Go Big Show: It's the Third Semi-Finals, and We Have Three Exclusive Sneak Peeks!

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One last round of semi-finals. Another chance to be stupefied by the extreme lengths people will go to "Go-Big" on TBS's talent show.

This week's crop of contestants looks to be the most mind-blowing yet.

TV Fanatic is excited to bring you exclusive clips of three of the six semi-finalists looking to secure their spot in the finals.

Third Semi-Finals Tall Crop

First up, we have the return of our knife-flinging, mind-reading magician, Andrew Lee.

Last time around, he had T-Pain up on the stage to choose a card from a deck of cards only to use a flying dagger to pick the card out of the air, pinning it to a chopping block hung around T-Pain's neck.

The surprisingly high-pitched squealing judge has NOT forgotten the experience.

Listen for him dropping a comment about that as Lee prepares to wow them with his semi-final round act, a magical escape from a box suspended high in the air and rigged to explode.

Next, we shift from impossible illusion to improbably physical prowess.

Jonathan "Rolla Bolla" Rinny is a fourth-generation circus performer, training since age 5 in the arts of clowning, juggling, and balancing acts.

Hailing from Argentina, where he began his career in his grandparents' circus, he has performed all over South America and the United States.

Jonathan "Rolla Bolla" Rinney

He can be seen in person at the Midway at Reno's Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

His semi-final act is a master class in building tension.

Every piece of his balance contraption is a piece that could go horribly wrong. And that includes the three machetes he juggles.

Closing out our trio of showmen is strongman JD "Iceman" Anderson, a six-time world record holder and motivational speaker.

He holds the Guinness World Record for "The Most Ice Blocks Broken By A Human Battering Ram," a record he broke again during his qualifying round on Go-Big Show's Season 2 premiere episode.

Iceman Breaks More Than Ice

He turns it up a notch for the semi-finals and decides to take on FLAMING ICE.

Yeah, that.

Watch as Iceman uses (abuses?) his body by running full-tilt into a series of ice slabs that have been LIT. ON. FIRE.

Iceman Anderson

Even if skeptics might argue the fire somehow lessens the integrity of the ice, it's no less spectacular as he plows through them all in a go.

I've shoveled prairie blizzard snow (which is mostly frozen solid) and broken through frozen lake ice.

Breaking ice with bare anything is NOT a walk in the park. For truly, the Iceman cometh.

I still think the hardest act on this show is judging because how do you compare a feat of strength like Iceman to the balance of Rinny or the magic of Lee?

Who will move on to the finals next week? Who goes big best?

TBS's Go-Big Show airs Thursdays at 9/8c.

Diana Keng is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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