The Resident Round Table: Are You Sensing a Conrad, Billie, Cade Love Triangle Brewing?

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The Resident isn't missing.

They upped up the drama and focused on topical issues during The Resident Season 5 Episode 12. And Billie emerges as a worthy heroine who is ripe to embark on a harrowing journey against her rapist.

Join Leora W., Laura Nowak, and Jasmine Blu to discuss it all.

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With Billie seemingly pining for Conrad and Conrad intrigued by Cade, do you think a love triangle is forming? What are your thoughts?

Leora: So, I'm not so sure Billie is pining for Conrad. In the episode where he ended up asking out the daycare worker, I kind of thought maybe, but not so much since. I'm picking up more of a family vibe now.

And everybody always talks about how awesome Conrad is. It's a symptom of working at Chastain. It doesn't mean she has heart-eyes. That said, if she DOES have feelings, and if they DO go love triangle, I'm not quite sure how I'd feel.

I know this isn't the common stance these days, but personally, I love a good love triangle (good being the operative word. There are some truly terrible ones out there). To my recollection, the Resident's attempts at love triangles haven't been great, but that could change.

As for each girl specifically, well, it's no secret that I'm a Billie fan, and I'm glad to see people hating her less. It would be a little strange given their history, but I could get behind it.

Cade's Close Case - Tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 12

That said, he and Cade have great chemistry also, and I like their dynamic. It's kind of reminiscent of the early days with Nic (RIP), still not over it) in how he keeps trying to dig into her personal life or be overprotective, and she's like, I can take care of myself.

Early Conrad was always trying to be the hero for Nic, and she was trying to get him to see that women don't want you to fight their battles for them. I'm curious about Cade too, but Conrad is not respecting her boundaries. She's clearly capable both as a doctor and a person.

Conrad is awesome, but as I said, and Jas is always saying, he's kind of on a pedestal, so I like the idea of him with someone who puts him in his place. We need to remember that he's a human who can learn and grow, and she can teach him.

I don't want them to play Billie and Cade off each other as enemies because we need more women supporting women, and I don't want Cade to stop being relevant if Billie "wins" either because I like her and want her to stay, but, if they played it right, I could be down for it. Whoa, was that a long answer. Sorry.

Laura: I'm also not sure Billie is pining for Conrad. Sometimes it seems like she is, and they are a comfortable family at other moments. It always seems weird to me when the husband dates his wife's best friend after she dies, so that would just be odd.

I don't dislike their connection, though. I've been intrigued by Conrad and Cade too. They work well together.

Jasmine: I'm getting strong pining vibes from Billie and have been for a bit. One of the things is that we have not witnessed their relationship after Nic's death because of the time jump, and they just barely managed to get on the same page before Nic's departure.

We don't even know what their "family" vibe looks like either. I feel like Conrad sees her that way, but Billie caught feelings.

I'm not invested enough in Conrad's love life to care how this plays out per se, but it does feel like we're getting some love triangle action happening. I don't hate it as much as I would've expected either. And I do agree that, ideally, he works best with someone who can put him in his place a bit. I think both women are capable of that.

Helping Out Conrad  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 8

What's your reaction to the revelation of Billie's rapist and her choice to go public to the board?

Leora: I thought it was her neighbor. Did her neighbor also happen to be a doctor, or was she lying about how she knew him? And what does it say that she went into the same field as her rapist? Is the show trying to make some sort of point?

We knew her rape was going to be relevant because of the previously (this is why I love "previously on" openers), but I assumed the little girl would be a rape victim of whom she connected. I'm glad for Billie to have more screen-time, but Nurses just did this plot last season, so it feels a little repetitive to me.

There are differences, though, because her experience was so long ago and resulted in a kid, which you know will come out. Poor Trevor.

But he deserves the truth, much as it will hurt him, and I look forward to seeing him and how they navigate his relationship with Billie going forward.

Walks Alone  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 12

Laura: I don't think we knew it was a doctor. I felt so bad for Billie. It's always unfair that the victim pays in her career when confronting the big-time doctor. I'm relieved Billie has Kit in her corner, and I hope other doctors rally in support of Billie.

Jasmine: Yeah, we didn't know her rapist was a doctor, and they did say it was her neighbor. Initially, I wasn't interested in Billie or this storyline, but they got me. I'm rooting for her, and I love that she has Kit in her corner. I'm also looking forward to how they incorporate Trevor into all of this.

Does Bell have a shot at chair? Should he still reconsider giving up on performing surgeries?

Leora: I think he has a shot. He wouldn't be up for it if they weren't considering him, and if Billie successfully takes down his competition, all the better.

