Go-Big Show Finals Exclusive Sneak Peeks: Will it be the Bull Jumper or the Belly Flop?

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It's the finals, and ALL the stops are being pulled as these competitors are out to prove who can GO-BIG best.

TBS's Go-Big Show Season 2 has shown us extreme talents from all over the spectrum of wide and crazy.

In these exclusive sneak peek clips, TV Fanatic brings you the showcase performances of two incredible death-defying acts, Professor Splash Darren Taylor and world-renowned bull jumper Manu Lataste.

Go-Big Show

Don't quote me on it but Professor Splash is probably the oldest competitor on the Go-Big Show, turning 61 this year.

Known for high dives into small pools, he has been setting world records for over a decade, breaking his own record on America's Got Talent Season 6 in 2011.

For his final act on the Go-Big Show, Professor Splash "goes smaller to go bigger" by belly-flopping into ten inches of water from a diving board height of twenty-six feet, six inches.

Professor Splash

The judges are understandably apprehensive. Jennifer Nettles describes his target pool as "a raft," and Cody Rhodes comments, "I feel like he's guaranteed to hurt himself."

The thing that fills me with the most foreboding is the mask Professor Splash dons before attempting his dive.

As it isn't protective gear, my thought is the only reason he'd wear it is in case he misses the pool or something goes wrong on the landing. It would prevent viewers from witnessing the worst of the ensuing injuries.

And traveling downwards at over 30 mph, the injuries would be significant. Check out his dive below, if you can handle watching it!

We've previewed Manu Lataste before, during his qualifying round on Go-Big Show Season 2 Episode 3.

For the finals, he adds some props to his act, but it's still the most bonkers man-versus-beast-with-giant-horns face-off you've ever seen.

As you'll hear, Lataste is laying it all on the line. He needs a perfect score on his performance to win.

High-Flying Lataste

And if that means continuing to acrobatically evade the charging bull despite sustaining an injury, that's what he intends to do.

By the way, can we applaud the incredible wranglers Lataste works with to set up his jumps?

Talk about technicians.

The techniques the wranglers use to get the bull to stop and move in exactly the right way seem just as insanely dangerous as Lataste's jumps.

Get ready for another incredible feat of daring and skill as Manu Lataste leaps and dances in his final bid for the Go-Big Show's top prize!

Don't forget there are two other top competitors in the finals.

They include Dare Daughter Annaliese Nock, and freestyle motocross rider James Carter.

Tune in tonight to find out who goes BIGGEST.

TBS's Go-Big Show's Season 2 finale airs at 9/8c!

Diana Keng is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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