Legacies Midseason Premiere Spoilers: Is Lizzie a Heretic?

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Lizzie Saltzman made a big decision on Legacies Season 4 Episode 9.

If you watch Legacies online, you know Hope murdered the witch in one of the most shocking scenes on the show to date.

Thankfully, Lizzie recognized that she could use a potential death to her advantage, dying with vampire blood in her system.

Lizzie Has Fun as a Vampire

The first trailer for Legacies Season 4 Episode 10 is here, and it shows Lizzie revealing she will be a Heretic.

Things are never easy on this show, so there will probably be more to the tale than that.

"Cleo (Omono Okojie), MG (Quincy Fouse) and Jed (Ben Levin) work together on an unusual mission," reads the official logline.

Goodbye, Lizzie? - Legacies Season 4 Episode 9

"Alaric (Matthew Davis), Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), and Ted (guest star Ben Geurens) figure out what is next for them."

"Meanwhile, an unexpected source takes Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) by surprise."

The unusual mission is likely to do with the new character introduced on the midseason finale, who looks to be a God.

The trailer also teases some insanity on the plot, which should make for some good TV.

Hope's Journey - Legacies Season 4 Episode 8

Alaric, Ted, and Landon realizing what is next for them should give us some much-needed traction.

The storyline has been the weakest aspect of a very good season.

At this stage, I'd be happy with Landon returning to the land of the living, but only if the writers give Aria Shahghasemi decent material.

His talent has largely been wasted on the show, and recent episodes have proven he's a versatile actor who is being given sub-par material.

Making a Choice - Legacies Season 4 Episode 8

Hope's unexpected source will likely be Lizzie.

With Josie gone from the show, it's likely Legacies will put Hope and Lizzie together with a sisterly bond, and if they both lack humanity, well, there will be a lot of drama.

Kaylee Bryant announced last month that her time as a series regular was over, but the door has been left wide open for a return.

Check out the trailer below.

Legacies returns Thursday, January 27 on The CW.

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