And yeah, he should be considering giving up surgeries. It might be his life now, and I'm proud of him for recognizing that. That said, it'll be harder for him to be a part of the show if he isn't working at the hospital anymore.

Supporting Something New - Tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 12

Laura: I think he should consider a shot on the medical board. Even better, if he and Billie can take the guy down together. I do hope he doesn't forgo surgeries altogether if he can heal from MS.

Jasmine: I want Randolph Bell to win and get all his heart desires. I also don't want him to give up on surgeries just yet.

Do you think the Jane Doe case hit home for Cade? Has it sparked any theories about her past and why she's so secretive?

Leora: It seemed like it did. The question is, in what way? Domestic abuse? Homelessness or something else? I am anxious to learn Cade's past because she's awesome, but I hope it comes out on her terms. Everyone at Chastain is being so pushy.

Cade Sullivan -tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 10

Laura: It seemed to, and then she was frustrated she couldn't reach the little girl. I still think she's running from an abusive ex, but I could be wrong. She's slow to trust people.

Jasmine: Yeah, you could tell it impacted her, and she did take it personally that the girl didn't instantly connect to her, but I can't place why. I almost feel like the abusive ex angle is too on the nose.

What are your thoughts on the series exploring weight microaggressions in Healthcare with Roxie, Devon, and AJ? Did they do a decent job?

Leora: I preferred Devon's approach to AJ's. It really felt like he was out of line a lot of the time. I'm glad the show spotlights the issue and handles it pretty well.

Differences in Opinion - Tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 12

It's a sensitive topic for many people, and I would have liked to hear more about how being fat doesn't necessarily mean unhealthy, and being thin doesn't necessarily mean healthy. All the ways that hospitals aren't built for overweight people were eye-opening.

Laura: I'm delighted they covered this since, as a plus-size person, it does get frustrating when doctors go on about being fat or obese. Roxie had a point; just because you're overweight, it doesn't mean you're not trying to be fit.

I appreciated both Devon and Hundley's sensitivity to knowing what Roxie needed. I am glad AJ finally used enough tact to get his message across.

Jasmine: I loved this storyline, and I elaborated on a lot of that during the review. And I'm with Leora about AJ. AJ is my guy; that's no secret, but it was so odd and irritating that he was such an ass, and I didn't care for his approach at all.

We know the Raptor is blunt, but he's not unkind. He literally didn't have any reason to go on tangents about Roxie's weight because it wasn't as if Roxie was a woman who came into the hospital in denial about her obesity or something and needed a reality check.

Putting the Elbows In It - Tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 12

It was unsolicited, but while it didn't feel true to form for his character, it was for the situation they were highlighting. And to conclude that they at least suspected she battled bulimia from the initial check-up means that they knew she had these struggles and still brow-beat her about her weight anyway.

And yeah, I could've gone for them taking it further because it's the gospel truth that thin doesn't equate to healthy and that people who are technically overweight aren't necessarily unfit.

I've witnessed this my entire life with loved ones, so this storyline hit hard. And words cannot describe how much I love Devon and his ability to advocate for his patients the way he does; it makes me emotional sometimes.

Reassuring Roxie- tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 12

Will Leela's double board-certified aspirations cause friction in her relationship with Devon?

Leora: It already is. He's worried about her, which is fair, but he isn't being supportive or trusting her to know her own limits, and that isn't okay, especially given what we saw of her relationship with her parents.

What is with all the men this episode thinking they can tell women how to live their lives (i.e., Conrad and Cade, AJ and Roxie)?

Laura: I think it might. Leela wants to do it all, which means less time at home, and he's not sure she knows her own limits.

Jasmine: I understand Devon's concerns and that he's being protective, but Leora has a point about the men during this installment doing a lot of policing of the women, even if it was well-intended. And he should've been more supportive when that's all she ever extends him.

Last Update - tall - The Resident Season 5 Episode 2

But I'm worried about Leela, too. I think she's already prone to stretching herself too thin and other things. I do think this will continue to put a strain on their relationship.

What was your favorite storyline, moment, character, or dynamic from the hour?

Leora: I liked every moment Cade was a boss, and I enjoyed Devon standing up for Roxie.

Laura: I loved seeing Conrad with Jane Doe. He's so good with kids.

Jasmine: Daddy Conrad, wait, I mean that in the cleanest way possible. Ahem, the paternal energy that radiates off Conrad and how he poured all of it into his interactions with Jane Doe had my heart.

ConDad on the Case - Tall  - The Resident Season 5 Episode 12

And again, Devon advocating for Roxie got to me, too. I genuinely love how he connects with his patients. It's something he and Conrad definitely share, but they each have a quality that's all their own when they do it, and I love seeing that.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics. Do you agree with us? Sound off below!

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I have been shortlisted for a seat at the state medical board.