Days of Our Lives Round Table: Who Is Craig's Boyfriend?

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TR confronted Lani, Nicole told Allie her suspicions concerning Ava, Johnny tricked Gabi, and Tripp planned to propose to Allie.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by UhSir and Kathy from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate if TR has changed, whether Nicole should have dragged Allie into her drama, who Craig is involved with, and the best and worst of the week in Salem.

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

TR claims he's changed and only wants to get to know his daughter. Do you think that's true, and should Lani give him a chance?

UhSir: I want to think it is true because this story can be so good and soapy. These scenes with Lani and TR were amazing! Sal Stowers and William Christian are amazing! Everybody involved with this was amazing!

I want to see Lani have internal conflict about accepting TR as her father. I want to see TR struggle with keeping his promise to his newfound daughter. We saw the tough side of TR while he dealt with Johnny and the soft side of him with Lani. I want to see more of his struggle, as hinted at after Paulina came in and threw him out.

Kathy: It is too early to tell if TR is sincere. He could want to get to know Lani and the twins, or he could be plotting revenge against Paulina. I think Lani should take it slow. She is a grown woman, so he has no real hold over her. She should be extremely cautious about letting him into the twins' lives.

Paulina Wants Lani to Leave Town - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I don't trust him. Abusers can be smooth talkers who make their targets feel super special until they've got them in their crosshairs. It's part of the whole cycle of violence.

Lani is right to be wary, though she does only know Paulina's version of events, so it's not unreasonable for her to want to observe TR for herself before making a final decision.

Christine: TR's words sounded sincere, but I don't trust him. This was all about what he wanted. TR refused to leave until he was heard, even though he's a stranger to Lani and was in her home. That felt aggressive, and it lacked any sense of empathy.

So, no. I'm not at all convinced that TR has changed. Likely, he's just better at hiding his abusive tendencies until he gains someone's trust.

Allie Is Stunned by Nicole's Suspicions / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Was Nicole wrong to tell Allie her fears about Ava and then beg her not to tell Tripp?

UhSir: First of all, I don't understand how Nicole saying Ava and Rafe's relationship is complicated would cause Allie to jump to asking if Nicole is suggesting that Ava is framing him.

But she did, so yes, Nicole should have just told Allie that's not what she meant. Period. Walk away.

Kathy: I don't think Nicole should drag Allie into this mess. But the cat is out of the bag, so I think Allie will start trying to get proof against Ava.

Jack: I see no reason for Allie not to tell Tripp. It's bad enough that she's got one major secret from him. Why does she need two? And Tripp should know if his mother has become unhinged again so he can get her help.

Christine: Nicole was being very unfair to Allie. Nicole has no proof that Ava is setting up Rafe; at this point, it's just a hunch. And putting this burden on Allie and then asking her to keep it from Tripp was completely wrong.

Allie knows she owes Nicole for taking her and Henry in, so she's stuck between betraying Nicole's trust or betraying her boyfriend's (again!) Nicole should have kept her mouth shut.

Jake and Gabi Woo Johnny / Tall  - Days of Our Lives

Did you find it realistic or inconceivable that Gabi would believe Jake was double-crossing her without confronting him about it?

UhSir: Completely unbelievable. There is no way that Gabi would have kept this hidden, especially after hearing "Jake" say he has her under control. Maybe she will confront him after the Olympic break?

I'm hoping she does and finds out that was not Jake because the real Jake will have no idea about this conversation with Maggie. Then they will figure out about Johnny. But that won't happen because this Devil story is so convoluted. Right now, I think even the writers don't know how to get out of it.

Kathy: Gabi was supposed to be in the meeting with Maggie, so she should have made her presence known. She should have confronted Jake immediately.

Jack: I was surprised. Gabi is not shy about telling people what she thinks about them. Why wouldn't she let Jake have it? And why would she let Johnny manipulate her? That's just not Gabi.

Christine: It seems like Gabi should have stormed into that room and told both "Jake" and Maggie off. And then, to have her running to Johnny to cry on his shoulder felt entirely out of character.

Craig Comes Clean With Nancy / Tall- Days of Our Lives

Were you shocked to find out that Craig had had homosexual relationships before he married Nancy and never told her before they got married?

UhSir: Shocked and totally disappointed. I expected that he would have had thoughts, but not actual relationships.

I wasn't watching the show when Craig and Nancy came to Salem, but I do understand that their relationship was groundbreaking back then. It was something of which the show could be proud.

This story and these writers have completely destroyed that history. It did not have to go this way. It should NOT have gone this way.

Kathy: I'm sure that there are a lot of people who experiment in college. He should have told her, but not I'm not surprised that he didn't. I think Craig thought that part of his life was in the past.

