still beats, I can acknowledge how popular Ejami still is.

They will be reunited at some point, but I hate that they did this to Lucas. I wanted a real chance with Lumi, and it's tainted.

Christine: Oh yes. Sami will be horrified when she realizes that Lucas, the one man she thinks she can trust, was behind keeping her from her family for months. As much as I like Sami and Lucas together, I'm looking forward to seeing the emotional fallout from this twist.

And I do think the show sees EJ and Sami as the end-game, but I'm sure EJ won't make it easy on her. He never does, and in his defense, she did drop EJ like a hot rock the moment Chad gave her his supposed proof. I would have thought she'd let EJ plead his case a little more than she did.

Doolfan4life: I hope she goes back to EJ, and I hope he takes her back. I'm not a fan of a romantic Lucas and Sam pairing as they're so boring. I love them as friends, so I hope she forgives him, but I prefer her with EJ.

I figure they're going the route of blaming the Devil, so I'm sure Lucas won't get into too much trouble.

Jack: Of course, she will complete with apologies and guilt that she ever believed Lucas was her soulmate. EJ will likely toy with her a while before taking her back, and his continued abuse of her will be glorified as "true love" while we're supposed to think Lucas is the most evil person ever.

Nicole Makes an Upsetting Discovery / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Ava knows that Rafe cheated on her with Nicole. Are you fearful of what Ava will do next or looking forward to her exacting revenge?

Silvananoir1: Yes. Ava is vengeful, and she isn't someone who would take betrayal well. She has worked so hard to improve herself and, in many ways, changed for Rafe. She considers Nicole to still be a friend, even though it's been strained.

va is going to go nuclear, and honestly, Rafe and Nicole deserve it.

Christine: I can't wait to see Ava exact her revenge on Rafe because he deserves every painful minute of it. He's treated her like his consolation prize.

The one thing I fear is that Ava doesn't do this as smartly as she could and ends up paying the price for really hurting either Rafe or Nicole. I want Ava to walk away from this on top and with her head held high.

Doolfan4life: As long as it's not perverse or violent, I'm all for Ava getting revenge. Ending the perverted bear was a great start.

They both deserve to be on Ava's bad side. I just hope she's toned it down from the past. I'm over kidnapping and rape stories, especially ones where Ava is concerned. I hope she can find a light and amusing way to toy with them.

Jack: Neither. I'm not fearful of what she'll do next. It's more over-the-top violence. I don't enjoy this kind of storyline.

I wish that Rafe and Ava would act like mature adults. Ava should tell Rafe what she saw and end things, and Rafe should admit he wants Nicole and stop stringing Ava along.

Xander Proposes to Sarah/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Xander and Abigail have teamed up to find Sarah. Are you hoping Sarah makes a return to Salem soon?

Silvananoir1: I'm honestly mixed. I liked Sarah and Xander together. I've always enjoyed Xander, and he really improved Sarah for me at a time when I still hated her character.

And despite myself, I found Xander and Gwen charming though that is now ruined. Maybe they'll be charming for round 2? Who knows, but at least this will give Xander more to do as he tries to win Sarah back.

Christine: Yes! Xander and Gwen have been cuter than I expected, but I love Xander with Sarah. They were such a fun, affectionate couple who brought out the best in one another. I'm really looking forward to Sarah's return and Xander's reunion.

Doolfan4life: Yes, I am hoping for this. Xander is better paired with Sarah than disgusting, fingernail chewing Gwen. It's overdue for Sarah's rescue, so it's time to bring her home.

Jack: Yes and no. I didn't enjoy Sarah with Xander the first time. She put on this annoying baby voice and threw tantrums if he paid attention to anything but her. Yuck!

But it's ridiculous that no one realized that Sarah was missing until now, and if I had to choose between Sarah and Gwen, I'd choose Sarah. Plus, this is probably the best storyline Abigail has had in a while, so I'm excited for the truth coming out.

