Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Go Catch Your Horse

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Fallon and Liam's relationship has hit another snag.

Out of everything that took place on Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4, the consequences of their conversation about children will have far-reaching ramifications.

If you watch Dynasty online, you know Fallon has been thinking about bringing children into her life for a while.

Dom's Fashion Fest - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

The shooting understandably changed her outlook on life, allowing her to realize there was something missing.

She and Liam have made many positive strides in their relationship since the shenanigans with Eva, but I didn't expect them to have wildly different views on children.

In Liam's defense, neither of them has the strongest relationship with their parents, so my theory is that Liam will be concerned about that.

Bringing children into the world is a big thing, and if either party is not as invested as the other, it can lead to resentment.

Kirby Looks at Dom - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

However, it's necessary to have these tough conversations before the fact. The series has a knack for throwing this relationship bumps in the road, but this seems like a natural progression.

In the past, they've struggled to co-exist as a couple, and they've made a lot of progress by working independently of one another.

Fallon's rivalry with Patty gave us comic relief, but it was obvious Fallon would realize that the bitter back and forth with an old rival would grow old quickly.

Fallon is a master at holding grudges, so her changing her tune was another nice dose of character development.

Jeff Schemes  - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

"Go Catch Your Horse" flawlessly highlighted that the entire series revolves around Elizabeth Gillies.

We've known it for a while, but all of the other plots felt somewhat forced and not as fun.

Alexis and Dex's relationship is already exhibiting red flags. Relationships that burn fast have a knack for fizzling out even quicker.

Dex is a good character, and while he's interested in Alexis, people always have ulterior motives on primetime soaps.

Fallon Listens to the Pitch - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

He was very helpful to Amanda on Dynasty Season 5 Episode 3 in helping get Alexis out of prison.

Alexis has become so accustomed to disappointment that she's always got a guard up around people, which explains why she uses her cosmic wit to detract from how she feels.

Asking Dex about his intentions was a rare moment of vulnerability for Alexis, and maybe, just maybe, it will reap the rewards down the line.

Does anyone else think Alexis will unmask FauxCristal?

Sam Helps Fallon - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

No one else picked up on the subtle changes with this fake iteration of Danielle Alonso's character, but Alexis recognized that there was something amiss from the beginning.

Unfortunately, everyone will take it as Alexis trying to mess with Blake if she says something, but this plot could serve as an olive branch of sorts between Alexis and the real Cristal.

It would be satisfying to see them become more amicable because they've both had hardships in life, and dealing with Blake is probably one of the worst.

If Cristal escapes from her brother's clutches, she will undoubtedly question her relationship with Blake.

Faux Cristal - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

Even though the fake one looks exactly the same, Blake should have been able to pick up on the subtle differences.

On top of that, FauxCristal's plan to get the company back should have been a major red flag.

Alonso is playing the two characters to perfection, but it's hard not to worry about where this will leave Cristal in the end.

It was bad enough this person that looks like her was stealing the company, but now she wants to steal her life on a more permanent basis.

Patty Was Pushed - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

Yes, being a Carrington brings a lot of power and influence, but this lookalike hasn't seen half of it.

Beto doesn't want to bring harm to his sister, but leaving her full-time with the evil twin will not lead to anything good.

This new person wants to erase all traces of the old Cristal, which should be a big concern to him.

Dominique's fashion faux pas plot could have been better. It was nice to see a more vulnerable side to Dominique, but the show royally fails her in the plot department.

Blake's Plan - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 3

Hopefully, Fashion Fest is a huge success, and we get some better writing for her.

Kirby is another character being failed by the show. There was a lot of heavy material for her on Dynasty Season 4, and it effectively feels like it never happened.

Consistency has been a critical issue on the reboot since the beginning, but there's been a lot of improvement for some of the characters recently.

"Go Catch Your Horse" was a decent episode, but the show still has some issues to address.

Amanda Schemes - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 3

For now, I'm invested in most of the plots, but there needs to be some fine-tuning to make the others successful.

What did you think of Fallon and Liam's latest bump in the road?

Do you think Liam will worry about their respective relationships with their parents?

Do you think Alexis will unmask the truth about Cristal?

What are your thoughts on the writing for Dominique and Kirby?

Hit the comments.

Dynasty continues Fridays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

Go Catch Your Horse Review

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