Sweet Magnolias Season Finale Review: First Love, Blindsides, and Choices

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That was some ending!

Sweet Magnolias has built up the dramatic tension in many relationships and storylines, and in Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 9 and Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 10, everything bubbled over.

By the end, secrets were revealed, a beloved resident had died, and there was a shocking proposal.

Remembering a Loved One - Sweet Magnolias

It felt like we came full circle since Ms. Frances was there to name the Corner Spa in Season 1, and now the residents of Serenity said goodbye to her.

Since she was always full of life, she didn't want a funeral. She wanted a memorial that celebrated her life with her favorite things.

She left instructions for all of the residents, and we saw so many people trying to live their life wisely as Ms. Frances would.

It was shocking to learn that Collins had been in love with Ms. Frances for years, and he was having a hard time grieving her death.

Marriage Counseling - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 9

This season balanced the storylines of the three leading ladies better so that Helen, Dana Sue, and Maddie's arcs all received equal play. We cared about each of them and their struggles.

Dana Sue is a strong, independent woman. She had to learn to prove herself to raise her daughter independently and manage a business.

Now, she struggled to let her walls back down and trust anyone, but especially Ronnie again.

Both of you take a breath. You came to me with the goal of saving your marriage. This of that unity of purpose.

Paster June

While it touched Dana Sue that Ronnie remembered his vows, it crushed her. How could he remember so endearing and then cheat on her and desert her and Annie?

Dear heart - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 9

It's complicated when trust has been broken since the only way you'll get it back is to take a leap of faith.

Ronnie has been persistent with romantic gestures, fixing stuff around the house, and suggesting counseling.

Cheating was wrong, but it's exhausting being the only one trying to fix a relationship. Dana Sue seemed so angry until she allowed herself to fall apart entirely.

She was afraid if she let go of her anger, she would have to examine everything she did wrong in their marriage, like not listening when Ronnie tried to explain.

Coming Home - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 10

It was lovely to watch Dana Sue and Roonie navigate their reconciliation.

Even though Dana Sue initially wanted to destroy his old truck, she had it restored as a coming home surprise for Ronnie.

Come home, Ronnie.

Dana Sue

Maddie had much more drama to deal with. Mary Vaughn threatened Maddie that she would go after Cal if the Magnolias didn't stop going after Mayor Lewis's job.

Serenity was known for its gossip, and somehow Mary Vaughn learned something juicy that would get Cal fired.

School board's decision - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 10

Like Dana Sue, Maddie did not appreciate being ambushed with secrets about Cal's past. She can't handle surprises anymore.

And the hits kept coming. Cal and Maddie met an avid fan at a charity fundraiser who came to Serenity, and a fight broke out.

Maddie saw a side of Cal she'd never seen before.

He was arrested. When he's bailed out, will she stand by him? That's tough. She loves him, but she has kids, and Serenity talks.

After the hearing - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 10

Maddie and the rest of Serenity were shocked to learn that Bill Townsend was Issac's birth father.

Peggy refused to keep it a secret any longer, and Issac was horrified that he was related to someone as uncaring as Bill.

Maddie showed how much class and Southern charm she had by reassuring Peggy and Issac that they were strong people dealing with Bill's mess.

No wonder poor Maddie can't stand secrets. She's been cleaning up Bill's messes for years.

United Front - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 9

Helen struggled and found herself in an unexpected love triangle when Ryan returned to Serenity for his Aunt's funeral.

Helen was finally in a good spot. She was in love with Erik and tried IVF.

She wasn't expecting Ryan to confess that he was still in love with her and wanted another chance.

I ran out of time with her. I don't want to run out of time with you.


It was ironic that Ty was struggling with relationships, and Helen stated that you measure after your first love.

Ty & Aunt Helen - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 9

That was an interesting yardstick, especially since Ryan and Erik were different.

Years ago, Ryan and Helen connected and related so well, but Erik understands her struggles today.

He was there when Ryan dumped her.

Does Ryan have the right to expect that things can pick up right where they left off?

Unexpected proposal - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 10

We haven't seen as many of the teens this season. It was a treat seeing Ty confide in his Aunt about his love life and trying to figure out his goals.

Since Ty heard he wouldn't play baseball at the top schools, he had to decide if it was worth it at all.

Tyler grew into his own this season and decided playing baseball could be for fun, but he wanted a real career.

Annie and Kyle were so proud of him for standing up for himself. However, hearing Annie call Ty her brother totally destroyed the romance and progress Ty and Annie had made.

The Three Musketeers - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 10

The war between the Magnolias and Mary Vaughn has also affected Kyle and Nellie and Annie and Jackson.

They're stubborn like Mary Vaughn, so they probably won't listen to their mom and will see who they want anyway.

Those were some cliffhangers to leave us on. There had better be a Season 3 because we need to know Helen's answer to the proposal.

Or does she evade it and pick up the phone and come to bail Cal out of jail? Inquiring minds want to know.

Kyle & Nellie kiss - Sweet Magnolias Season 2 Episode 10

Who is that woman that harassed Annie about her mom? Did it have something to do with Dana Sue's inheritance from Ms. Frances?

Sweet Magnolias left us on three cliffhangers instead of one, so hopefully, we get a renewal status soon.

While cliffhangers reel audiences back in, it's difficult waiting over a year for streaming shows to find out the payoff.

Over to you, Sweet Magnolias Fanatics. Were you shocked by those multiple cliffhangers? Are you Team Erik or Team Ryan?

Who do you think the mysterious woman is that hates Dana Sue? Chime in below in the comments.

Sweet Magnolias Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

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