Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Do No Harm

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Well, this was a bit of a letdown.

Coming out of arguably one of their funner hours of the season, not a whole lot happened on Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11.

Sure, we got the unlikely trio of Cassie, Mark, and Wolf working together, and Jenny trying to locate Rachel and Max. But it felt like a very slow-moving installment that didn't do much to push the narrative forward.

Interrogating Wolf - Tall - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

Let's start with the better parts here, which were anything involving the Bhullar's.

Ren has been a delicious villain to this point, and now that we're getting to see the whole family dynamic in real-time, it only adds to her allure. She can't catch a break within her family, even though she's probably the smartest one of the bunch. And by probably, I mean she definitely is.

Veer is a disarming bad guy. He's mild-mannered and calm, dishing out insults with a half-smirk on his face. He seems to recognize Ren's value, but he's also not willing to let her spread her wings at all.

Verr: We have business to discuss.
Alicia: I'm not leaving.
Verr: No, of course not. But you will be quiet and respectful. And keep your opinions to yourself.
Alicia: Can I chew?

Is it misogyny? There certainly appears to be some, as he belittles Alicia and still passes over Ren even after realizing she was the mastermind behind their new business venture.

Alicia is an odd one because she is clearly on the outside looking in, but there's also a reason she's here. There's no way Big Sky is just introducing her to be Veer's put upon wife, right? Ren and Jag don't seem to pay her much mind, but perhaps there's a scenario where Alicia and Ren team up to make a move on their own.

Piano Time - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

That can't be worse than anything else currently happening on this show.

I honestly thought we evolved past the drugs and money by now, but it seems like we will never escape it.

T-Lock has spent at least a chunk of the money thus far, so whatever gets recovered won't even be the total amount now. But clearly, this is more about Ren fulfilling a commitment than about the actual drugs and money.

Speaking of Tracy, he's an absolute mess. He's been nothing but a menace all season, and yet he's suddenly grown some kind of conscious? It would have been more in character for him to run away the second he got the text from Bob instead of having a moral dilemma over what he should do next.

Jenny spent the hour either flirting/fighting with Travis or looking for the women. And while this whole Jenny and Travis thing was fun for a bit, it's lagging lately.

Crossroads - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

There's no forward momentum because Travis is such a loose cannon. He has his own agenda that half involves just staying alive but also involves taking down the Bhullar's. And even though Jenny is right there and he should be able to trust her, he doesn't.

Travis has done a lot of lying and withholding from Jenny, and I thought she would have a different reaction to finding out about T-Lock, but that did not happen.

Besides Cassie, Travis is like the one person who gets Jenny to smile, but this relationship is failing, and it's not as much fun anymore.

Whatever Travis's plan is, I hope it's a good one because the deeper he gets into the Bhullar's operation, the more dangerous things will become.

And we all heard Veer hint to having met Travis before, so that's DEFINITELY going to come back around at some point. Travis has escaped death a few times already, but he may be running out of lives.

First Meeting - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

Bob taking Max and her mom wasn't a shock, but why did he do it? It seems like the end goal is to get the money, but with the dead bodies popping up all over the place and the Bhullar's still around, it feels like kidnapping two women isn't the wisest thing to do right now.

Everything involving Dietrich and this Bob character who just randomly showed up in one episode and hasn't left is not interesting. Does anyone ultimately care what happens to either of them?

It really looked like Max would get the upper hand and get away from Bob for a fleeting moment when they were fighting, but we've all seen enough television to know better than that.

Now we get to see what happens with the meeting, though how much do we care about the outcome?

The Bhullar drama is riveting, but everything else with this storyline isn't. They've been dragging things out for so long that I genuinely just want Ren to get the drugs and money and then see the family implode.

Guns Drawn - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

Max, Harper, and the others can then go back to school, while Dietrich and Bob can disappear for all I care.

Cassie and Mark had to accept help from the slightly less delusional Legarski brother somewhere else in Montana.

Did we know that Wolf had a tracker in Ronald? If we did, it escaped my memory. But unless the chip gets removed sometime soon, it looks like we will finally be getting Cassie coming face to face with Ronald again! That's something to look forward to, at least.

Wolf does a lot of talking during this hour, and he drops a lot of information, which sounds like it will end up being another story down the line. They've touched on the syndicate here and there that Legarski and Ronald were involved with, and we even got that creepy trooper earlier in the season who threatened Cassie.

But that storyline was dropped as soon as it began. Once we FINALLY get rid of Ronald, that could definitely be something Jenny, Cassie, and Mark could explore together.

Reacting To Wolf - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

Separating Cassie and Jenny at times this season has been fine, but it would be nice to have them work something together again. And bring Mark along as well because he deserves better than what he's gotten this season.

Anyway, we've got Ronald slowly dying still and Scarlet forcing her way into a doctor's home to seek medical care. Just a typical day for these two, honestly.

There's only so long they can have Ronald knocking on death's door, so hopefully, there is a resolution to everything sooner rather than later because these types of installments just aren't a good time.

If they were setting up future stories, then that's fine. But all they did here was extend the stories we've already been struggling to get invested in.

Heard It All - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

All it would take, though, is a string of decent hours to turn things around, and they're fully capable of that. Here's hoping that starts with the next installment.

Odds and Ends

  • T-Lock's sister was genuinely unconcerned with two women being kidnapped and possibly harmed because of the actions of her dumb brother. What a family.
  • That Ronald hallucination was frightening. Just hearing Rick and seeing him in that trooper uniform brought back all kinds of bad memories.
Verr's Presence - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11
  • We didn't get to see Denise here, but I imagine she's at the office.
  • How long is Scarlet going to make Phoebe wait in the car? It will take the doctor some time to patch Ronald up (if he's able to at all), and without the gun on him, he has no reason to help. So, will Phoebe just be in the car forever?
  • A makeshift funeral has no business being funny, but Cassie and Mark's faces were too funny while Wolf was saying goodbye to Agatha. And him asking if they wanted to say a few words was priceless.

If you couldn't tell, I wasn't blown away by this hour of Big Sky. But do let me know what you thought about it in the comments!

Phoebe Reacts - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

Will Jenny get Max and Rachel back?

What's Travis's long-term plan?

Will Cassie, Mark, and Wolf find Ronald before it's too late?

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Do No Harm Review

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Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Rick: We kill the ones we love, Ronald. Sometimes literally. You already know that.
Ronald: I hope you're rotting in hell.
Rick: You'll be joining me. Any moment now. It's not so bad.

Wolf: What if I could help you find him?
Mark: We don't need your help.
Wolf: Yes you do. You just don't know it.
Cassie: We'll find them.
Wolf: Actually you won't. You won't find them without my help. I know where he is, where he will be. Both of them. Scarlet, too.