Days of Our Lives Round Table: What's the Devil's Plan For Johnny?

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The Devil's been up to some new tricks after possessing Johnny.

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 1-10-22, it messed with Chanel and Johnny's relationship, took steps to steal EJ's company out from under him, and made Abigail think EJ was trying to force himself on her.

Tony, Horizon,  and Kpatch from MyHourglass: A Days Of Our Lives Fan Forum join our TV Fanatic Jack Ori to discuss Chad's decision, what the Devil's endgame is, and what moment we found most cringeworthy.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Chad wanted to tell the truth (sort of) so that EJ wouldn't go to jail. Does this redeem him any in your eyes?

Horizon: I like Chad and don't think he is a bad sort. Chad and Abigail make the most elegant couple-- a trait noticeably missing in Salem.

But there are some lingering issues. Chad shouldn't have pulled this EJ betrayal, to begin with, and he couldn't get himself to confide in his wife.

However, he would be putting Abby in a complicit position by revealing the whole truth, so I understand his reluctance. He really has put himself into a pickle, unfortunately, made much worse with the Devil interfering.

EJ Hires Belle / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Kpatch: He didn't need redeeming. I never thought he was doing anything that horrible, at least as far as soap characters go.

Tony: Wanting to tell the truth is all well and good, but he hasn't done it, so no, not really.

Jack: I didn't like Chad going along with Lucas' plan so quickly. I hate that whole storyline. It's so out of character. So I was glad that he wanted to tell the truth or at least part of the truth.

Who is more to blame for Allie and Chanel's decision to have sex after all? Allie, Chanel, or are they both equally to blame?

Horizon: Chanel has to share some of the fault here, but she was basically in shock and desperate to reach out to someone after Johnny's wicked dumping.

Allie shares most of the blame. A spineless whimsical childish move that will probably come back to haunt her, especially since she wasn't brave enough to promptly tell Tripp the truth.

I'm very disappointed as Tripp and Allie make a very charming young couple.

Kpatch: They are equally to blame.

Johnny Breaks Chanel's Heart / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Allie should have insisted on sleeping on the sofa, or something and Chanel should have offered her something to wear to bed. Their actions made sex inevitable.

The whole thing was so predictable. I almost feel like the possession story was created (recreated) to get Chanel and Allie into bed together.

Tony: I'd say they're both to blame. Allie maybe slightly more so, as Chanel has just been broken up with and might not be thinking clearly.

Jack: I felt that Chanel was being manipulative. The first kiss could have been out of upset, but after that, she kept using her pain to get Allie to take one step after another toward sleeping together.

That said, Allie is an adult, and no one forced her into this. She should have left like she originally planned to or stayed on the couch. She certainly shouldn't have initiated anything sexual or participated in it.

Now that Paulina knows that Allie and Chanel slept together, what do you think she's going to do with that info?

Horizon: I imagine when the time is ripe, Paulina will pull it out.

Kpatch: Someone had to be privy to the Challie sex. It's par for the soap course.

Paulina's Brush With Death / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Paulina knowing means that the secret will come out because someone will overhear Paulina and Chanel discussing it.

Tony: Probably promise to keep it a secret only to unintentionally blurt it out at an inopportune moment. Or try to convince the girls to come clean.

Jack: I have no idea what she's going to do. I wonder if she'll try to discuss what she should do with Lani or Abe now that the ice has thawed a little bit.

The Devil seems determined to get control of Dimera and put EJ in jail. What do you think its ultimate plan is here?

Nicole is Frosty With EJ / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Horizon: It's not entirely clear what Johnny is up to other than gaining power.

It's ironic that Johnny never showed his dad any respect since returning to Salem. Now, with the help of the Devil, he is being deferential and fairly respectful but for the purposes of destroying a clueless EJ.

It is nauseating watching this unfold.

Kpatch: JoDevil will probably try to destroy Dimera Enterprises.

Tony: It doesn't seem to have a plan other than to cause as much chaos as possible.

