Mary Cosby: The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Star Trashes Reality TV After Ditching Reunion

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is one of the most dramatic entries in franchise history.

The series features truly bonkers storylines, and one of its original stars has likely said goodbye for good.

Mary Cosby, who has been with the show since its 2020 series premiere, did not show up for the taping of the Season 2 reunion.

Mary Cosby for Bravo

Variety confirmed the news, stating that the star has likely sealed her fate and will not be back for another season.

The arrest of Jen Shah took center stage on the sophomore season of the show, but questions surrounding Mary's congregants and whether she had stolen money from them.

Cameron Williams appeared at an event on the show early into the season and dropped allegations about the way Mary runs her church.

Williams -- who died in 2021 -- advised RHOSLC star Meredith Marks that people should "be careful" of Mary.

Mary Cosby at the Reunion

Lisa Barlowe later said that Williams had told her he'd mortgaged his home and given Cosby $300,000.

In addition to the questions surrounding the way Mary runs her congregation, Cosby has also landed in hot water for racist remarks made on the show.

Cosby commented on the β€œslanted eyes” of new cast member Jennie Nguyen, who is Vietnamese.

Cosby took to social media on Sunday to share a post that said "bad reality TV rots our brain and makes us rude."

Mary Cosby in Vail

It looks to be a quote from a doctor named Marcia Sirota.

The post also said that "Reality shows have a negative impact on our children in more ways than one."

It also said the shows focus on "bullying, aggressive behavior and unhealthy competition," while stating that kids often tend to confuse reality TV with the real world.

The series has been in the headlines a lot over the last year, with Jen Shah arrested for allegedly running a telemarketing scheme that defrauded mostly elderly victims.

Mary Cosby Attends Event

The trial is set to kick off later this year, and the Bravo cameras are said to begin rolling on Season 3 in the coming weeks to capture what goes down.

Season 2 is set to wrap later this month before the reunion episodes hit the air.

Bravo has not confirmed how many episodes the reunion will span, but even with Mary not attending, it's likely to be another three-episode spectacular.

Catch new episodes Sundays on Bravo.

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