Grown-ish Sneak Peek: A Different World Passes the Torch To The Next One

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Oh yes, the Grown-ish crew is in the presence of a legend!

On an all-new Grown-ish, titled "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," there will be some metaphorical torch-passing when Kadeem Hardison guest-stars.

Assuming you weren't there already if your parents raised you right, you'd know how significant it is that an OG from the originator of the fictional Black college experience, A Different World, is dropping by on a series that draws from its iconic status.

Aaron the Orator - Grownish

Seriously, you guys, A Different World ran so Grown-ish could fly!

The synopsis for tonight's episode teases that tensions between Zoey and Luca are running high once again. It's nothing new for these two former love birds, but this time around, it's less about their messy love lives and all about their fashion aspirations.

The pair is under some severe pressure to design an entirely new line for Anti-Muse thanks to the interest of a famous fashion collaborator who wants to check out the goods.

Besties Ana and Nomi will also delve deeper into their future endeavors by getting a feel for the law schools that may pique their respective interests. Of course, things get interesting when they encounter a friend they never anticipated.

Aaron Speaks - tall - Grownish

But if you want to know where our exclusive sneak peek comes into play, well, it's with Aaron's storyline.

Grown-ish's most pronounced orator will entertain a request to give a full presentation on his Afro-Salon. However, it's never that easy, right?

Would Aaron be Aaron if he didn't have a run-in with the CalU establishment or face some pressures that he's not inclined to submit to or agree? We think not.

CalU's request comes with some caveats, namely an expectation that Aaron make some adjustments he's less inclined to abide by, and our favorite activist's rebellious spirit is, well, activated.

A Different World Cameo -Grownish

In our exclusive clip, Kadeem Hardison plays a CalU professor who comes bearing some life-changing news for Aaron.

He interrupts Aaron, discussing the intricacies and burdens of racism when everyone focuses exclusively on not getting called racist rather than actively working toward not being it.

You know, my friends, just Aaron conversations.

Hardison, who co-starred and served as the male lead in the groundbreaking hit series and cultural juggernaut, takes a moment to relay some excellent news to Grown-ish's male lead.

Unit Talk -tall - Grownish

Aaron is selected as CalU's speaker for the National Collegiate UniTalk. It's the opportunity of a lifetime for him, a door that is opened and could lead to incredible things.

And visually, it's a touching moment to see Hardison and Jackson share the screen, and during Black History month, no doubt.

Of course, we already know it will go sideways; the question is, in what ways?

You'll have to tune into Grown-ish tonight, February. 24, at 10/9c on Freeform to find out more.

Until then, check out Kadeem Hardison in the clip below and geek out in the comments with us!

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