Jack: I'm confused about what the Devil is up to here, not that this story ever makes any sense anyway.

But it seems like the demon admires Stefano, so why would it want to destroy his legacy? Or is it seeking revenge on Susan by messing with EJ?

Are you cheering Ava on in her revenge plan, or do you hope that she's exposed quickly?

Nicole Makes an Upsetting Discovery / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Horizon: Beyond a few humorous moments, including the pie in the face dream sequence, I abhor what Ava is doing right now.

She has chosen the morally repulsive and cowardly path with her deviously childish revenge schemes aimed at Rafe. She should have approached Rafe directly, which would have been the most appropriate way to "punish" Rafe for his cheating on her with Nicole.

The irony here is after these escapades end, Ava will most likely end up in worse shape than Rafe.

I find Ava's behavior self-destructive, only reinforced by her new "friendship" with Gwen the sewer rat.

That said, I do sort of enjoy Rafe's confusion over these events.

Kpatch: I don't enjoy so many villains on the show.

I liked reformed Ava. She doesn't need to turn into another version of Krazy Kristen.

Tony: I hope she's exposed quickly.

She's never been a character I particularly like, and I hate the trope of characters (particularly women) on Days going crazy and being violent when they don't get what they want.

Jack: I like reformed Ava too. I know revenge plots are part of soaps, but this over-the-top violence is unnecessary.

What was the most cringeworthy moment on this week's Days of Our Lives?

Horizon: The long redundant scene between Johnny-Devil and Susan.

Tripp Examines Susan / Tall - Days of Our Lives

I can't stand Susan, to begin with, and with my distaste for these Devil standoff scenes, it was truly awful to watch for me.

Kpatch: Destroying Johnny and Chanel. They really grew on me, and the public breakup was painful to watch.

I hate that Allie cheated on Tripp. I was really enjoying her and Tripp too.

I also hated Maggie speaking for Victor.

Maggie, in ruthless business mode, just didn't work.

It was so out of character for Maggie, and she has never wanted to be part of Titan before. The scene with Jake and Gabi seemed so out of place.

I also found Susan confronting the Devil ridiculous. I tried to suspend disbelief, but that was over the top stupid. This devil story has overstayed its welcome.

Tony: The Devil morphing into EJ and attempting to rape Abby was not only cringey, it was disgusting!

Jack: I am also disappointed that they destroyed Johnny and Chanel. If they're going to have a Johnny/Chanel/Allie love triangle, it should be done properly. This Devil nonsense, isn't it.

There were a lot of awful moments with the Devil. Chad suddenly being unable to speak was silly. But I agree with Tony that the most cringeworthy moment was "EJ" seducing Abigail.

Abigail doesn't know that's not the real EJ. But either way, she said she wasn't interested, and he blocked her path and kissed her without her consent. It's bad enough that Stefan raped her. We don't need the Devil doing it too.

What was your favorite scene, quote, or storyline from this week's Days of Our Lives?

Lucas Testifies / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Horizon: I would have said Chad coming to the rescue, but that got derailed.

I would say Xander's surprised reaction to seeing Ava and Gwen chatting it up like old friends in the Square. Xander overheard Ava telling Gwen to keep a secret too. He seemed a bit bewildered by it all, including Gwen's ridiculous fib about how she knew Ava.

The Xander/Gwen/Sarah saga is my favorite storyline right now.

My favorite quote was when Johnny compared Chad to Fredo while discussing the business with EJ.

A New Lead / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Kpatch: I like seeing Xander and Abigail working together to try and figure out what happened to Sarah.

Abigail and Chad are such a boring couple. It's good to see them in scenes with other people.

Tony: I really liked Nancy's return. I also loved Maggie stopping Jake and Gabi's plan.

Jack: I enjoyed Maggie confronting Gabi and Jake. I have no doubt she and Victor are working together to double-cross them.

Chloe's Unexpected Visitor / Tall - Days of Our Lives

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