A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5 Review: The Christening

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As Matthew and Diana forge forward with Christening Rebecca and Philip and creating their scion, The Congregation takes their moves as signifying war.

But what's bad for The Congregation is excellent for the burgeoning scion, as family and friends gathered in Sept-Tours to celebrate and plan on A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5.

They knew by congregating (pun intended) such a large group, they were inviting trouble, and it made its way to Sept-Tours to try dampening the celebration. It didn't work.

The Funeral - A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5

It wasn't all joy, unfortunately. Diana and Agatha accompanied Timothy Weston on his final journey. His death was an unforeseen byproduct of  Diana's search for the last missing page of The Book of Life so that it won't be in vain.

Small comfort, but what his sacrifice will mean to his people will never be forgotten.

Life and death go hand in hand, and it was skillfully portrayed on screen as Ysabeau was collecting flowers and preparing for the Christening while Diana and Agatha walked beside Timothy's coffin to his final resting place.

It was so good to see Ysabeau again, wasn't it? And Hamish! It seems like forever since we've seen them, but certainly not as long as the average time between a de Clermont get together.

Ysabeau at the Baptism - A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5

The family has been together on so many occasions, but none of them were for an event as crucial to the family as Christening Rebecca and Philip.

Matthew was a little on edge about their undertaking, which bubbled to the surface when he found Diana feeding Rebecca. The poor baby girl couldn't keep down her food, but Marthe had a feeling she knew why.

Matthew feels defenseless and powerless to save his children without a cure for blood rage. They don't know if either twin will have it but seeing his infant drinking from Diana's wrist was a little too much for him.

Matthew: There is a reason we do not turn children to vampires.
Diana: She came to us this way, Matthew.
Matthew: And what else has she inherited from me?
Diana: Well, if she has blood rage, then we'll deal with it.

You can tell Diana's powers are strengthening, and she's got very little concern about marrying the missing pages with The Book of Life. She's very confident in herself, her children, her marriage, and especially, her powers.

Marthe and Rebecca - A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5

The Christening itself was lovely, with numerous family members standing up as guardians for the twins. That moment had so much meaning. A traditional baptism of two godparents now seems quaint. That was the true meaning of "it takes a village."

Being fashionably late, Baldwin didn't have a chance to make a fuss even if he wanted to. But as the family tides turn against him, it seems like he's capitulating in thought while still showing his strength in action.

That strength wasn't a match for Matthew and Diana.

How long has it been since we've seen a worthwhile scuffle like the one between Matthew and Baldwin? It wasn't the time or the place for it to begin, but after the demonstration of unity shown for the Christening, it was a perfect time for Baldwin to be shown the door.

The Godparents - A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5

Baldwin: Vampires with blood rage are never in control, not absolutely.
Matthew: If I was out of control, Baldwin, you'd already be dead. I have never and never will bring shame upon the de Clermont family and neither will our children.
Diana: What if I gave you my word that any member of our scion with blood rage can be brought under control. Would you then recognize Matthew as the head of his scion?
Baldwin: You can't make that promise.
Diana: I can, I swear, that if any of them act on their blood rage, I will spellbind them.
Baldwin: And if it fails?
Diana: Then our scion has failed, and we will submit to The Congregation.

Diana's powers are no match for the vampires, so it's no wonder that Baldwin took her at her word about keeping any blood rage vampires out of trouble.

Everything they're doing has purpose, and that comes at the expense of The Congregation. Well, phooey on them.

It's always said that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and since The Covenant has no meaning without The Congregation, they're on tenterhooks wondering how they'll put an end to the disobedience.

The meeting found them not worried about the people they're supposed to govern and what's best for them but about how they'll retain their power. It's an all-too-familiar theme in the real world these days, so this reflection of that carried a lot of weight.

Naming Ceremony - A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5

It highlights a struggle that we all face no matter how we look, who we vote for, who we worship, or any of the myriad things that those in power try to use to keep us from our whole, unified strength.

The Congregation is scared to death of losing their control over the world. Gerbert even said they were coming for them. That's as it should be. Witches, vampires, and demons have lived in fear of each other for too long. They've seen the light, and they want more.

As if there weren't already enough good feelings from The Christening, Marcus thought it was the perfect time to kick the Knights of Lazarus into gear.

This new incarnation reflects them as they see themselves now, and almost everyone at the Christening is knighted into the order. Now, if The Congregation goes after one of them, they go after all of them, and they are all equally equipped to fight back.

The Knights of Lazarus - A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5

As for the babies themselves, they're taking on characteristics of their parents. Rebecca's vampire gene dominates, while Philip's got dominant witch genes.

The babies' names are in tribute to everyone Matthew and Diana have loved, but they don't need names to charm the pants off everyone who comes into their orbit.

As noted, Marthe was imperative to Rebecca getting the nutrition she needed. But Jack is absolutely smitten with Philip.

Jack: He's a witch, isn't he?
Matthew: I don't think it's quite that simple. But his witch DNA does seem to be dominant.
Jack: Do you think he'll be able to cast spells?
Matthew: I think he already has.

Jack is transforming without Benjamin's control and with so much love surrounding him. His instincts are tempered, and while Matthew and Baldwin fought, Ysabeau's whisper to stay in control did the trick.

Baldwin Arrives - A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5

Being reunited with Matthew and Diana has been great for him, and being accepted into the family by Ysabeau meant the world to him. Still, he knew what was before him and couldn't let his guard down.

Matthew: You weren't exploring, were you? You were patrolling. Benjamin wouldn't dare to set foot on de Clermont territory.
Jack: You don't know that.
Matthew: Even if he did, he wouldn't get close enough to hurt you.
Jack: It doesn't matter about me.

Settling into his new life doesn't seem as impossible as it did when outside influences controlled him. But he's right to keep his guard up. Benjamin is doing everything in his power to find Matthew and Diana.

Benjamin doesn't know Diana, so it's creepy that he's so fixated on her. His infatuation is ugly, and he used it to control another witch named Lena so she'd ultimately lead him to his prey.

Matthew and Diana should have known that was his intention. Nobody in Benjamin's presence will be allowed to leave so easily. He's coming.

Baby Magic - A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 5

Benjamin isn't the only wolf knocking on their door.

Peter Knox is still milling about with vengeance on his mind, and Satu looked downright bereft after The Congregation meeting. She's so sure she's the witch from the prophecy, but she can't discard what she gleaned from Baldwin during the meeting.

We've only got two more episodes to go, and we can be confident that those enemies will not achieve their goals. The fun will be in watching those we love take them down and begin a new chapter for creatures the world over.

The Christening Review

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