Preparing to Come Clean / Tall - Days of Our Lives

With Jennifer's encouragement, Jack and Gwen reconciled. Do you think Gwen will be in Salem a year from now? Do you want her to stay or leave Salem permanently?

Silvananoir1: I'm not sure. I enjoy Jack/Gwen as a dynamic. But I'm not sure what there is for her to do in the story if Sarah makes a comeback. If they don't find something for Gwen, I can't see her here in a year.

I'd like her to stay and keep a little of the bad girl energy she has. Maybe pair her with Ava, who needs a new bestie.

Christine: I don't love Gwen, but I don't hate her either. I like her dynamic with Jack and Xander, but Gwen needs a purpose if she's sticking around. Maybe a new career would help.

Imagine if she worked at the Spectator with Abigail! Maybe Gwen and Ava could team up, but Ava seems much smarter than Gwen, so I'm not sure how that would work out.

Doolfan4life: I really hope not. I want Gwen to leave permanently and never be mentioned again. Put her on that island where Kristin keeps everyone.

Jack: I hope Gwen slinks off to parts unknown after the truth comes out, including her part in it. All she does is lie and get blackmailed and then beg Jack for forgiveness. She's a useless character, so the sooner she goes, the better.

Ava is Unhappy / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What's disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Silvananoir1: I hate the possession storyline, and I hate Susan's return. Nothing against the character, but the whole thing is dragging on too long and pulling down too much of the cast.

I hate that the Devil is in Johnny now and the demon baby thing. The whole story is just torture.

Christine: I hated that Gwen and Abigail started bickering again. That's all they've done for a year, so I'm over it.

And Nicole calling Rafe to say it was an emergency and she needed him because her stuffed animal was vandalized was just pathetic.

Doolfan4life: The Devil still being around, mostly, and that Xander hasn't had a lightbulb go off that Kristin was parading around town with masks of everyone. I hate that he still thinks Sarah cheated on him.

I'm also not thrilled how nice Jennifer was to Gwen. I get that Jennifer wants Jack to have a relationship with his daughter, but she didn't have to be OTT nice to her. She should have let her know she didn't trust or like her but would stay out of it where Gwen and her dad are concerned.

Jack: The Johnny Devil story is awful. I can't say it disappointed me because it's as stupid and predictable as I expected it to be, but yuck.

I hope Jack and Jennifer come back to Salem soon. I wish their goodbyes with Doug and Julie had been on-screen, and a mention of JJ would have been nice.

Ringing in the New Year - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline so far in 2022?

Silvananoir1: Is nothing an option. I find myself fast-forwarding through a lot of the show and watching more out of habit. I'm hoping for the writers to step it up a bit this year because the show is more a chore for me than anything else.

Christine: I love how they pulled Stefano into the possession storyline from beyond the grave in a way that makes sense.

I appreciated that Jennifer encouraged Jack to forgive Gwen. She reminded me of the kind-hearted Jennifer Rose I grew up watching.

I also love how quickly Kate figured out that Chad was setting up EJ. She can spot a scheme a mile away, and she knows EJ's too smart to leave such an easy trail of evidence.

Kate Stuns Roman - Days of Our Lives

And I want more of Paulina and EJ! Seeing his haughty arrogance come up against her flamboyant boldness is all kinds of fun.

Doolfan4life: Even if it was a fantasy, I enjoyed Rafe getting a pie in the face.

I'm also liking Abby doing investigative work to find Sarah. It's a nice break from the usual garbage stories RC usually gives her.

Jack: I liked Paulina putting EJ in his place, and the toasts at the reception were great (except for the Devil's ode to Stefano).

I also laughed out loud at this Days of Our Lives quote of Marlena's reaction to Susan trying to exorcise her after she'd already been exorcised. 

Susan: Be gone, Beeblebuz!
Marlena: Susan! Stop that.
Susan: I have to vanquish the Devil.
Marlena: The only thing you're vanquishing is my makeup.

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