Big Sky Season 2 Episode 12 Review: A Good Boy

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That was certainly a lot of death in one hour.

They advertised Big Sky Season 2 Episode 12 as the big, bad showdown between Ronald and Cassie. And while we did get it, we had to weed through an awful lot of boring stuff to get there.

But in the end, the show seemingly made the right decision by finally ridding itself of the albatross that's been weighing them down for far too long.

Closing In - Tall - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 12

Big Sky has had a Ronald problem for quite some time.

There was no reason to carry Ronald (and Scarlet, for that matter) into Big Sky Season 2 when they had the opportunity to start over with a new mystery they could focus on entirely.

The Bhullar's have easily been the best part of the season, and imagine if we'd gotten these fun, twisty family dynamics from the beginning and didn't have to endure Wolf and Agatha's farm of torture?

To follow Big Sky is to know that it would always lead to a confrontation between Cassie and Ronald. And while the atmosphere was fraught with tension, there was also an overwhelming sense of 'it's about damn time' that made it hard to really be super affected by the whole scene.

It was long and tedious, but it eventually got us to where we needed to be.

Reacting To Wolf - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

Wolf using his he-man Legarski strength to break out of the Jeep was funny, but you knew he wouldn't be the one to stick it to Ronald. But did we really have to have him and Mark shoot each other?

Mark Lindor has gotten the short end of the stick this season. He was in a love triangle that went nowhere, and now he's getting shot while trying to save Ronald's life? FREE MARK LINDOR!

But in all seriousness, it had to be Cassie. She had to be the one to look Ronald in the eye and see him take his last breath. It was the only appropriate way for this story to end because Ronald has directly been a part of so much of Cassie's pain, whether inadvertent or deliberate.

Now. because this is Big Sky, you have to wonder if Ronald isn't going to open his eyes at the start of the next installment and prove to us yet again that he's invincible. They've faked us out far too many times to believe anything.

And in this episode alone, there were at least three other deaths, with Scarlet, Dr. Cowley, and T-Lock meeting their demise.

Looking For A Way Out - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 7

Scarlet's death was a little shocking, if only because it seemed more likely she would get locked up instead of dying. But the second Scarlet chose Ronald above all else, she also made it known that she didn't care about herself or her daughter.

That whole sequence was typical Big Sky, which is to say it was so unrealistic. Ronald was down and out, barely hanging on one second, and then he hopped up like the Hulk and overpowered a man twice his size in five seconds flat before snapping his neck.

We've been on Ronald's death bed for multiple hours now, and he's still managed to continue his kill streak.

T-Lock's wasn't surprising as far as the other deaths, though it was curious to see them try to give him a mini redemption arc just before he died.

Was T-Lock a bad person? That's a loaded question because he was not what you would call a good person. But a straight-up villain? I guess not. 

Getting Home -  Big Sky Season 2 Episode 2

But everything that happened to T-Lock was his fault. He put himself into these positions, and every move he made put him one more step closer to his eventual death. So, he had no one to blame but himself in the end.

Bob is incredibly uninteresting, but he put a lot of effort into getting T-Lock to meet him, and honestly, Jenny and company should have known better. The plan was bound to fail from the start, and under normal circumstances, I would say to be wary of Travis's suggestions since he's untrustworthy, but here he was right.

They're honestly lucky things didn't worsen, and they could walk away with Max and Rachel, even if Bob got away.

Imagine putting in all that work to get money, and all you get is shot at twice. 

As soon as that bag of money hit the ground, you just knew Travis would take it. He's working his own angle and putting his fingers in these different bags. And right now, above all else, he wants to get in deeper with the Bhullar's to bring them down from the inside out.

Travis On The Move - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 3

At least, that's how it appears. But Travis is hard to read and understand. There's nothing about him I can say is a fact, outside of his feelings for Jenny, which I think are genuine.

But even those feelings come with an asterisk because he doesn't trust her.

Getting the money to Veer should do wonders in establishing trust with the cartel and getting himself closer to his end goal.

The end goal for the Bhullar's is unclear, though Veer's decision to fully embrace the Montana lifestyle and move everything out of Canada has Ren and Jag's hackles up.

My gut reaction to Veer's shadiness is that he's sick, and he's decided to leave things with Alicia or give her a cut of his business.

Verr's Presence - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11

Alicia is slithering around, and you can tell she knows much more than she's letting on about everything. Veer is dismissive of her, but Veer is dismissive of everyone, so it's not wild to think that he's decided not to fully trust Jag or Ren with his money after he's gone.

As much as it's fun to see Ren and Jag at each other's throats, seeing them work together against a common enemy is much more appealing. They're both intelligent and cunning, and there is definitely a battle brewing between the siblings and Alicia. The show is just taking its sweet old time getting there.

With the Ronald storyline presumably dead and buried for good, the Bhullar's should be at the top of Jenny and Cassie's caseload. While the drugs and money are no longer an issue, they still left a trail of bodies behind in their wake, and that's not something to ignore. 

Odds and Ends

  • Did Wolf survive that gunshot wound? It was hard to tell if he was breathing when Cassie walked by him. I think the better question here may be, do we care?
Heard It All - Big Sky Season 2 Episode 11
  • Denise sighting! She was at her desk, handling the phones, and she let Jenny know about Cassie and Ronald, though Jenny didn't get there in time.
  • We don't get much time to see anyone grieve on this show because there's always a pressing issue, but hopefully, they let Cassie sit with her feelings for an episode or two. Maybe she can spend some time with Cassie or Mark and just be for an hour without a threat looming nearby.

Ronald's departure opens up so many opportunities for the series, as they've grown beyond that storyline and everything that came with it. Now the question becomes, what's next?

Let me know in the comments what you're looking to see the rest of this season and what you thought about this installment!

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A Good Boy Review

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