Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Tripp Forgive Allie?

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Sarah returned to Salem, wreaking havoc as Renee. The truth came out about Allie's fling with Chanel at the worst possible moment. And Chloe met Craig's new love this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Mikey from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate everyone's reaction to Sarah, if Tripp should forgive Allie, should Leo be accepted, if TR deserves a second chance, and more!

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

Tony, Anna, Steve, and Kayla had different reactions to Sarah's delusions. Did any of them do the right thing?

Mikey: Not a single one of them. Kayla briefly tried something resembling the proper course of action, but not notifying Maggie was insane.

Allowing Steve to be involved in Sarah's care is both a violation of her rights and just flat-out absurd. You'd think it would be easier to get a court order to hold Sarah for psychiatric care if her actual next-of-kin were involved...

Jack: Certainly not Steve and Kayla! Kayla should have immediately referred Sarah to a psychiatrist (wasn't Marlena in the office?) and been on guard for the possibility that Sarah would try to run away from the hospital.

I agree that there's no point talking Sarah out of her delusion, so Tony was right to call her Renee even if Anna was irritated by it. But there should be boundaries in place too. There is no reason to let Sarah stay at the mansion.

Tony and Anna Disagree - Days of Our Lives

Kayla should have come with a police escort to remove Sarah from the mansion. They could go along with the delusion by telling her that until there's proof she's Renee, who supposedly died 40 years ago, they can't let her stay there. And someone should have called Maggie and gotten the ball rolling on having Sarah committed!

Christine: How could no one call Maggie? Her daughter has been held captive for a year and has serious psychiatric issues. If I were Maggie, I'd be furious.

Anna had every reason to be upset, but I found her almost more irritating than Sarah. I feel the worst for Tony, who is caught in the middle of this mess. But Tony should have insisted Sarah be taken out of their home.

That Kayla could allow a delusional woman who clearly hates Anna to live in Tony and Anna's home is unconscionable. They have no idea what Sarah/Renee is capable of in this state and whether she might hurt herself or someone else if pushed.

A Romantic Proposal / Tall - Days of Our Lives

After Roman and Kate's well-meaning push, should Tripp have forgiven Allie? Do you still hope he will, or should these two go their separate ways?

Mikey: I can't fault Roman or Kate for advocating on their granddaughter's behalf, but Tripp is under no obligation to let Allie off the hook for her fling with Chanel. He was pretty fair in explaining that he doesn't know if he can trust her or that she wants to be with him above all others.

Maybe he'll come around in time, but I don't know that I want him to -- he and Allie are sort of blandly pleasant, and she tends to recede into the background when she's with him. They'd probably both save themselves a lot of heartache down the road if they ended it now.

Jack: I like Allie and Tripp as a couple, but they have a lot to work through. First of all, Allie needs to come to terms with whatever her sexual orientation is. She needs to figure out whether she's attracted to women in general or if it's Chanel's personality that is turning her on.

Roman Tries to Persuade Tripp / Tall - Days of Our Lives

It is possible for someone who is bisexual to be committed to a person of the opposite gender, but Allie has not shown proof that she's capable of it yet. So I don't blame Tripp for not being able to trust her to stay faithful. I think it's a similar situation to when Abe told Paulina that he still loves her but cannot trust her.

Christine: Roman and Kate pushed way too hard. Poor Tripp had no chance to process everything that just happened.

I have no problem with Allie being attracted to a person, regardless of gender. But I understand why Tripp isn't sure he can trust her. Trust has to be earned, and Allie has a lot of work to do if she wants to earn Tripp's back.

I hope she does because I enjoy them as a couple and think they have a lot of potential.

Chloe Tells Brady The Truth / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What did you think of Chloe's reaction to learning that her father is dating Leo?

Mikey: It's very fast for Chloe to accept her dad's new partner regardless. But for that person to be someone who has messed with this many people she knows -- and also tried to sexually assault Brady a time or two -- is a whole other layer.

If it hadn't been Leo, I would say that it would be more tactful to get through dinner and talk to Craig privately afterward, but given the history, I can't blame her for walking out.

I get that Craig is dealing with some major adjustments to his life, but he's still a father, and he's showing some real tunnel vision here. That said, I did like how they brought up his own history of having used Nurse Ali to manipulate Mike Horton.

Jack: I don't blame Chloe for her reaction. When has Leo ever done anything but cause trouble? However, she does not have the ability to control this. She made her objections known, and now it's up to Craig to decide whether he wants to continue in this relationship.

Craig Confesses to Chloe / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Leo's reaction to Chloe and Brady's tirades could be taken two ways. He suggested that Chloe and Brady go away, and abusers often want to isolate their victims.

But he also could have just felt that Chloe and Brady's attitudes were ruining the evening. It remains to be seen who is right about this, but I wish that Chloe and Brady would let Craig make his own decision now that he knows the relevant facts.

Christine: I know Leo isn't a person to be trusted, but Craig has his own history of being a manipulative schemer. And it's not like Chloe or Brady have stellar track records either.

Chloe had the right to voice her concerns and displeasure, but I thought she came across as a bit of a brat. In the end, this is Craig's decision. He's a grown man and no innocent. They gave him a heads up on Leo's past. Now it's up to Craig to decide how to move forward.

