Dynasty Spoilers: Is Faux Cristal Here to Stay?

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The drama is flowing on Dynasty Season 5!

It sure sounds like things are going to get crazier on Dynasty Season 5 Episode 5, airing March 25 on The CW at 9 p.m.

"Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) and Liam (Adam Huber) go to work on their new plan," reads the official logline, hinting that there's some unity between the show's central couple.

Faux Cristal With a Plan - Dynasty

If you watch Dynasty online, you know their relationship hit another snag in the form of their chat about having children.

The pair have worked on their relationship of late, and hopefully, they are able to navigate this latest hurdle in a mature way.

The show has a real opportunity to show that the continued tension between Fallon and Liam is not phoned in to increase the drama.

Faux Cristal - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

"As Sam (Rafael de la Fuente) works on his own work/life balance, a guest at La Mirage gives him something to think about," the logline adds.

Would it be too late to make Steven Carrington this surprise guest?

I mean, the show has pretty much forgotten about him, but hey, wouldn't that be great?

In any case, the guest will likely be a new character.

Fallon Listens to the Pitch - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

"Culhane (Robert C. Riley) works diligently on a new idea for the Sahara Club," the logline adds, and based on the official teaser, it looks like Sam's storyline will be closely tied to Culhane's, so we can expect them to work together on this.

"Dominique (Michael Michele) and Jeff (Sam Adegoke) don’t see eye-to-eye on a business venture and struggle to make things work," we learn of the mother and son. 

Jeff has been working for Fallon Unlimited, while Dominique has been proceeding with her fashion line.

How will these two plots align?

Dom's Fashion Fest - Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4

"Blake (Grant Show) wants to do whatever is necessary to make sure his wife is happy."

This is especially concerning, especially when you consider that Faux Cristal has been immersing herself in the company with the aim of giving Beto it back.

We witnessed her manipulation skills on Dynasty Season 5 Episode 4, so there's a good chance Blake will give more control back to Beto.

Where does that leave the OG Cristal? We'll need to tune in to find out.

Check out the full teaser below.

What are your thoughts on what's ahead?

Do you think Faux Cristal will be unmasked?

Hit the comments.

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