Craig Reassures Nancy / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Not really. Granted, we never saw any evidence of this before, but it's a sadly common story for gay/bi men of a certain age.

When I worked on an LGBT crisis line, I got frequent calls from senior citizens who deeply regretted not being able to come out earlier and had been married to a member of the opposite sex for decades.

Christine: Considering that Craig and Nancy were already married when we first met them back in the 1990s, it didn't surprise me at all. Society wasn't very accepting of LGBT relationships, and it really could have hurt Craig's career as a doctor.

I think he did love Nancy when he married her, but that doesn't mean those other feelings disappeared. And I know a lot of people love Nancy and Craig, but they've always bored or annoyed me, but this new twist has me intrigued.

Craig Confesses to Chloe / Tall - Days of Our Lives

With whom do you think Craig is having an affair? (No spoilers, please, just speculation.) Is there anyone you hope it could be?

UhSir: My hope is for it to be somebody we've never seen. Somebody his own age who would understand the struggle Craig went through for all these years.

Kathy: I suspect it will be Leo. I would have liked to see a more serious, thoughtful partner, maybe Paul.

Jack: I have no idea. I'm hoping it's a brand new character.

I can't think of anyone on canvas who it could be, though it might be interesting if he hooked up with TR! It would be equally amusing if it were Mike Horton since their rivalry went way back, but I have my doubts on that score.

Christine: Well, Days has only had so many gay characters. Will and Sonny are in a committed relationship.

So that leaves Leo or Paul. I'm good with either. I'd love to see Paul come back to Salem in any capacity. Also, it could be interesting to see Leo in a less campy storyline. I'm looking forward to the big reveal.

Roman Heats Up the Romance / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Were you surprised by Roman's less than enthusiastic response when he learned that Tripp was going to propose to Allie?

UhSir: No, it's on par with how they write Roman anymore. He's been in Salem for decades. He knows and has had stories with everybody else in Salem. I don't understand why they can't make him more interesting.

Kathy: I was not surprised. Roman is always protective of his family and suspicious of outsiders. I think Tripp being Charlie's brother still weighs on Roman's mind.

Ringing in the New Year / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Lately, Roman has been negative and judgmental toward some of his customers.

I don't recall him being like this in the past, but ever since he let Nicole have it for her breakup with Eric, I've found that he's unnecessarily harsh more often than not. So this felt like more of the same to me.

Christine: I was surprised. Tripp is a wonderful guy and, by all outward appearances, this is the most stable and happy Allie has ever been.

I know that Allie has been through a lot so I could understand some hesitancy, but Roman came across much harsher than was necessary.

Chad and Kate Search for Abigail / Tall  - Days of Our Lives

What disappointed you this week in Salem?

UhSir: The biggest was about Craig. I'm also disappointed that Xander proposed to Gwen. Why does Days insist on this moth-eaten plot device?

I'm bored already about it and dread the idea of them making us suffer through another hokey buildup to another never-gonna-happen wedding so that real Sarah can burst through the door during the vows and "save" Xander.

Why didn't Chad go straight to Xander with the revelation he and Kate had, figuring maybe Xander had heard from Abigail since they had been working together? They then would realize "Sarah" wasn't Sarah, and the guys would get on a plane to go find their gals!

Chloe Tells Brady The Truth / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Kathy: I was disappointed that Xander proposed to Gwen. Her involvement in the Sarah cover-up and bashing Abigail made her irredeemable in my eyes.

Jack: The lack of real cliffhangers before a 2-week hiatus. I'm aware the writer wasn't informed of the hiatus until it was too late, but I'd rather he had put in some super strong cliffhangers just in case DAYS was pre-empted instead of just carrying on like usual.

Christine: I agree about the lack of cliffhangers for this Olympic hiatus. It felt like there should have been more buildup to get viewers anxiously awaiting the show's return.

I'm also really tired of Nancy pushing Brady and Chloe together, to the point of saying she doesn't care if they ever find Philip! That was just heartless. 

Another New Lead / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week's Days of Our Lives?

UhSir: At the beginning of the week, my favorite storyline was Craig and Nancy. But with Craig's reveal, I'm only interested in how Nancy will recover. Craig is irredeemable now.

My new favorite storyline is Lani and TR. I'm also hoping it will lead to seeing a whole lot of Abe too.

Kathy: My favorite storyline was Abigail not giving up on her search for Sarah. I like the addition of Kayla and Steve to the mix.

Jack: I loved Nancy and Craig's conversation. It hit all the beats just right and was raw, emotional, and realistic.

Christine: I'm excited to see where Craig's storyline is going and with whom! I loved how Lani stood up to TR, and I hope that continues.

Abigail Accuses Sarah / Tall - Days of Our Lives

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