TR Tries Again / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Should Paulina give TR a second chance?

Mikey: Absolutely not. No, no, no. TR abused her so badly that she felt she had to give up her child to protect that child (and herself). Maybe he really has changed.

If he has, he should respect that he can't take back what he did to Paulina and should live a law-abiding life far away from her. Pressing the woman he traumatized and terrorized is not a good look and doesn't give me confidence that he's really changed.

Jack: NO! Whatever TR is like now, the fact remains that he severely abused her, to the point that she had to give up her daughter to protect both of them from him! And didn't she tell Abe once that TR hit her hard enough to break her jaw? There is no coming back from that. Period.

Paulina Has an Uncomfortable Encounter / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Even if the person's changed. How can Paulina EVER feel comfortable? And if TR is telling the truth about his behavior being caused by addiction to drugs and alcohol, then he is one relapse away from repeating it.

There is no way for TR to make amends for this. He can apologize to Paulina and vow never to hurt another person the way he hurt her, but that's about it.

Christine: I agree with all of the above. If TR has reformed, he should apologize and leave Paulina alone. There's no changing the abuse he put her through and no reason for Paulina to ever trust him again.

But the way he's pushing his feelings and desires on Paulina and Lani makes me think that TR is just as controlling as he was back then; he's just better at hiding it.

Ben and Ciara Debate the Johnny Situation / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Can Ciara and Ben take down JoDevil? Is Susan the right person to call for assistance?

Mikey: I hope so because I am tired of this storyline. I have zero faith that Susan, a woman who volunteered to spend a month in prison because she was promised an ice cream sundae, is going to be much help here. Especially with all her shrieking and caterwauling, but if she can put an end to this story, I'm all for it!

Jack: Ugh. WHY WHY WHY didn't they call someone who might have a better chance of doing something about this? The Devil already got the better of Susan on several occasions.

At least if they told Marlena or Julie, they could make arrangements for a second exorcism. This is just prolonging this silly story and is likely to get even more ridiculous now that Susan's involved.

Christine: Of all the people to call! It could have been Julie, John, or Marlena. Susan has a good heart but lousy judgment on a good day. How Ben and Ciara think she's the person to take down the Devil boggles the mind.

A Heartfelt Reunion / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was the storyline you enjoyed the least this week on Days of Our Lives?

Mikey: Hmm. I'm enjoying aspects of the "Sarah thinks she's Renée" adventure, mostly for all the references to bits of Days history that we haven't heard onscreen in years or decades (Don Craig!)

But there are so many logic holes that I'm really struggling with. How can Sarah, who doesn't have the real Renée's memories and simply read her diary, recognize people like Kayla, Tony, and Anna? Was the diary illustrated? Why does she not seem alarmed that these people are a good 40 years older than they should be?

Has anyone clarified for her what year it is? How can these people justify not telling Maggie? And why did they have to say "island chicken" so many times?!

Jack: The Gwen/Xander story was snoozeville material for me. I've had more than enough of these two in bed.

We finally got Ben and Ciara up, and about now, let's do the same for this boring couple. It also annoys me that Xander can't see through Gwen's obvious lies and manipulations.

Johnny Seduces Gabi  / Tall - Days of Our Lives

This Jake/Gabi/Devil nonsense is a close second, though. Why can't Gabi be her normal self and confront Jake about what she thinks he did to her? She's not usually naive or gullible, so why is she falling for JoDevil's lies so easily?

Finally, the island stuff was silly, and Sarah's return to Salem with her belief that she is Renee intact wasn't much better. Are we supposed to believe that reading a diary gave her all of Renee's memories?

And since she thinks Kristen is wonderful and Steve is dangerous, why did she dump the poison? Not that I mind that last part. Everyone returning with amnesia would have been even worse. But it still made no sense.

Christine: I'm so tired of Gwen's repetitive nightmares that I'm ready to go to sleep when she and Xander are on..., and I love Xander!

And I hope Jake and Gabi figure out how JoDevil is manipulating them because there's nothing about that storyline that I enjoy.

Sarah Takes Action / Tall - Days of Our Lives

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week in Salem?

Mikey: I laughed out loud at Chad blurting out, "I ate half a chicken!" On a more serious note, I thought Jack and Jennifer's little Valentine's celebration was sweet without just having them sit around for a whole episode recapping their own lives to one another.

Jack: I'm still loving the Craig storyline even if I don't love Leo as Craig's boyfriend.

I also liked Eli returning to Salem and talking honestly with Lani about what was going on. I never used to be much of a fan of either of these characters, but they've become my favorite couple lately.

Christine: As heartbreaking as it was, I loved the moment when Tripp asked for his ring back. That rang very true to me, and it was clear both Allie and Tripp were devastated by it.

I also enjoyed how calm Ava was when Chad was interrogating her. (And why was it Chad and not the police?) Ava really does come across as a mob princess because nothing can ruffle her.

That said, she's not about to go down for something that wasn't her plan, so Gwen better watch her back.

Ava Confides in Nicole / Tall - Days of Our Lives

Alright, Days of Our Lives fans, hit that SHOW COMMENTS button down below to tell us your answers to our round table questions. Then check out Jack Ori's Days of Our Lives review for the week here at TV Fanatic.

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