Go-Big Show Season 2 Episode 4 Exclusive Clips: You Won't Believe These Guys

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Where do they find these competitors? Seriously. This week, we bring you another two sneak peeks at the unbelievable acts competing for a place in the finals of TBS's Go-Big Show Season 2.

There's Leroy Patterson, whom some might remember from America's Got Talent Season 10, presenting his "pain junkie" act. Be ready to cover your eyes. This guy's insane.

Then there's Levi Troutman, known professionally as the KaMaKaZiE KiD, defying death and (almost) all injuries to walk away from a wreck of his own making.

Go-Big Show

I'm not sure what the world would've called "pain junkie" acts before the era of social media and YouTube celebrities.

I seem to recall watching shows as a kid with people walking across broken glass or lying down on a bed of nails to demonstrate feats of concentration and pain tolerance, but Leroy Patterson is a whole other category unto himself.

His Twitter profile (@HumanTackboard) lists his occupations as Senior Video Artist for GIPHY, Pro Wrestler for Freakshow Wrestling, and Reality TV Show Idiot.

One wonders what he puts on his business card.

Leroy Patterson - The Human Tackboard

In our exclusive clip from this week's competition, Patterson addresses Cory Rhodes directly, pro wrestler to pro wrestler, flourishing the many rejection letters he's received in his quest to reach Rhodes's level of wrestling stardom.

After describing the pain of rejection as feeling like each of the letters was stapled to his body, he proceeds to STAPLE each letter to his BODY, saving one for his forehead because... WHY NOT?

But that's not where it ends. His showstopper involves a ladder, a table, a lot of sharp-looking brass tacks, and gravity.

You've been warned.

Professional daredevils are a special sort of sensationalist.

If you break it down to basics, the most impressive daredevil acts involve setting up a situation where the chances of dying are horrendously high and then FAILING to kill oneself with it.

KaMaKaZiE KiD, as of 2018, was the only professional daredevil in Wyoming. He is often pictured on the job literally ON FIRE.

But since at least one contestant has already done the fire thing this season, he opts for a more high-octane option.

Levi Troutman - Professional Daredevil

In this second exclusive clip, the judges look on with great trepidation as the KaMiKaZie KiD revs the motor of his mohawk-toting (but otherwise pretty unassuming looking) sedan and drives it full-tilt at a pile of other cars.

You know, whenever I see a ramp, I sort of expect the vehicle taking it to rise OVER the obstacle in front of it.

Yeah, no.

To be fair, the KaMaKaZiE KiD does not walk away without a scratch. Check it out below and see what damage he sustains.

What the heck, right?

What's your takeaway from these two shocking performances?

Which would you vote for if you were a judge?

Hit our comments below with your thoughts and reactions!

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